Pictures from Spring Training 2010 Trip

Hi everyone!  I’ve been so busy that I have not had a chance to make a new post since Sunday.  I have a lot of picures but here are some from our trip to Camelback Ranch: 

We got on the road very early in the morning.  This picture is going by Yucca Valley, close to Joshua Tree where they have lots of windmills.

Spring Training 2010 Windmills.jpg

Ahhh… we arrived free of any speeding tickets.   Here is a welcome sign at the CVS across from Camelback Ranch that reads “WELCOME LA DODGERS BASEBALL FANS”

Spring Training CVS welcome sign.jpg

See those beads we are wearing?  Well, we bought them in the giftshop but after putting sunblock, my friends noticed that my neck was bleeding Dodger Blue!  But is a cute necklace.  See, is not beads but little baseballs!   

Spring Training 2010 Lore Elisa and Emma.jpg

Pictures from the following morning.  Manny Mota, as usual on his bike.  Later on inside, prior to the game, he threw me a ball and after juggling it, I was able to catch it!     

Spring Training 2010 Manny Mota.jpg

The other Manny, as usual,with Rafael Furcal.  Here he is talking to fans.  

Spring Training 2010 Manny and Furcal.jpg

 The famous Roberto of VinScullyismyhomeboy blog. 

Spring Training 2010 Roberto.jpg

Andre Ethier!

Spring Training 2010 Andre Ethier.jpg

Matt Kemp.  

Spring Training 2010 Kemp.jpg

 My Loney!

 Spring Training 2010 Loney.jpg

No more beard for Casey Blake!  I actually liked the beard!   I can’t say “Stay Thirsty my friends” from the  Dos Equis beer commercial.   

Spring Training 2010 Casey Blake.jpg

Frank McCourt.  Notice Josh Rawitch to the left.  One fan asked Frank “how is the wife?”    

Spring Training 2010 Frank .jpg

I just noticed my earring came out in that picture!   Thank you LuvetheDodgers23 for my beautiful earrings!

More pictures on the new two or three posts.   I got so many pictures! 


  1. devilabrit

    Love the windmill pic at the beginning… glad you explained that you bought and paid for the beads or mini baseballs…I was wondering for min….

    Now was Frank selling his autograph to help pay for the Divorce…..

    Looks like fun was had by all….

    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  2. crzblue2

    Manny is in Taiwan with Torre, Hu?, Kuo, Loney and the res that made the trip there, but when he comes back I’ll give him a shout! I could not believe the fan that said that to Frank but it was FUNNY!
    I know! I love the windmills too! LOL about the beads! Yes I bought them and what I did not say was that I had bought a Spring Training Dodger shirt so when my beads were staining me I pulled the shirt off the plastic bag to isolate the beads. I also had the hard cover book of Sandy koufax (just in case…). Later on I pulled the sunblock only to discovered that the the spray bottle was empty. My shirt was all stained smelling of sunblock and my book was stained. But I still love my baseball/bead necklace.
    No! Frank was not selling the autographs! It was Free!!

  3. cpompe1

    Sounds like you had a great time Emma! As usual, I love the pics! I noticed on ITD you said that you have more pics but that you’ll get them in the next few posts – because of a theme! Can’t wait for these! I’m sure I don’t have to ask you, but I’m SURE you have a great picture of Kersh, huh??? πŸ™‚ Love the story about the beads/mini baseballs!

  4. crzblue2

    Kersh was scheduled to pitch at the Cub’s ballpark but it got cancelled because of the rain or else we would have had lots of pics of him but I do have a couple from the trip. I love Kersh! Hey we love all our boys in Blue.

  5. crzblue2

    I could not believe it myself! It was funny!
    Did not noticed until you mentioned it πŸ˜‰ just like I did not noticed my earring came out in that picture. My friend took that picture!
    I am going to see if I can make it. Right now is up in the air. I know I can buy a ticket tomorrow. It is so so sad how he passed away.
    For those that might wonder what Roberto and I are talking about, here is an isert from The San Gabriel News:
    “Salcedo, 33, was murdered Dec. 31 in Gomez Palacio, Mexico while visiting his wife’s family there. He and his wife Betzy were at a late dinner with a group of her friends when gunmen entered the restaurant. The gunmen forcibly removed Salcedo and five men in his group from the restaurant.
    Their bodies were found near a canal the next day. Salcedo was killed execution-style with a single gunshot to his head, authorities said. ”
    I got back late Monday night. Thanks! I do want to make to Albuequerque one of these days.

    Read more:

  6. cpompe1

    Hey Emma!
    I forgot that Clayton was supposed to pitch on the game that was rained out. Well, I’m looking forward to what you have! πŸ™‚

  7. bluecrewfan

    I could have bet that Frank wouldn’t make an appearance this year. But I was wrong.
    Now, will Jamie make an appearance?


  8. crzblue2

    Check Rob’s blog for a nice pic of Kershaw. He also sent me a very nice one that I’ll use in my next post. Thanks Rob!
    I saw a whole bunch of fans surounding someone and was surprised that it was Frank. Don’t bet on Jamie! Save your money!

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