Pitchers and Catcher report in 8 days! My Blog One Year Anniversary!

 8 days till Pitchers & Catchers report!
21 days till the first Spring Training game!
50 days till Opening Day!

 :celebrate :celebrate :celebrate
:banana :banana :banana:banana
And more good news:  The Dodger Dog will make its debut at Camelback Ranch!  

February 13th is my one year anniversary with my blog!   How time flies when you are having so much fun!

there are so many things that Baseball brings to us and in particualr our teams but another one has been the friends that I have made along the way! So a BIG THANK YOU to all that I have met in person and online, you have made me a better person.

I dedicate my post to our captain Pee Wee Reese
In 2009, I have made the following blog rankings and dedicated it to the following Dodger players/coaches that wore that number
#26  My first one!   I dedicated it to HOF ’64 Heini Manush. 
#34.  Dedicated to El Toro, Fernando Valenzuela.
#45.  I hope you are wearing a halo around your head Johnny Podres!  
#46   Dedicated to “Happy” Burt Hooton and his worthy foundation.
#26.  Long time pitching coach Red Adams and Doug Mientkiewicz.
I slacked off a little during the offseason, but I still was able to make the top 100 blogs in 2009! 
Thank you to everyone that have visisted my blog! 

 Happy Friday!
Happy Chinese Year of the Tiger!
Happy Valentines Day!
Happy President’s day!
Happy Fat Tuesday!
Happy Ash Wednesday!


  1. raysrenegade

    Happy Aniversary Miss Emma.
    Champagne for everyone, sparkling cider for the under 18’s.
    And they announce the best hot dog in baseball is coming back to Camelback Ranch?
    How dare they interupt this great day with that blockbuster.
    Today is about you and your Dodger Blue blog.
    As you have seen in 2009, doing a little consistent writing can get you up in the rankings.
    I am expecting great things in Year Two now.

    Again Congrats, and keep making us smile and remembering those great guy in Blue.

    Rays Renegade


  2. crzblue2

    LOL! I know ha? Pee Wee and he wore #1!
    Thank you so much CLiff!
    I am going to El Torito tonight with friends. We are just celebrating our friendship. I’ll have a margarita with my Mexican food.
    Hey Cliff! I want to play fantasy baseball! the fans I used to play with no longer have a league.

  3. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Ahhh! #45 Johnny Podres, Pee Wee! My Boys of Summer.
    Feliz Cumpleano Azul Locita!!! Looking foward to your second year!!!

  4. bluedog98

    Happy Anniversary Emma, I cant believe one year of nice posts and wonderful pictures.Thank you for allow us enjoy your amazing blog.

  5. crzblue2

    Thanks Sue!
    Cadilac margarita was good but the Volcanic cake was sinfully delicious!
    Thanks Jane!
    No champagne but a margarita. The volcanic cake at El Torito with ice cream, whip cream and fudge was so good that all those flavors were just dancing in my mouth. Highly recomended!
    Thanks Mike! I like how you called me! Azul Locita! LOL.
    Wow! I share an annirversary with the famous RSBS! Such an honor! Congratulations to you and Al!
    Thanks Bluedog! you are so sweet!

  6. nao

    Happy blog anniversary, Emma! Since the last September, it has been my great pleasure to visit here and enjoy your heartful posts and comments. Without you and your blog, my first blog in English would have been perished at the end of Season 2009. I’ll be looking forward to celebrate the second anniversary with additional fascinating memories of Season 2010.

  7. crzblue2

    Thank you for coming here, reading and posting! Hey! maybe I will see you at Camelback! You just never know when I make a trip on the spur of the moment. haha. Just watch out for the cameras on the freeway. Remember what happened to me last year.
    Thank you so much! You are so sweeet! We happen to be posting about the same time when I found your blog last year and I am so glad I did!

  8. cpompe1

    Emma, I was going to ask you something. I know you said last year that the cameras got you on your way to Camelback. But I just wanted to ask you something. Here you said, “Just watch out for the cameras on the freeway.” Do they ACTUALLY have cameras on the freeway, or are do they have it on the surface streets? Let me know! And I’d LOVE to run into you at Camelback! πŸ™‚

  9. crzblue2

    YES! the cameras are on the freeway (I-10) and two of them are very close together.
    Here is the link from my post in April last year.
    ….36 cameras on the following freeways 10, 101, 51, 60, 117, Take a look at this link for all the camera locations. See all the red marks? Some are very close together. http://photoenforcement.azdps.gov/Cameras/
    Yes! I am going! I put a post about it here January 13th once I was emailed about the event. I went last time to the Scully/Wooden event. That is the way I look at it that is a win/win situation. We get to see the great legendary Sandy Koufax and we contribute to Torre’s Safe At Home fountation to end the cycle of domestic abuse. Let me know where you will be sitting! I am so looking forward to it. Less than two weeks away!

  10. angelsgirl012

    Happy (late) Anniversary!!!! Your blog is very entertaining and I can’t wait until the season starts πŸ˜€

    Lol i remember dodger dogs back when i ate meat. I admit those were pretty good you can’t really resist them πŸ™‚


  11. mattpeas

    congrats on the anniversary!
    this is my favorite weekend/week of the year.

    NBA allstar festivities, daytona 500, valentines day, MY BIRTHDAY, mardi gras, ash wednesday (i like lent, honorable time and i enjoy all the fish!) and PITCHERS AND CATCHERS REPORTING!

  12. crzblue2

    Thanks Matt,
    I can see why is your favorite weekend! Happy 21st Birthday! I like Lent too and giving meat and whatever else I give up and donating the money saved. So excited about P&C reporting soon!
    Can you believe it is going to be 81 here in Chatsworth, CA today!

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