Dodger Caravan 2010

Wednesday my friends and I went from Roscoes Chicken and Wafles at Pico in Los Angeles, to Best Buys near the airport to Olvera Street in Downtown L.A.  

Originally James Loney was supposed to be part of the Caravan but he was a late scratch.  

The Dodgers that attended on Wednesday were:  Matt Kemp, Fernando Valenzuela, James McDonalds, Ramon Troncoso, Jim Campanis and Steve Yeager and Hall of Famer Jaime Jarrin, the voice of the Dodgers in Spanish!. 

It was great to meet up with my friends Erik, Lorena and her niece Elisa.  

Loney:  We missed you at the Caravan!
Dodgers Caravan 1.jpg

Matt Kemp is adorable!

Matt Kemp Caravan 020310.jpg


Caravan 020310 Fenarndo.jpg

 Guess who crashed the party at Roscoes Chicken and Wafles?  

That is Barry Bond!   My friend Lore was able to take this picture.  Someone was saying that while we were waiting to get in that Lady Gaga was inside Roscoes. 

Here is Lore with Matt Kemp.  I love this picture!

Matt Kemp and Lore 020310.jpg

My complain about Roscoes Chicken and Wafles was that once the fans finished eating they were waiting for the players to come around.  It was taking a little longer but the waiters/waitresses were telling them they needed the tables!  That was not right!   They did not tell us anything but just in case we ordered a slice of sweet potatoe pie that was delicious

Meet Jon Soo Hoo, the Dodgers great photographer! 

Jon Soo Hoo 020310.jpg

The boys are playing games at Best Buys Matt Kemp said to us:  “Hey you guys are here too “.    He also greeted us at Olvera Street.    

Dodgers Caravan Brad Ausmus 020310.jpg

the 2010 Dodgers Caravan bus.  :

Dodgers Caravan 020310 Bus .jpg

At the Plaza of Olvera Street in Downtown L.A. The lines were huge when we got there but we  had already talked to the guys at Roscoes so it was OK with us.  We justed wanted to be there to support our Boys in Blue! 

From Left to right, Jim Campanis, James McDonals, Ramon Troncoso (Tron), Matt Kemp, Steve Yeager, Jaime Jarrin and Fernando.    

Thumbnail image for Dodgers Caravan 020310 Olvera Street.jpg

 Ran into Josh Rawitch there!   When I yelled his name he came over and gave me a hug.  I suggested Philippes for next year’s luncheon.  He said “that is a good idea, Emma.”  

We watched all the boys sign and took more pictures.  Ran into Pat,Jo, Roberto, Jack and other Dodger fans there. 

Afterwards we went to El Paseo for dinner.  Pat, Jo and a friend of them came in later and had the table next to us.   Since Pat had told me at Olvera Street that it was her birthday, I called the trio that was singing there and had them sing “Las Mananitas” to her.  Las Mananitas is the tipical song sang on your birthday, right after singing it they went into the Happy Birthday song.  

After dinner, Erik and I walked Lore and her niece Elisa to their car.  Mine was across the street but both Erik and I were craving a cup of coffee so we walked across to Philippe’s.   Philippes has been around for 102 years!   The coffee tasted so good!  and the price, can you believe it costs 10 cents !  

I had a wonderful time at the Dodgers Caravan and I put a post in the ITD blog to let Josh Rawich know.  Everyone from the current to the past Dodger players in attendance to Jaime Jarrin to the Dodger workers that were there helping the event were wonderful.  They had a long day since their day started with a trip in the morning to the Children’s hospital and it did not end until very late at night at Olvera Street.  You could see the fatigue on some of their faces from the long day but they were being troopers still smiling.   A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL  !!!!!!

A big THANK YOU also to my friends Erik, LTD23(Lore) and Elisa!   I miss you all during the offeseason so it was great seeing you again!   This is the third year we do this!  Let’s do it again next year!  



  1. cpompe1

    Wonderful pics Emma! Glad that you had a great time. Those pics with Matty are just priceless! 🙂 And Barroids came too? Did he just drive around or did he get out of the car?

  2. crzblue2

    Thanks Carol!
    Matt was very nice! So was Yeager, Jim Campanis and I just love Jaime Jarrin! I only have great things to say about Jaime! Wish I had a little more time to talk to him about his hometown Quito, and his favorite Spanish writers.

  3. thinkingblue

    EMMA – Sounds like you had a great time with the Blue Caravan. I have not been to Rosco’s ever in my life, but now it is on my “Gotta CheckOut List”. Great pictures with Matt Kemp…he looks so adorable.

  4. crzblue2

    Hey Knouff! Thank you for stopping by!
    Matt sure is adorable.
    There was this hispanic girl about 10 that she was crying because she was excited to talk to Matt. He just smiled at her and talk to her. It was cute.
    Waffle was good, the chicken just a little dry. I guess that is because I got a breast. And we are in agreement that Matt is ADORABLE!

  5. welikeroywelikeroy

    Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles is such a cool name. I remember it from the movie ‘Jackie Brown.’ I have to make it there someday. It is going on my ‘Places I Must Eat One Day’ list. I’m so jealous of Matt Kemp, he is everything Vernon Wells isn’t!

  6. raysrenegade

    As always you got straight to the Blue pulse.
    Great photos and I am jealous you got to go to such an institution like Roscoe’s.
    But it sounded like your event had a light air to it and the fans and players all got that vibe and ran with it.
    Something else you can recommend to the Dodgers is a night where the players serve the fans as a charity event.
    I have thrown this at the Rays for three years and they might finally organize something like that to benefit one of their top charities.
    Nothing big league, just a wings and things joint and good conversation and smiling players….Always a good combination!

    Rays Renegade

  7. crzblue2

    Love the name!
    Did not know Roscoe’s Chicken and Wafles was featured in that movie!
    Kemp can run, hit, with his speed he can cover a lot of ground. We are so glad we have him! I started following him in the minor league along with the rest that were there at Jacksonville!
    I had a wonderful time and no, I did not encounter any rudeness by the Dodger personnel that worked at the event a day long. I went to the three places that was open to the public. They put a long day since their day started with a visit to the Children’s hospital in L.A. that was not open to the public. They were big troopers at Olvera Street after a long day.
    You’d be surprised the combo of Chicken and Wafles is great!!
    My favorite event was three years ago when the players were our servers at the Panda Inn restaurant. Loney was our server but it was Andre that brought us our food! All the guys were great there. Loney was asking us “is there anything else I can get for you…water, photo, autograph….” I love my boys in Blue!

  8. greg1969

    Looked like a great time, Emma! I am glad you had a better time at Caravan than Cat did. I loved to watch Fernando pitch!–great that he is still with the org., and getting the photo with him had to be a rush! 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Emma! !Luego!

  9. crzblue2

    Nothing wrong with a little man crush 🙂 When Matt saw us at Best Buy, he said “hey you guys are back!” Then he saw us at Olvera Street too.
    Always glowing Blue! I have so much Blue in my closet!
    Thanks Matt. My friends and I had a fabulous time!
    I was lucky to see Fernando pitch from his first debut with the Dodgers. The atmosphere at Dodger Stadium was incredible and also in San Diego where a lot of fans crossed the state line to watch him pitch.

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