2010 Road Trip! Going to Fenway Park ! !

I am going to Boston to watch my beloved Dodgers!!  Woohoo!

My friend LuvtheDodgers23 (Lore), her niece and I will be in Boston in mid June to cheer our beloved Dodgers!   We are doing the DodgerLife event!  

Thanks Lore for making the arrangements.  I will look into flights tonight!

Road Trip

 Hit the Road with the Dodgers in 2010!   The package include hotel, exclusive Dodgers brunch, game tickets to all three games, a tour of Fenway Park, and a Dodgers Road Trip Polo Shirt. 

I have been to Fenway once when after a business trip in N.H., I stayed in Boston on a Friday night so that I could see Fenway Park.  I saw the Tigers that Friday night.   I wrote about it here in a too long post.   http://crzblue.mlblogs.com/archives/2009/06/my_trip_to_fenway_park_82605_a.html

Funny that when I was in Toronto for a few days taking a class, I happen to catch the Red Sox at Roger Centre.  Again, I made the trip by myself to catch me a game.    

I can’t wait!  

Ok, on to look for flights.  



  1. greg1969

    I assume the business trip to NH included the site visit to Nashua? I’ve been to Boston only once, in 1978, no less! Hmmm!…
    Oh, and by the way–GO SOX! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Enjoy Fenway!!

  2. bluecrewfan

    VERY nice EMMA ! You are one lucky girl……
    I was able to take in a game between the Redsox and the Orioles while in Boston on business back in 2007. What a great place Fenway is! But unfortunately, I got food poisoning or something like it, and had to leave after 5 innings. Still want to try and make it back this year with the Blue playing there…….I just need to think of of a great excuse for the company to pick up the tab.


  3. crzblue2

    I’ll go there and yell “GREG SAYS HI !” lol. And yes, the business trip included the trip to Nashua. I have to go back in April but I’ll make sure it won’t interfere with the Dodgers schedule. Go Dodgers!
    When we get back from Boston, the Dodgers will play the Angels but my birthday weekend the Yankees will come to town. I hope I get to see you this time Jane!
    Oh Rob, that is just too bad that you got sick. I’ve gotten sick on the road and it just terrible being away from home when you are sick. Find that perfect excuse Rob! You can do it!


  4. raysrenegade

    You better get a hold of Julia.
    She might be able to get with you for a picture, or even some pre- or post game muchies along the many great taverns and restaurants.
    Be sure to stop by Luis Tiant’s little Cuban shack.
    He is so fun to talk to before a game.
    Awesome that you are doing a cross-country trip to a true baseball institution like Fenway.
    (Photo Op) You got to get a pic with the Ted Williams bronze statue………..it is a requirement to get back on the plane and fly back home from Logan Airport.

    Rays Renegade


  5. crzblue2

    Julia saw it on Facebook so yes, I will definetly keep her up to date. I took a picture with Ted last time but it was a little too far. You know that is the area that is scalper zone free. I was able to get a ticket there for face value behind the RedSox dugout. But defintely need a another picture with Mr. Ted Williams statue.
    I love Cuban food Luis Tiant’s little cuban shack will be in my to do.

  6. cpompe1

    Wow Emma!
    I’m sooooo jealous! I’ve been as far as NY. Yes we went to Cooperstown, but no, didn’t catch any games (Shea or Yankee Stadium). But Fenway is a dream trip, dream baseball park for me to see a game. I don’t even care if it didn’t involved the Dodgers or any NL team that I know something about. I just want to go, just to say that I went. Perhaps one of these years. You know, when we have the $$$ to take such a trip. Have a blast! Can’t wait to see your pics from there! ๐Ÿ™‚


  7. crzblue2

    The minute Lore and I found out the Dodgers were going to be there, we said “we got to go!” I hope you do make it some day! It is a historical park. When I went I just walked everywhere and the way the park is I thought that any minute I was going to see the Bambino strolling in eating a hot dog. I just had that mental image when I went by myself. I think I had a grin from ear to ear.
    I will sure take plenty of pictures. Lore just loves to take pictures and she takes much much better ones than I do. I call her “Juana Soo Hoo” I told Jon Soo Hoo when I saw him at Roscoe’s and he laughed.

  8. crzblue2

    I did not know that you try to make the trip to Boston twice a year.
    the last time the Dodgers went there (a few years ago), Vin Scully made the trip and Sandy Koufax was also there! That was back when Shawn Green was a Dodger. I could not make the trip back then.
    Hey Carol!
    Yes, I know our Hiro Kuroda-san has a birthday. I need to do a new post but I was busy looking for flights. I just finished booking the flights for the three of us! Happy Birthday Kuroa-san!!
    Is a beautiful day after the rain ha? The sky is so blue and the mountains look so pretty with the fresh snow. The snow is far away from us but it looks so preeeeety that I was taking some pictures this morning on the train but my battery ran out.

  9. crzblue2

    I booked the flight! Non-stop flights to Boston! the only way to go!
    I promise I won’t get too roudy or unrully. I am actually very tamed when visiting other stadiums. I am still enthusiastic but I just can’t help it, stadiums do that to me.
    I hope you do that sometimes, go to Fenway. Got to check the historic park that is Fenway Park.

  10. crzblue2

    I had a great time the first time I went although I got kinda of lost trying to get back to my hotel by myself. I am sure I’ll have a greater time this time with the Dodgers playing there. I hope Vin does make the trip and also Sandy Koufax. Sandy went last time. There were picure of him and Shawn Green in the dugout.

  11. aducker

    My wife and I saw the Red Sox roll over the Rangers like 11-2 or something one game in 2008. Boston is just 6 hours from here. We’re starting to piece together a plan to go see the Dodgers play there but I don’t know if it will work out or not. Our wedding anniversary is close to that though and we’re thinking of getting over to Cape Cod for a few days and roll the baseball in there just because it’s probably the only chance I’ll ever get to see the Dodgers play there.

  12. crzblue2

    I hope you and your wife will do it! There is the DodgerLife event that we are doing sponsored by the Dodgers. Also if you cannot get tickets, the Dodger Booster club is also organizing a road trip. At first I was thinking of doing with my friend Lorena but we opted for the DodgerLife event. If you have problems getting tix, I could inquire with the Booster club. lmk.

  13. crzblue2

    Well, this will be a first for me watching my beloved Bums there! I definetly will have A LOT of pictures from the three game series. I am very much looking forward to it!

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