The Reunion: Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp greet Juan Pierre

I actually missed taking the pictures because I went looking for food.  Lucky for me my friend LuvtheDodgers23 stayed so she took all these pictures.   When I saw them I went “ahhh, how cute!”

The shake:

Spring Training 2010 Andre and Pierre Reunion.jpg

Where are you pointing Andre?

Spring Training 2010 Reunion Andre and Juan Pierre.jpg

Friends chatting 

Spring Training 2010 Andre and Pierre reunion.jpg

Matt Kemp shows up!  Here is the bump!

Spring Training 2010 Reunion with Pierre, Kemp shows up.jpg 

and here are the three doing the bump:

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Spring Training 2010 Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier and Pierre doing the bump.jpg

The hand shake:

Spring Training 2010 Reunion Kemp and Pierre.jpg

 And another bump before leaving

Spring Training 2010 Reunion Kemp and Pierre.jpg


A tough week for LA Sports fan this week. 

I mentioned this on facebook but not here.  Last week we mourn two LA sports figures in Willie Davis and Merlin Olsen.  

Willie Davis who still holds the all-time L.A. Dodgers records for the hits, extra-base hits, total bases, plate appearances, triples, and for the longest hitting streak, at 31 games.  The last time I saw Willie Davis was at the RBI(Reviving Baseball in Inter-cities) dinner last year.  

Merlin Olsen.    As a Los Angeles Rams fan, I remember watching Merlin Olsen an afterwards as a broadcaster more so than his acting career.    

I could not help shed a few tears when I heard of both these gentlemen passing away.   Both were 69.

This letter from a fan sent to the L.A. Times says it well:

“I can still hear Dick Enberg describing another Merlin Olsen sack, “And the applause is for the defense!”  I can still see Willie Davis galloping around the bases for another triple.  A big part of my youth just walked into the shadows of the Coliseum tunnel.  A piece of my childhood just rounded third and headed on home.   -John Thompson Chino, CA. 

Rest in peace 3-Dog and Merlin Olsen.    



  1. bluecrewfan

    VERY COOL! What a great capture by your friend.
    I spent about an hour following the Whitesox practice on Thursday, in hopes of seeing Juan Pierre. But it’s a little hard to get close over there. And hard to get good shots, let alone talk with them.



    It is indeed tough to see your boyhood heroes go. Too bad Merlin never got a ring, but in his prime he was considered the best in the game.

  3. bostonredsoxgirl46

    I love how the players from different teams talk to each other. I think it’s great. Though I am a bit weirded out when Papi is joking with Jeter. So sorry to hear about those losses. That quote from the LA Times is beautiful!

  4. crzblue2

    yeah I missed it but I left her with my camera and when I came back she said “You missed it, but look at this.” I got a little sentimental watching the pictures.
    That he was, the best in his prime. I Loved that team but they broke my heart when they left.
    I found it cute that they were doing the same thing with the bump and hand shake as when they played together.
    I too found it eery that both Davis and Olsen were the same age.
    Just like you feel weird when Papi and Jeter joke around, I feel the same way when the Dodgers joke with any Giant or Angel. I say from far away “don’t socialize with the enemy!” lol.
    I too loved that quote in the LA Times. It got me choked up reading it .
    Really!? I did not know that! But it makes sense since Pierre is much smaller than Pierre. I am going to look at the other pictures more closer. Thanks!

  5. crzblue2

    Your quote is so beautiful! So poetic! Thank you my friend!
    I know what you mean. Just like Bob Gibson, Don Drysdale did not believe in franternizing with the other team on the field. Don would knock Willie Mays down in every other at bat. Willie tells the story of trying to talk to Don prior to Don pitching a game and Don would say “Don’t talk to me Willie!”

  6. raysrenegade

    Always great to see how some players react when they see old teammates.
    Some get down right giddy, while others just play it coy and cool on the field.
    Great that you got both reactions in photos.
    Merlin Olsen, still can’t believe we lost another gentle giant.
    Great post.
    Your brother did real good for you in Fantasy, but then he had a great set of players for his first pick….We were all jealous of him.

