Pictures Taken From Dodger Stadium January 28, 2010

Today was my Select-a-Seat appointment at Dodger Stadium.   I went hoping that the two seats next to me were available.   The owner of those seats lives out of state so you always see different people there and I am always talking to my friends to the right over those two people.   Anyway, no luck, the seats were already renewed.  

There were alot of cars in the parking lot when I got there.   The Dodgers also have free Dodger Dogs, chips, sodas and bags of peanuts on those days.    As I was going up the escalator, I ran into Ben Platts from MLB.  I told him “I LOVE this place!”   He said “I know!”  LOL 

I went to the Top Deck so that I could sit in my seats!  Ahhh. take a look at the view from there.  So beautiful, so relaxing.   You can see a little snow in the mountains.

jan 2010 D.S.jpg 

Looking at another side from the Top Deck, you can see the Hollywood sign

Hollywood sign.jpg 

Here is a view of the Top Deck from the field level.  See the Dodger Logo?   to the right are my seats against that wall where I put the tag so stop by and say HI if you are at the stadium.    

Dodgers logo from the Top Deck. jpg 

Here a view from the Club level and the row of pictures down the hall.  Here it starts with the Captain Pee Wee:

Pee Wee Reese.jpg

Here is the Duke (pic size 444 because of his number)

jDuke Snider .jpg

 Vin Scully Press Box.jpg

Vin Scully Press Box.  The door was open but NO!  I would not go in to sacred grounds!










 One view from the Top Deck parking lot.  Between the two palms to the right you can see City Hall (pointy building) where scenes from Superman, Dragnet and Adam 12 were filmed.  It was built in 1923.    

Downtown view from Top Deck.jpg 

Top Deck Ticket office.  I love the mural. at the other side of the mural wall is the gift shop.  See the Dodger Logo?  Is on both sides.  Right there is elevator.  

Top Deck Ticket box.jpg 

This to the right of mural.  I like the tree here.  Beyond you can see snow in the mountains.  This is one of the entrances for the media.   I am curious about that white wall and  the indentations.  I don’t know what is depicting.  

From Top Deck Parking lot.jpg 

from the dugout level.  Players pass here on their way to the clubhouse.  This wall has the name of every player that has played for the Dodgers.  Don’t remember up to what year.  Sandy Koufax and Jackie Robinson’s names  are on this part.    

Players name wall.jpg

On the other side of the player’s names wall are some pictures.  Here is one of the longest playing infield of Ron Cey, Russell, Lopes and Garvey.  

Longest playing Infield.jpg

well, after all that I went to the gift shop!  Great bargains there!   The store has been having a 50% discount on the entire store since December.   Some stuff is even cheaper now.   Players  jerseys no longer wtih the team are $20 to $30.   I got other kind of t-shirts from $2.50 to $5.     

Note:  I am saving the pictures of Jackie Robinson to post on his birthday.  


  1. bigblaster

    Linda and I are so excited to be going today for our first select-a-seat! Thanks for the pics, Emma! I can’t wait!

  2. crzblue2

    I like the mural too! I bet some fans that enter thru there or don’t go buy tickets at the Top Deck have not seen it. I renewed my old seats! I just wanted to move to seats 9 &10 instead of 11 & 12.
    I’ve seen the owner maybe once or twice but I’ll keep my eyes open to see if I see him. Glad you liked my pics! thanks!
    Oh you are going to have fun! Just entering the gates of our heaven on Earth puts a big smile on my face.

  3. raysrenegade

    I have never had a Dodger Dog, but I want to sooo bad!
    Also have not had the lifetime thrill of attending a game at Chavez Ravine, but it is on my list of 100 things to do before I take a dirtnap.
    Awesome seat location. I especially like the addition of that wall to keep a cold chill off your back during night games…Plus the “Hollywood” sign would be a constant reminder I was living my baseball dream.
    Thank you so much for taking us on that great trip from the concourse to the Vin Scully Pressbox.
    Always great to learn some new and exciting every day……..And today it was about Dodger Stadium.

    Rays Renegade

  4. crzblue2

    Yep! It was all about Dodger Stadium yesterday! So you don’t get Dodger Dogs there? we can buy them at the market or Smart & Final. I probably can mail you some.
    I was a few steps away from the clubhouse but I would not dare. As long as I got was fine. One of the club house guys went by with baseball equipment since the young guys have been working during the Winter workouts. My friend Rene said he saw two players going on the elevator.
    Yes, Dodger Stadium is such a beautiful place. Like the saying goes “All your worries go away when you are at the ballpark. Can’t wait for the whole season to start!
    I love where I sit, I just wanted to move two seats over. In all honesty, like my friend LTD23 reminded me :-), the seats next to me are unocupied since those people are out of towners. .

