Metro Bus #4, Next Stop, Opening Day 2010

I have a special guest writing this entry.  This is my good friend Erik.  I have mentioned him on numerous occasions.  Here is a picture when we went to the premiere of the Bluetopia movie:    ::sniff:: thank you my friend!

Bluetopia Erik, Luvthedodgers23 and I.JPG 

 Metro Bus #4, Next Stop, Opening Day 2010

On July 26, 2006, after a game, I was waiting for Metro Bus #4, and I ended-up at Dodgers Opening Day 2010. Yeah, I went that far, but not before stopping at the 2009 NLDS and NLCS, several stops in Arizona, Coors Field in Denver, Colorado, and the telephone booth in Frisco (AT&T Park, I love calling it Frisco ’cause I know they hate it). That day I was waiting for the bus, I met LuvtheDodgers23. It’s really funny how she and I met, we started talking and she recognized me from the Dodgers Forum based on things I said to hear about one of my favorite players, Andre Ethier. Later in the next season, waiting at the same bus stop, I met CrzBlue and her brother, Brother Vic. It turned out that CrzBlue and Brother Vic know Luvthe Dodgers23, as they each have season seats in the Top Deck. I’m glad I take the bus because it’s an experience that’s allowed me meet 3 really special people, and with them, I’ve been on many an adventure.


The first road-trip I ever went on with CrzBlue was to see the Dodgers on September 8 in Frisco. CrzBlue, Brother Vic, and I took Mega Bus, we left L.A. at 11:30pm on Friday and got to Frisco at about 5:30am on Saturday. I don’t think we slept more than 15 minutes the whole way. David Wells pitched for the Dodgers, he pushed a perfect game through 5 1/3 innings. Way to shut those jints down Boomer! His performance and the Dodgers’ win had me and CrzBlue singing “I Love L.A.” at the phone booth–T’was great. It was exciting, it was uncomfortable, it is unforgettable!

CrzBlue, LuvtheDodgers23, and me zooming down I-10 at 95 MPH–is there anything moDodgers street sign .jpgre natural than that? There was one trip to Az when it wasn’t just the three of us. At the end of August 2008, when it looked like the Dodgers’ playoff hopes were dwindling, CrzBlue, LuvtheDodgers23, Brother Vic and I decided to make the trip to Az and take the Dodgers some of our good luck. That was such an amazing trip, with 3 amazing people, to see an amazing team. Sure enough, the Dodgers went on a surge once we got there. I’m glad  LuvtheDodgers23 didn’t run over Brother Vic in front of my house.

Coliseum 2008 Jerry Reuss, Vic, Eric & Emma.jpg 

And then there’s me and CrzBlue in Colorado. Best road-trip ever! Lost luggage, freezing cold, no jackets, hot chocolate, more hot chocolate, singing to Loney, and, of course, saying I love you to that special man…And yes, CrzBlue brought a towel. 

I have been unemployed since June 15, 2009. When the playoffs rolled around this last October, I never would’ve imagined I’d get to the games, but I did, many thanks to LuvtheDodgers23 for that. I’ve been a Season Ticket Holder since July 2006, but this year, being without a job, I haven’t been able to renew. Thanks to CrzBlue, I get to go to Opening Day 2010, and, oh boy, with G-d’s will, CrzBlue and I are going to have fun!


Thumbnail image for Monday 16.jpgYou know, these are 3 really special people in my life, I hope you have special people in your life, too. In addition to what I’ve mentioned, we’ve done many other fun things together…Dodgers 2008 Caravan at Panda Inn (Let’s go Dodgers! I got a shower & couldn’t eat my food), RBI Dinner 2008 (Don’t look at us like that!), Anaheim 2008 (We don’t pay $8 for parking, we pay $10. Come on, we are Dodgers fans!), and  AZ Trip #1 (We’re still waiting for Monday.)


There’s been too many adventures to count, so I’ll just count on them and the Dodgers to make the 2010 Season memorable. They say that L.A. public transportation is very unreliable, but, in my case, I found something very reliable–friendship. If my story/post has a message, it has to be as follows: Ride the bus, make some friends, go places, and for Gawd’s sake, LOVE THE DODGERS.

 Camelback Arizona.

dVic, Lore and Erik.jpg

“If one falls down, his friend can help him up.  But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up!”  -Ecclesiates 4:10

Entry by Erik  


  1. luvthedodgers23

    Thank you so much! I was reading this latest entry and you took me back to so many wonderful memories. The funny thing about that bus ride was that I never take the bus but on my way home from the Dodger game some lady hit my car and it was in the repair shop. I didn’t want to do the rental thing and so we hopped on the bus that day. I remember our first encounter because it was Andre Ethier related. Thanks Erik and Emma! LuvtheDodgers23

  2. crzblue2

    The entry also took me back to so many wonderful memories we have shared together. Thank you to both of you!! I was saying to brother Vic that you don’t even take that bus but it was meant for you to take the bus that day! You know Erik has been talking about writting something related to the bus.
    BTW, you know the trolley is back this year!

  3. crzblue2

    Thank YOU!
    There are a few inside jokes there, “I am just waiting for Monday” Erik and I were having breakfast at the Cheesecake factory in AZ before a game. The waitress made that comment. After she talked more we realized that she was talking about the actual day Monday to watch her team the Cubbies. If was funny that both of us thought she was talking about Rick Monday. So every once in a while we say “I am just waiting for Monday.”

  4. crzblue2

    Thansk Jane! Is wonderful how baseball brings us all together.
    Thanks to Erik!
    And I am sure you do all those things except love the Dodgers.
    Is not as easy riding the bus in LA and to go to Dodger Stadium is a hike from the Sunset(Cesar Chavez) & Innes but so worth it when you start looking at the beginning of our beloved Dodger Stadium!


    It was such a pleasure writing your most recent post…Reliving so many wonderful memories and dreaming about those that are still to come. Thank you so much for experience of contributing to “Crzblue’s Dodger Blue World”, I hope that I can again be a guest writer on your blog. Thanks for everything, Emma!

  6. crzblue2

    Funny that you mentioned my towel! LOL. I guess is like Linus from the Peanut character with his security blanket. I GOT TO HAVE MY TOWEL! LOL.
    Thanks Peter on behalf of Erik!

  7. crzblue2

    Thanks Jen. The picture with the trophy was in 2008 when the Ddogers play an exhbition game agaisnt the Red Sox at the Coliseum to benefit the Dodgers Dream Foundation. and Think Cure. 2008 was the year the Dodgers celelbrated 50 years of being in LA.

  8. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Emma & Erik,
    What an amazing way to establish a friendship! That Metro Bus #4 sounds better than any Trolley ride I’ve ever taken you on.
    : )

  9. dodgerdrei

    That bus stop looks way too familiar, I’ve gotten off there many a times to see our Boys in Blue. And this year we get our shuttle back !!!! How many days ’till Opening Day ? GO DODGERS !!!!!

  10. crzblue2

    Thanks! the three of us have travel many places together locally and away since we met.
    Oh, so you also have taken that bus. We probably crosssed paths walking up the hill. I am also so glad the shuttle is back and I bet a lot of people are also happy.
    Ten days till Opening Day on the road! Go Padilla!
    18 days till Opening Day at Home Go Kershaw!

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