Happy Easter. Happy Opening Day

I was like a kid awaiting the games at Dodger Stadium.   We have a new shuttle bus that takes us from Union Station to our happy place that is Our Lady of Chavez Ravine, Dodger Stadium!   I found out from Josh Rawitch, Dodger Vice President of Communication that indeed the shuttle bus started on Thursday when the Dodgers met the Indians in the first exhibition game.  

Here are my friends Oscar and Jesse (Azul4life) posing infront of one of the busses.   So good to see you guys again this year!

  April 2010 Oscar and Jesse at shuttle bus.jpg

It was great greeting security guards, ushers and just everyone that works at Dodger stadium and of course my fellow Dodger fan friends!

Thursday night, Matt Kemp signed my copy of Maple Street Press Dodgers 2010 Annual!  I highly recomend the magazine!

April 2010 Maple Street Press Magazine.jpg

The second game was at Angel Stadium Friday night so I just watched it on TV.  Took this picture from the TV

April 2010 Dodger fan at Angel Stadium .jpg


Saturday’s game was back at Dodger Stadium at 1:p.m.  Here is Tony Jackson who used to be the Dodger beat writer for the Daily News.  He now works for ESPN Los Angeles!  I am so glad you are back covering the Dodgers Tony!

Here is Josh Rawitch, Dodgers VP of Communications.  April 2010 Josh Rawitch.jpg

Here is Ken Levine, the other part of the duo of Dodger Talk. 

April 2010 Ken Levine.jpg

And here I am with the Chipmunks!  

April 2010 Chipmunks .jpg

We lost the exhibition games, but we had fun!   Erik and I greeted Vin Scully! 

During the game, my friend Erik asked me if I wanted to go to the LA Cathedral for Easter Vigil so after the game, I dropped him and one hour later went to pick him up. 

While we were wating for the Easter Vigil to start and while enjoying a cup of coffee, we scanned donors names here.   Notice you can see the freeway below and that building across is a high school.  

Los Angeles Cathedral.jpg

We ran into Sandra and Vin Scully as part of the names of donors!

See the name before Vin? Eli Broad was in the running to buy the Dodgers when the McCourts were buying the team. 

Los Angeles Cathedral donors.jpg

Here is also Mr. & Mrs. Peter O’Malley. 

Los Angeles Cathedral .jpg

Did you know that Gregory Peck final resting place is the Los Angeles Cathedral Mausoleum?


The lighting of the Easter candle and the blessing of the fire at the Easter fire hearth on Cathedral Plaza.

Los Angeles Cathedral Easter Vigil .jpg

The oldest one being baptized was this 83 year old man.   

Los Angeles Cathedral.jpg

Although I am Catholic, that was the first time I attended an Easter Vigil.   It is a wonderful ceremony that I hope to attend every year.  

Happy Easter everyone!

Happy Opening Day!

I am super excited to start another season!   Now is for reals!  Let the games begin! 

Let’s go Dodgers!

Let’s go Vicente Padilla! 



  1. bluecrewfan

    Again Emma….you are a Dodger magnet! Wow…lol…only you would find that at the LA Cathedral!

    Great to see Tony as usual….always a class act, and a kind word.

    I am SO ready for Opening Day….like the kid on the night before going to DisneyWorld… ” I’m too excited to sleep!”

    Go Blue!



  2. crzblue2

    LOL Rob!
    We started going thru all the names and then there it was! Vin Scully’s name starting at us!! And Peter O’Malley! :-).
    I was so glad that Tony was back covering the Dodgers!
    Isn’t wonderful! We should have “T’was the night before Opening Day! Hey! that is an idea! Maybe for the Home Opener!
    Let’s Go Blue!
    Thanks! I always carry my camera everywhere. I guess is like you with the flix which I want to get me one!

  3. bigideas

    I want to hate you but you’re such a good baseball fan. I still wish your team many defeats and pulled hamstrings.

    Happy Opening Day. This is my favorite day of the year.


    The Three Bs

    “The $200 French Fries”


  4. devilabrit

    Emma – terrific pics… love the chipmunks visit to the stadium… it all counts from here and we can official say our teams have a better record than the Yankees…..:-)

    Trust you had no ill effects from the quake last night…

    Phillies Outside

  5. crzblue2

    Is healthy to hate between a Giant fan and a Dodger fan! Grrr….
    Is my favorite time of the year too! We can agree on that!
    Happy Opening Day!
    I got dizzy from the earquake. It was weird ’cause it usually makes noise but not this time. It was a swaying back and forth. Just kept seeing a chandelier sway back and forth. Thanks for asking!
    Is the most wonderful time of the year!

