Greetings from Camelback Ranch! Thank you Mike!

Greetings everyone!

First of all, I want to give a big thank you to my friend Mike!   Wow Mike!  You blew me away with this post!   Not only did you give us a wonderful post of our Brooklyn Bums when they won in 1955 but when I saw the title I was what?   Wow Mike!   THANK YOU SO MUCH! 

When I first started reading  Mike’s blog, I became hooked so jump on his Brooklyn Trolley for a wonderful ride! 

Spring Training in Arizona

I have been having a ball here in Arizona!   If you have not been to Spring Training, make an effort to go.   Is so much fun seeing the regular players, the ones trying to make the team and others within the organization and those that work covering the Dodgers.  

Tony Jackson who used to work for the Daily News and now works for ESPN Los Angeles, came over to greet me after I yelled “HEY TONY!”   I am so glad that Tony is back working as a Dodger Beat Writer!


 And Mike, yes, the patch is a go!  Here is Loney sporting the patch.  This picture is also for those that are looney for Loney:  

Loney at Camelback Ranch March 5, 2010.jpg

 Here is one for all the Ethierholics!  is ao nice to see Andre’s swing!  Thank you to my friend that I have nicknamed her Juana Soo Hoo for the great pictures she takes!

Thumbnail image for Andre Ethier Camelback Ranch March 5, 20104113_1374393920759_1259157010_31074529_7777137_n.jpg

When I get home I will upload more pictures!

I also have some funny anecdotes to tell!   

We had a lot of fun at the first game when we got there about an hour before game time. The following day we got there as soon as they let us get in which is 9:AM.  I greeted the players as they made their way through the roped area.   Everyone was so nice with “Hey!, good morning!”  “hey, how are you?”    I LOVE MY BOYS IN BLUE!

Rafael Furcal and Manny seemed inseparable.  I greeted Rafi and he greeted me back. And then I said “Como estas Manny”   He reponded smiling “Bien, Bien, si me puedo levantar en la manana, todo esta bien.”   “Good, good, if I can get up in the morning, eveything is fine!” 

Sunday’s game, after no news online that the game was going to be cancelled at Mesa, we headed that way.  The Cub’s ballpark reminded me of Wrigley Field.   There was a signing with ex-players such as Fergusen Jenkins, Rollie Fingers and Tommy Davis.  I stopped to talk to Tomy Davis so I did not see who else was there.   As I was talking to Tommy Davis, they made the announcement that the game had been cancelled so after I  purchased a ball signed by Tommy Davis, we left.  I know I can get Tommy to sign at Dodger Stadium or any event by the Dodgers but I felt that I am helping by making a purchase there.  The balls were $20.  Tommy signed it “Tommy Davis NL Batting Champ 1962 1963.    


At Mesa March 7, 2010 waiting.jpgWe ended up at the Arizona Museum for Young (AMY).   They are featuring “Play Ball!  The Cactus League Experience” from Feb. 26 – Nov.  7 2010.  I recomended for both adults and kids.   You can read more about it at   I will post pictures about this place after I get home!  

Tomorrow we head to Scottsdale to watch our bums play the hated Jints. 





  1. crzblue2

    I wish I could stay here until they go back! but I got to work to pay for addiction! LOL.
    I think the like it when you talk to them in Spanish. I started with I just saw your brother Raffy. I met his brother last year during Spring training then coming back from Chicago last year, his brother was in our flight.

  2. thinkingblue

    Hey Emma,
    GREAT POST by Mike! I wish I could be there in CamelBack. Keep supporting our BOYS in BLUE….GOOOOO DODGERS! Keep having fun and hope to see your pictures soon!

  3. raysrenegade

    Sounds like you and the Boys out at Camelback Ranch are feeling the same type of weather we have had all Winter in Florida right now.
    Sucks that it is eating into your trip, but I know you will get a much time with the Boys in Blue that they and the weather will allow.
    Awesome photo of the statue featuring the small girl with a baseball bat. I like that baseball has become more unisex with players of both genders playing up to the high school years now.
    Now if some girl can learn to throw a knuckleball like that girl from Japan… is the limit!