  5. crzblue2

    Don’t give up in convincing your hubby! Show him the pictures of how nice it is in the offseason. you all can take a tour of Angel Stadium and Dodger Stadium. Lots to see here also. The drive going up or down the coast is beautiful!
    I’ve been to both and I’ll take the view from Dodger Stadium! Thank you very much! I do love it in Colorado although when I went to see games there it had snowed the night before!

  6. greg1969

    The mural is cool, Emma! I never did get the opportunity to get to Dodgers (or Angels) Stadium while I lived in CA, but I would have loved to! The weather’s too hot, though, out there–I’m enjoying our snow! πŸ˜‰ The photos of Pee Wee and the Duke are great, though—as were your photos of Fernando and Lasorda! I’ll take some Dodger Dogs! πŸ˜‰

  7. bklyntrolleyblogger

    This was OUTSTANDING!! I’m telling you Emma…we got these Dodgers covered coast to coast!! Past and Present. Your fan…Mike

  8. crzblue2

    I love that mural! If you notice closer, it has the scoreboard of a game against San Francisco. What??? You were here and never went to Dodger Stadium! And you definitely need to try a grilled Dodger dog, but you know they taste better at the stadium.
    Me too! Can’t wait for the season to start! We open at PNC this year.
    You got that right! we got them covered coast to coast! I just loved your posts!
    Select a Seat is our chance to see the stadium again and it looks grrrreat! Love Yeager! I have this thing for catchers. I played catcher in high school but it was too much for me after I got hit.

  9. bluecrewfan

    Great pictures! Stadium as always looks great. Well it looks like I’ll miss you in Glendale, and I missed you at Select a Seat. I went today just…well just because πŸ™‚ . Tickets have already been purchased, but I always go out every year anyways. Kinda tradition I guess.

    Re: the wall outside the elevator on the Dugout level with all the past/present Dodgers names on it? I ALWAYS jump up and slap Steve Yeager’s name. Gotta. He’s my all time favorite.

    Go Blue!


  10. angelsgirl012

    Ahh Dodgers stadium. I have been there a couple times. In fact don’t tell anyone but my first game was a Dodger game! hahaha funny isn’t it? I enjoy going to Dodger games actually but don’t tell anyone either!

    You sounded a bit like my mom on that last comment haha though I do appreciate the thoughts! I do know that I have to concentrate on my studies because i’m almost done with high school πŸ™‚

    I was so excited to see snow for a couple of days! I was in my classroom when i looked out the window and saw snow!

  11. cpompe1

    Great pics Emma! They remind me of the pics I took during our ITD tour. But you have a few more than I did; always LOVE that mural outside the Top Deck! πŸ™‚

    When are you going to Camelback?

  12. crzblue2

    Hey Mimi,
    I’ll keep your secret. lol. Glad I sound like your mom. She is giving you sound advice. Make the blog an insentive AFTER you do your homework.
    I was on the train and was telling my train friends “LOOK AT THE SNOW!!! ” They laugh at me that I get excited looking at the snow on the mountains.
    I have a few more that I am putting on my next post that I am currently working on. Mee too! I love the mural outside the Top Deck!!
    God willing, I will be at Camelback the first weekend and the last weekend.

  13. cpompe1

    Well Emma, if that’s when you’re going, we’ll miss you. Aw, nuts. We’ll catch up with each other during the season! πŸ™‚

  14. crzblue2

    Oh Carol :-(. I will miss you and I will miss Rob also. Oh well. Hopefully I will see both of you at Dodger Stadium!

  15. dodgerdrei

    Nice pics. I went yesterday to renew my package, I got the Triple Crown package, 14 games, all Sundays. Unfortunately, my seats got pushed back further than I usually am but I’m hopeful I can upgrade before the season starts. I’m usually out at 307 in the LF Pavillion, this time, they put me up in 315. I took some pics myself around Elysian Park and should be putting them up some time this week.


  16. crzblue2

    I know a few fans that sit in the LF Pavillion: Erik, Jose (who dresses as Manny), I can’t think of Jose’s friend that I met in San Diego. Gary who they called Leche. There are some other ones including two guys that I took their pictures and posted it here. They stopped in the parking lot asking me if I had a blog here. LOL.
    I’ll look for your pics! thanks for stopping by!

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