  6. crzblue2

    Is not a snuggie but an overall. I don’t know if is handmade or you can buy them that way. The Angel fan is also wearing one. I thought it was hilarious.

  7. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Our Lady of Chavez Ravine….I like that!
    You lend a lot of class to those Chipmunks.

  8. irishsoxkid19

    That’s pretty cool. The Easter vigil mass is amazing!! It’s hard to explain the magic to those who have never been to one. Matt Kemp is a great ballplayer and that’s cool that you have his autograph. As for Alvin and Co… I gotta say they looked good in LA blue!!

  9. crzblue2

    I was at two churches on Saturday. At Our Lady of Chavez Ravine and at the LA Cathedral!
    I am so glad that I attended the vigil mass. From now it will be a tradition for me to go every year. I usually just do the Sunday mass.
    Kemp was sweet that day. Well, he is always sweet. the kids at the stadium were so happy there posing for pictures with the Chipmunks!
    Yeah, we are getting beat again by the Pirates. I wonder if Padilla’s forearm was bothering him again.

  10. raysfanboy

    Hope you had a great Easter. Sounds like you did.

    I don’t know which pic I love more. The one of Kemp’s signature (I admit, I got a little man-crush on the guy–fantasy baseball wise, of course!) or the one of you with the Chimpmunks!


  11. crzblue2

    I hope you had a great Easter, Mine was great, but one thing I did not mention in my post is that while holding my candle inside the Cathedral, I did not noticed that the paper that goes in the middle caught on fire. Once I noticed it I started to try to blow it off but the flame kept getting bigger, then I tried to put it off with the program and it started catching on fire too. I panicked so I threw it on the floor and stomped on it until the fire was off. It was embarrassing. Luckly it was dark so not many people saw me, only my friend that was helping me put it out.
    Oh and Raysfanboy, I wish I had Kemp in my baseball fantasy team. I do have Ethier though.
    who knows who was underneath those masks. I know they had to hold on to them while they were going down the stairs.

  12. kristyr

    What a crazy game yesterday! Did you get a chance to watch it? I never ever thought the Pirates were going to win 11-5! It was a very nice belated bday present and a great opening day game for the city of pittsburgh. Stinks for everyone in LA though. Wed and thurs should good games as well!

  13. crzblue2

    I did not get a chance to see it since I was at work, but I was following a game thread and gameday. crazy, crazy game. I’ll be listening Wednesday and Thursday. I wont get home until the games are over.

  14. mattpeas

    I was surprised as anybody about our offensive surge yesterday. the Dodgers have become my second favorite NL team. the players and tradition are simply great. me and a buddy went down to the dodgers dugout pregame in the hunt for autogrpahs. i came away empty handed but my friend nabbed James Loney on a ball. it was pandomonium but Loney took time to sign for a lot of people. Eitheir and Manny just walked by as little kids (and myself) shouted for their attention.

    i hope the rest of the series is exciting!

  15. crzblue2

    I am so glad that James Loney was nice and signed for a lot of kids and your friend. He is really nice, just shy. Sorry about Ethier and Manny.
    Looking forward to Wednesday’s game.

  16. theheirloom

    Hi Emma – just catching up here as usual. Good for Metro to resurrect bus service to Chavez Ravine! I remember the old bus that ran along Spring Street to the stadium. It was one of those 1950’s GM buses without air conditioning – a bad choice for going there in the summer! Then, getting home, we slept on the 35/424 from running after it on Hill Street. Good times, indeed!

    And, wait, is that a chipmunk donning Manny’s bandanna and braids – with glasses?!? Ay!

    Here’s to a great Home Opener in Chavez Ravine!


  17. angelsgirl012

    I watched the exhibition game from my tv šŸ˜€

    haha that is a very interesting onesie šŸ˜‰ Very daring to wear it to a ballgame too haha. Definitely made me laugh. Ooh chipmunks! So cute! I watched both movies with my cousins


  18. crzblue2

    Hey Randy!
    Opening Day tomorrow! I am so excited!!!
    The Metro service is going to help so much! In the summer is quite a hike going up the hill from Sunset and Innes.
    haha The chipmunk with the Manny bandana and braid looked great! I can tell you that all the kids enjoyed the chipmunks and they had their opportunity to take pictures with them!
    there was an Angel with a onesie and he walks to the Dodger fan with that onesie! That was so funny! Yeah, very daring.
    I have not watch the chipmunks movie yet but I can tell you all the kids were having fun and they were being patient posing for pictures.

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