OMG! Sandy Koufax at the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live


Thumbnail image for Honoree-Sandy-Koufax.jpgA friend on the train was reading the L.A. Times sport section before me and he tells me “Emma, did you know that Sandy Koufax will be at the Nokia Theatre?”    I was like “OMG! OMG!”   Yeah.. they looked at me weird.  Well, I told them, you could get excited about a concert.  I can get excited about this! 

18 months ago (before I started this blog), there was similar  event at the Nokia Threatre put together by T.J. Simers of the L.A. Times to benefit Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA.  The speakers were Vin Scully and John Wooden.   The minute I found out about it, I purchased my ticket for that event!   It was a night that I will never forget.    

Once again, T.J. Simers will moderate a conversation, this time with Sandy Koufax and Joe Torre.   

 As soon as  I got to work, I ordered my ticket for this event on Saturday February 27.   Actually, there was an email waiting for me  that I could purchase tickets prior to the general public sale because I had purchased the the Scully/Wooden event.

Sandy Koufax!  OMG!    The money raised will go to Safe At Home, Torre’s foundation to end the cycle of domestic abuse.    Ticket prices go from $25 to $200.  

Joe Torre who is in shock that Sandy accepted said “I didn’t think he would,”   “This really is a friend indeed.  He said he would do it for me and I’ touched.”

I am so looking forward to this! 

p.s.  I was preparing to blog about something else, but it can wait, besides is taking a little longer to prepare that cause I have to look into a lot of MLB players bio. 

 Sandy Koufax!   OMG!  

article from T.J. Simers,0,3541072.column 


  1. raysrenegade

    That is great news.
    I remember seeing him down here in Florida one time, and I was too intimidated to go up and ask for his autograph even though the game had not started yet.
    Koufax is my second favorite lefties of my lifetime. Sorry, but Randy Johnson get the first spot not because he smashed a bird, but made John Kruk look like a major league weinie.
    Hope he does some autogrpahs for those in attendance.
    Two Thumbs up for Sandy for helping with the charity event!

    Rays Renegade

  2. crzblue2

    Oh Cliff, if someone would intidate me, it would Sandy Koufax. When I talked to Vin Scully in Arizona, my brother Vic and my friend LTD23 said I looked nervous. Is not an autograph session, as it was not when we went to the Vin Scully/John Wooden event but still I am so excited to attend! I would not even care if I got an autograph, as long as I would shake his hand.

  3. crzblue2

    You could still come! Torre will be there too. There is also a special VIP dinner event with Koufax and Torre but the prices start at $2500
    We just get to listen to Koufax and Joe Torre talk with T.J. Simers as the moderator! The Vin Scully/John Wooden event was similar.

  4. angelsgirl012

    I saw Sandy Koufax at a playoff game once and I literally jumped out of my seat and yelled “THAT’S SANDY KOUFAX!”. I have only heard of how amazing he was because I haven’t had the great pleasure of watching him pitch. He seems like such a private person because as far as I know he isn’t in the public eye as much as others so when I saw him it was pretty shocking. WOW! That’s great news for you! How exciting!! I was just excited watching him on tv and how lucky for you!

  5. greg1969

    Koufax! WOW! I can see why you’d be excited–I’d be psyched! Too cool!
    (Seeing Vin Scully and John Wooden ain’t too shabby, either!) 😉
    I’m with Jane–pics would be great! Have fun!

  6. crzblue2

    Sandy would not do it if it was not for charity and for very special people.
    I was shocked like a lot of people that he agreed to do this as he is an extremely private person. And your reaction when you saw him on TV are line mine when I see him that he attends some games :-).
    I’ve been grinning from ear to ear since I found out about this event! Let’s see if they let me in with my camera. At least my blackberry.
    Yeah, that is saying a lot! Your dad is very fortunate that he got to see Gibson and Koufax.
    I am so excited!!!!

  7. crzblue2

    This is such a rare event! I can’t wait for the stories told by Sandy!
    I just hope T.J. Simers behaves with the questions.

  8. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    I can’t wait to read your account of the event. Sounds amazing! You’ve posted about Sandy many times before, and I respect him more and more each time I read your thoughts on him. He truly was an amazing ballplayer. Thanks for always elping me learn a little more about Koufax!

    -Fenway Bleacher Creature

  9. crzblue2

    Ahhhh. that was so sweet. Thanks! Glad to have you back posting! And I definitely will post my account of the event!

  10. crzblue2

    I just updated this with a new picture of Sandy Koufax. The other one was not working.
    Ahhh, let’s than two weeks for this event!

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