    Hope you have clear skies and smiles for the miles for the rest of your trip.

    Rays Renegade

  4. dodgerfridge

    Great game my friends and i walked during the game and chanted lets go dodgers also you took a picture of me with my dodger hat i would like a picture of it. thank you also hope you had a great time we did go boilers

  5. crzblue2

    You are back!! How have you been chica? Mike is just a great guy. I just got back about 30 minutes ago! We lost the game against the Jints but we had a great time! I almost got hit with a line drive from Ethier. I was having this new pan stirred noodles that they started carrying at the Catctus league that are delicious. Anyway, as I was stuffing my mouth, here comes this line up that made me duck. Someone in the back got the ball.
    We had such a great time. Every baseball fan should experience Spring Training! You probably already know that Adrian Gonzales has a restaurant in AZ.
    We missed yesterday’s game but we made the most of it by going to the museum and checking other statues like the one with the little girl. they have them all around Main Street downtown, close to the museum.
    That was HILARIOUS you all walking down the aisle chanting “Let’s go Dodgers!” I joined from my seat with the chant just like the rest of the Dodger fans. It was nice meeting you! I like to know more about the Boilers! You want me to emailed you the pic or posted here? Let me know!
    You know when you asked me “did you get any tickets” I was thinking you meant tickets to a game but I was not sure what game you were talking about. Then you mentioned speeding tickets! LOL. That was great to meet someone that reads my blog! Like I said I want to know more about The Boilers. Where do you meet? Thanks!

  6. crzblue2

    We were law abiding citizens so we should not expect any surprises in the mail!
    When I get a chance I will download some pics! I am back at work and I already want to go back! But I’ll hold myself and wait until they are back in LA!

  7. bluecrewfan

    Well golfing was a bust on Monday, and tuesdays game we got slaughtered ( not to mention the weather was freezin cold,rainy and windy one minute, then sunny skies the next)….. but today look bright and sunny. Highlight so far…..I almost got run over by Joe Torre and his golf cart yesterday( he came out of NO where!)…and I had a nice conversation with Tony Jackson, former beat writer for the Daily News. He is now with espn los angeles, and is a real class act. He also used to have a great Dodgers blog. Off to practice………


  8. crzblue2

    I wanted to turn around and go back! I did not want to leave!
    They are still having rainouts!
    Too funny that you almost got run over by Torre! I saw the score yesterday and I was thinking of you watching the game. Sorry!
    I Saw Tony too! I used to post in his blog from the Daily News! Iwas so happy when he got the Dodger Beat writer job at ESPN Los Angeles. I saw him at Camelback too! I yelled “Tonny!” so he came over, gave me a hug and we talked a little bit. Say hi to him for me.
    Tonight I will go hear a speaker at the Downtown LA library. I usually catch a few speakers there since I take the train from downtown Union Station so I just close to there. Jesse Katz will be there talking about his memoirs “The Opposite Field” wtih father Gregory Boyle of the gan intervention group Homeboy Industries.

    Hey Rob,
    Did you get to read this?

  9. bluecrewfan

    Yup…his blog is great. Little confused about being a Mutts fan AND a Sox fan, but……… Sad day in Dodger land with the passing of Willie Davis. They had a moment of silence for “Three Dog” before todays game. By the way, Gordo Manteca (Tommy Lasorda) is in the dugout today. I guess with Torre out of the country, Tommy thought he would help out……..( can you tell I’m not a big Tommy fan?)


  10. crzblue2

    So what did Tommy do or say to you that you don’t like him. I know that when I see him I can tell if he is in a good or bad mood, but he has always been nice to me. Probably cause after getting his autograph a long time ago, I don’t ask him anymore, I just greet him and for some reason he remembers me.

  11. crzblue2

    9am is when they let you in to wonder around. Walk all around, wait for the players as they go inside the roped area. I have pictures from entries I posted in March last year. Last year also I walked to the minor league area only to find and I forget what pitcher the Dodgers were looking at but he was throwing and Joe Torre was there with Colletti evaluating him. Only a few knew that was going on while the other fans waited by the roped area.

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