Dodger Pitchers and Catchers and then some have reported!

Happy New Season everyone!   Pitchers and Catchers have reported!!  Woohoo!!!

Now is a new count!   11 day and 20 hours before the first Spring Training game!

Yesterday I was going to go to MLB Urban Youth Academy in Compton but I got sick :-(.   Southern University (Baton Rouge, La) was playing against my sister college Cal State Northridge.  And in the second game  Bethune-Cookman University was playing against UCLA.   Anyone catch the games on MLB Network? 

Rod Carew, Don Newcombe and Frank Robinson threw out the first pitches. 


Today it will be

1 p.m.: Cal State Northridge vs. UCLA
2 p.m.: Southern University vs. Bethune-Cookman

Yesterday it was a beautiful day and today is still a beautiful day after rains last night and this morning.  

Here is a picture from Jon Soo Hoo.  His caption:  What awaits the Dodgers at the end of the rainbow this season?    

Here is another pic:   “Catchers and Catchers reporting”   Russell Martin and Brad Ausmus are looking good!!!!   I LOVE IT!!!!

Thank you Jon!  You are the best!!


So this transplanted Red Sox fan at work wanted to bet me that Manny will show up late to Spring Training.  Guess what?  He is already reported so come Monday I will collect on the bet!!


The pitcher that is late reporting is Ron Belisario as he again has trouble with his visa.    

Happy P&C Day!  Happy Sunday!  


  1. crzblue2

    Isn’t that the truth! For Belly is the second year in a row. His DUI does not help.
    And Mike, Don Newcombe is always stylish!
    Yeah, I sure hope that Manny has a gooooood season.

  2. bloggingboutbaseball

    Thanks, for the comment, Emma. I hope you really do get to collect on that bet!
    My buddy that is carpooling with me to Spring Training is a Dodgers fan, too, so we’re going to Camelback Ranch. Since you’ve been there, do you know if you can access the berm/lawn area with any ticket? We have infield seats but I want to at least go back there and check it out. Also, what’s the schedule like for a one o’clock game? BP first? Workout first then BP after the game? THANKS!

  3. crzblue2

    Yes, you can walk all around including the berm area. You know we get breakfast and head there about 8 AM and there are people in there already. Remember the Dodgers and White Sox share the facility. I like getting there as early a possible and head to where the minor leaguers are playing. You might want to check my posts from back in March last year.

  4. aducker

    Is it just me or are more folks arriving early this year? I think there’s a great sense of unfinished business from last year maybe and it’s getting folks out to Arizona even earlier than they usually would.

  5. aducker

    The bet about Manny is a funny one. For a man so integral to Boston’s only 2 world championships in the last 90 years it’s strange that the fans have soured so much on him.

    What did Manny do in those 6 playoff series in 2004 and 2007? Oh, he just went 37 for 96 (0.385 AVG) with 29 RBI in 28 games. That’s all. What a bum…

  6. aducker

    I guess the same can be said about Jeff Kent though he couldn’t quite get the Giants a championship. The way fans booed him was terrible considering they would have kissed their trip to the World Series goodbye without Kent’s MVP caliber season.

  7. crzblue2

    I noticed the same that more players other P&C are reporting early. Our outfield is complete at Camelback! Is like they can’t wait to show up or they fell they have a lot ot prove.
    I was not the one that suggested the bet. It was the guy. He sits infront of me. He sent me the following IM after I showed him a picture of Manny at Camelback “you win, dam it, why isnt manny being manny.” LOL! Yeah, he sure performed for Boston!
    That is right Aducker, The Giants would not have so close to having a championship without Kent there. I think if he did not become a Dodger then they would not have been so hard on him. But we like the Giants empty throphy case!

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