A Night to remember with Sandy Koufax !

Safe at Home .jpg

I don’t know where to start!  That was a once in a lifetime event and I loved every minute of the event!  

The event was put together to benefit the Torre’s Safe At Home Foundation to combat domestic abuse. 

I will never forget this night!   Thank you Sandy!  Thank you Torre, Thank you Simers and all that made the event posible!

I got home after the event and throughly enjoyed watching the playback!  


“It gave me goosebumps,” Torre said of the sold-out crowd of 7,100 at Nokia Theater, which included the likes of Ron Howard, Billy Crystal, Penny Marshall and Jon Lovitz and raised more than $750,000.

 Koufax and Torre at SAH.jpg

LA Times sportwriter T.J. Simers started his questions with “Where’d you go,” “I went home,” Koufax said, later explaining that it was something his grandfather taught him that has kept him out of the limelight.

“Your most precious asset is time,” Koufax said. “Spend your money foolishly, spend your time wisely.” 

And the reason he came back?

“Joe Torre,” Koufax said.

“It’s about friendship, a very special friendship,” said Torre, 69, of Koufax, even though the two were never teammates

Koufax and Torre when young .jpg

Simers finally asked if it bugged Koufax that people perceived him as “soft.”

“Oh … no,” said Koufax. “That didn’t bug me at all.”

“Then what did bug you?” asked Simers.

“Sportswriters like you,” replied Koufax to a thunderous ovation

Koufax and Torre at Nokia.jpg

At the John Wooden and Vin Scully, a kid was picked so that John Wooden would show him how to put his socks.  Mr. Wooden was very particular that no creases should be left from his players put on their socks before the shoes.  Well Simers wanted something similar to be done with Koufax.  So he said the crowd had been scanned and a tall skinny kid was spotted so he was summond to go up the podium. 

The Kid?  21 year old Clayton Kershaw! 

Here is Koufax  showing Kershaw how to throw the curball.  Kershaw said “OK, I’ll give it a try.”  

Koufax Kershaw SAH .jpg

Simers said “If you are good, I’ll get you a tryout with Arte Moreno.   Yep! Arte was in the audience.

Arte Moreno.jpg

Look at the size of Koufax’s hand in comparison to Kershaw!

Kershaw and Koufax comparing hand size.jpg

Here is Mattingly after Simers said Donnie Baseball showed up because he thought Torre was announcing his reti

Mattingly at Koufax event.jpg


Tommy Davis and Sweet Lou Johnson.  Sweet Lou got the only hit in Koufax perfecto. and got two homeruns in the  1965 World Series.  Koufax said Sweet Lou was a breath of fresh air.  

Sweet Lou and Tommy Davis at Koufax event.jpg

Peter O’Malley got the biggest standing ovation after Koufax and Torre. 

Peter O'Malley at Koufax event.jpg

When Simers asked Koufax about the two homeruns that Torre hit off of him.  His response was “We Brooklyn kids stick together.” 

Koufax and Torre hugging.jpg

“This man has been very special to me,” said Torre about Koufax. “We have never been teammates. We have played together on All-Star teams, but my first World Series, in 1996, when I walked into my office at Yankee Stadium, his was the first message on top, wishing me luck.”

“When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, he was just about the first guy who called me.

When I got off the plane after saying goodbye to the Yankees, he was the first guy to call. It has been a very special relationship and one that we don’t have to talk to each other every day.

“It’s something that I treasure, and I’m so touched, and my wife, Ali, is very touched, and our foundation certainly thanks you for being here.”

With that, the two friends for almost 50 years walked off the stage together to another ovation.

Koufax and Torre at Nokia 2jpg

There I am in wearing blue and with my White and Blue Dodger bag(third row from the left).  In the next aisle to my left is my friend Amber who is a ticket checker at Dodger stadium.          

Crowd at Koufax event.jpg 


  1. Jane Heller

    What a night! You must be totally jazzed having seen and heard Koufax (he always looks terrific, by the way). I love his answer to Simers about what bugged him. Zing! Good one, Sandy! And great line about Mattingly. I can spot you in the audience, so I know you had excellent seats!


  2. crzblue2

    What a night is correct! He sure looks good Jane! He was in Arizona with Torre so they all flew to the event together.
    I sure did have a blast! It was so totally worth it and the money went to a good cause.

  3. bluedog98

    Dear Emma ,I saw you on tv twice at the beggining and at the end . You dont missed a thing do you ?. I am glad you had a wonderful night around baseball and movie stars . Sandy and Torre look like they are a really close friends, I agree with jane they both look terrific !.

  4. crzblue2

    LOL Bluedog! I was surprised when I watched the playback that I spotted me!
    I appreciate our manager even more after the event! And I just adore Sandy!

  5. greg1969

    WOW! First, you’re going to Fenway, now Koufax? Color me jealous–AGAIN! 😉 That is just too cool!

  6. greg1969

    Did Sandy give Torre the scouting report on Ollie Perez and Mets camp? 😉
    One thing I have NEVER considered Koufax to be was “soft”. I never would have put those two in the same sentence! Great cause, Joe Torre! Thanks, Emma!

  7. bklyntrolleyblogger

    I see you in the picture too!! what a fantastic time that must have been! It all looks so incredible. Holy Cow!

  8. raysrenegade

    I have a soft spot for Sandy Koufax.
    Ever since I heard Kenvin Costner deliver that line in “For the Love of the Game” about a incident when Koufax was sitting in the stands, I have been in awe of the guy.
    Got to admit, I scan the stands before a Rays Spring game on the East Coast of Florida just hoping to get a glimpse of the left-hander.
    And the biggest thing I respect about the guy is that he went out on his terms. He decided when he was done, and he was firm about his religion and the game and showed respect for both of them while remaining true to himself in the whole process.
    Got to admire a guy like that.
    BTW, thank you for the kind words this morning….It made my day!

    Rays Renegade


  9. crzblue2

    Peter! You are back!
    The minute I heard of the event, I got my ticket. It was once in a life time, but maybe Koufax will start to go to more events.
    Thanks Jeff! What a way to end February!
    LOL Greg! That would be good if Sandy would give our pitching coach the scouting report on Ollie. Just kidding Mike! And Greg, Simers was just trying to see what reaction he would get off of Koufax. He said, I am sure not a softie. In fact, I am a fierce competitor.
    So, so glad I was there! Wish more of my friends would have attended!
    I went by myself but I ran into many friends there.
    I have to admit that I too used to scan Dodgertown, Vero Beach in the hopes of spotting Sandy Koufax. I am still in cloud nine about the event. And btw, you are so very welcome!

  10. crzblue2

    It was an event that I will never forget and to top it off the money went to a good charity. I’ll be sure thank Joe Torre in person when I see him!

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