The Cactus League and AMY (Arizona Museum of Youth)

When we went to Mesa to watch the Cubs play against the Dodgers, the game got rainout. 

Spring Training 2010 rain at Hohokam Stadium.jpg

so what did we do?  We headed to the American Museum of Youth (AMY)  a few blocks away (Although we did not know it at the time so we took the long way there.  I think we took the freeway there :-)).

Spring 2010 AMY museum1.jpg 

The Cleveland Indians and the NY Giants were the first ones to set camp in Arizona.  Cleveland Indians owner Bill Veeck convinced NY Giants owner Horace Stoneham to also bring his team to Arizona.  Sounds kinda of Deja vu 

Spring 2010Museum 2.jpg

Did you know that in 1951 the New York Giants and the New York Yankees exchanged Spring Training facilities?   

Spring Amy Museum 3.jpg

The Red Sox also played in the Cactus League.  The price of the program in 1964?  50 cents.

Cactus League Red Sox program .jpg  


 Women Softball teams in the 40’s.  Why was this team called the Cantaloupes Queens?  Because they were sponsored by a Cantaloupe growers.  A young woman named  Rose played with the Queens.  Rose Mofford later became Arizona’s governor!

Spring  2010 AMY museum Girls softball team .jpg

Spring  2010 Rose Mofford.jpg

 Wish I had that 1988 World Series yellow  button when the Oakland A’s faced the Dodgers! Spring 2010 AMY museum .jpg 

The Cubbies who used to play Spring Training in Catalina Island before Mesa, Arizona

Spring AMY museum Cubs window .jpg 

Grapefruit signed by Sammy Sosa in 2007 and then freeze dried. 

Cactus league grapefruit signed.jpg

Chicago Cubs 1954 Spring Training program.  Cost: 15 Cents.  

Cactus League Cubs 1954 Spring Training Program .jpg 

Kids making baseball banners

AMY Arizona Museum of Youth.jpg 

We were glad that we found this museum close to Hohokam Stadium in Mesa!


  1. crzblue2

    Is a great museum for kids. Lots of people there that day because of the rain.
    Well, great! I am glad that you liked the crzblue tour! lol.

  2. crzblue2

    Thanks CB! I put lots of pictures ha? lol. I even had more than that. You would have thought he would have signed a cactus instead of a grapefruit.

  3. kaiserthegreat

    Great post! Looks like a fun place to visit. You should cover more Giants history, you’re good at it! 🙂

  4. crzblue2

    Thanks Kaiser! It was a nice exhibition for both kids and adults! There were some radio calls too that you could play there.
    LOL! I could not help include the Giants in the post since they are so much part of the Cactus League history.

  5. rrrt

    Cool museum, even for non-kids! An autographed grapefruit has to be one of the oddest things I’ve seen. Even though it’s been freeze-dried, it does look a little deformed and flattened out. I just finished a very interesting book about spring training, “Under the March Sun”, by Charles Fountain. Published in 2009, it’s a teensy bit outdated as far as the list in the back of teams’ ST sites through the years, but the stories of how the Cactus League came about, and how Las Vegas tried at one point to coax a few teams to come there for ST are very informative.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  6. crzblue2

    We were so glad that we found the museum and that they had a Cactus League history exhibition.
    that book sounds interesting! I love Baseball history! Thanks for letting me know about this book!

  7. bklyntrolleyblogger

    WOW!! That place is a little gold mine.
    The New York Madison Square Garden? Outstanding!

  8. bluecrewfan

    I didn’t even know that place existed, Emma?? What a great find. You seem to have a nose for everything baseball!

    Quite a gift!

    13 days till Dodgers Stadium Opening day!

    Go BLUE!


  9. devilabrit

    they say you learn something new everyday and I think I got a weeks worth or more here, the grapefruit is weird but still one of a kind, cool stuff… Now did you actually take an umbrella to Arizona or is that a sun shade doubling as an umbrella?


    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  10. kristyr

    Hey Emma!
    Thanks for the kind words. My mom is one of the nicest, sweetest people and it rubbed off on me. I could use the money of the ticket but I also realize the economy is bad right now. I love going to games & hopefully giving my tickets away when I can’t make it can spread the love.
    I’m glad you had a great time in pittsburgh & people treated you well. Are you planning a trip back anytime soon?

    Your trip to the museum looked like so much fun! I’m glad you had a good time (minus the rain). Goodluck this year. I love the dodgers too, so im rooting for them.


  11. crzblue2

    I did not know they played softball in Madison Square Garden!
    Neither did I! It was a nice surprise for me! It was a nice surprise for us and the many that made the trip there after the rainout. They said they had a lot of people that day!
    12 days till Opening Day! I will be there tonight for the exhibition with the Tribe!
    Me too! I learned a lot that day and as a result i read more about afterwards about the Cactus league.
    The forecast said rain before we left Cali so I was prepared with the umbrella. Just wished I would have taken my Dodger blue raincoat too.
    You are so welcome Kristy! You are making some fans very happy! Not planning a trip this year but I do want to go back! Maybe next year? Good luck to your Pirates!

  12. bluedog98

    Nice pictures Emma, I envy you that you get to go to to spring training !. But someday I will go probably next year , by the way the boys are back in town !.

  13. crzblue2

    Isn’t that grapefruit just crazy! I mean to have it signed first and preserved!
    Hey Bluedog! Thanks! Indeed the boys are back in town! I bet Nancy Bea plays that tonight! Come with us to Spring Training next time!

  14. crzblue2

    No time for another entry until tomorrow. I am trying to leave a little earlier to take the new shuttle from Union station that taks you to Dodger Stadium.
    I can’t wait to be at our beloved Lady of Chavez Ravine !
    We face the Indians in the exhibition game!

  15. raysrenegade

    That was one of the most enjoyable history lessons I have ever witnessed on paper.
    I love the old program cover with the girl on horseback getting the attention of the player….and it was .50 cents Wow!
    And I was laughing hard at the grapefruit signed by ex-Cubbie Sammy Sosa.
    You would have thought they would have made him sign a cactus since it was the “Cactus League”.
    Great entry and one of my favorites from you. Thank you for taking me on a historical walk…It was fun.

    Rays Renegade

  16. crzblue2

    Absolutely you can copy that picture for your scrapbook.
    You are so welcome for the online historical walk 😉
    I have not had a chance for another entry here. I am so busy! Anyway, I got an eye doctor’s appointment this morning and then the early 1:p.m. game which as you might know I like to get there as soon as the gates open.

  17. angelsgirl012

    wow that’s too bad that it got rained out but what fun you had at the museum! I personally love museums so the pictures are just great! Esp the freeze dried grape fruit signed by Sammy Sosa. That is really cool!

    I’m glad you had fun 🙂

  18. crzblue2

    I love museums too! Museums, old libraries, old buildings with history. And if is related to baseball, even better!

  19. ronlang44

    I just checked this out today. I have yet to go to Arizona for Spring Training. I have been to Florida several times though, but I”ve yet to make the venture out west to see my Cubs play. When I do, I will definitely check out the museum. Thank you for sharing this post.


  20. crzblue2

    Well, Ron, you reminded me of this from your post so thank you for that! it was nice seeing those pictures again and reminding me of that day. It was a cold rainy day but many of us made the best of it.
    I just checked out the museum and they have have some neat stuff for this year. I’ll post it in my next entry.

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