Dodgers Damaged Goods… Spring Training plans! Get Well Roberto.

Took this picture back in December when we went to Dodger Stadium to do a little Christmas shopping.   We thought it was funny finding these two t-shirts in the box.  

Manny and Schmidt Damaged shirts.jpg


Spring Training plans this year:   

My friend LTD23 and I settled on the dates we will be at Camelback Ranch!  We will be there the first weekend in March and the last weekend of March.   YIPPY!!!   I can’t wait! 

We will see our beloved Dodgers against the White Sox on 3/6 and 3/7 and Monday at Scottsdale against the hated Giants.    On 3/27, we will see our bums against Seattle at Camelback Ranch and Sunday we will travel to see them against Cincinnati and Monday travel to see them against Cleveland.   I hope, I hope I hope I will see Bob Feller!  

 Get well Roberto.

Just found out that Roberto of from Vin Scully is my Homeboy  is battling some health problems.  He said he had about 6 blood tranfusions and the doctors don’t know what it is.   My thoughs and prayers are wtih you Roberto.   Hopefully the doctors will find what is wrong and you can get off the D.L.     


  1. kaiserthegreat

    Ooh, is it possibly I will be in Arizona during that time anyway, and that I might attend to equal out your Giants hatred? Possible, possible…

  2. crzblue2

    good for you! I love Spring Training! Hopefully this time I’ll get to meet you in June!
    We were not able to make it to Scottsdale for a game, but we caught quite a few at Glendale, AZ.

  3. crzblue2

    So Mike, are you going to Spring Training? Here in the L.A. area, it has been raining but is not cold.
    Fenway Bleacher,
    I hope I do get a chance. I heard he always goes to Spring Training. Even though Cleveland also switched to the Cactus league.
    haha Mike. We could not pass the oportuniy to take the picture, especially with Schmidt who pitched like two games for us in two years?

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