    Rays Renegade

  7. bluedog98

    Dear Emma, great pictures and good to see Pierre, Ethier and Kemp together again, Pierre will be missed here !, You know he is my favorite baseball player.

  8. crzblue2

    Love those serious man hugs! and you are right! they make great pictures!
    Love to watch the boys get giddy but get all serious when the games starts. I was proud of brother Vic! He did good! He kept me posted.
    Glad you enjoyed those pics!
    So good to read you again. Interesting about the ice cream. I will check it out. Noone should be denied the pleasure of having ice cream at the stadium. My friend Uni collects all the little helmets from every ballpark. I am surprised she did not mentioned this to me as she and her hubby have been there. Thanks Nao!

  9. nao

    I love these pictures! I cans see how both players and fans are enjoying Spring Training games!

    BTW, I’ve got to know an interesting project going on here:
    This is a movement to convince the Baltimore Orioles to offer ice cream helmets at Camden Yards, the only ballpark that is reported to serve no ice cream in plastic helmets. Data on ice cream helmets are still missing from twelve MLB ballparks.
    AL: Comerica Park (Tigers), Kauffman Stadium (Royals), Target Field (Twins), Tropicana Field (Rays)
    NL: Turner Field (Braves), Sun Life Stadium (Marlins), Minute Maid Park (Astros), Miller Park (Brewers), PETCO Park (Padres), AT&T Park (Giants), Busch Stadium (Cardinals)
    If you are interested, have the missing data, or know a friend visiting any of these ballparks, please visit that page and take a look. Thank you!

  10. nao

    Sorry, Miller Park does have ice cream helmets. So data is missing for the following 6 NL ballparks:
    Turner Field (Braves), Sun Life Stadium (Marlins), Minute Maid Park (Astros), PETCO Park (Padres), AT&T Park (Giants), Busch Stadium (Cardinals)

  11. greg1969

    Hey, Emma! I hope you got the e-mail I sent you about 10 days ago. Thanks again!
    My condolences and prayers to Wille Davis’ family.
    I remember Merlin Olsen very fondly. I was too young to watch him with the Fearsome Foursome, but I would have loved to see it–I have seen some of the highlight reels. I still remember watching the Enberg-Olsen broadcasting duo for many years, and I always enjoyed them. I also watched him for years afterward on “Father Murphy”. It was strange to see him in an acting role for a while–I kept expecting Enberg to make a cameo! ;)–but he was a very good actor as well. In both his broadcasting and his acting roles, he personified the “Gentle Giant”–very much in contrast to his playing days.
    Rest in peace, Merlin Olsen, prayers and condolences to his family as well. I will always remember him fondly. I wondered what you (and others in LA) would say or write about his death, so I am glad I saw your entry!
    Take care, Emma! 🙂

  12. crzblue2

    Is always an honor for you to visit my blog. Yes, I saw your email when I was in Arizona. Thank you for reminding me. I did meant to respond Greg! We will miss you in the blogsphere but I hope you will come over when the Red Sox meet my beloved Bums or I can pay you a visit at your forum.
    Is sad to hear about our heros passing away.
    Dodgers were hosting a private memorial for Willie Davis today at 11: am.

  13. crzblue2

    He sure does! WelikeRoy said that those bumps get more painful when is being done with oppossing players. Seeing how big Matt Kemp is, ouch for Pierre!

  14. crzblue2

    Hi Holly,
    Our Juana Soohoo (because of our amazing Dodger photographer Jon Soohoo) aka LuvtheDodgers23 takes very good pictures. I chop peoples head or they come out blurry but every once in a while I find nuts.
    You are probably right. Someone said something good and Andre pointed.
    So how are those Red Sox doing?

  15. TheSmiler

    Nice entry, Emma.

    It’s good to see Juan Pierre went to a contender. He looks sharp in the old school black threads.

  16. angelsgirl012

    I love the hip bump! I think it’s great and entertaining 🙂

    juan pierre is amazing. I’m glad he’s on a team where he can have more playing time. He certainly deserves it! Anyways, those are great pictures! Thanks for sharing as always

  17. crzblue2

    I am glad he went to a contender too and I wish him the best!
    Love the hip bump too Mimi! They look so happy doing that! and they make great pictures with those jumps! Thanks!

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