Let’s Get the W with Kershaw on the Mound!

I hear from several fans that they will stop going to games because of status of the Dodgers concerning the ownership but for me…

I am not willing to miss seeing Kemp, Ethier, Loney, Kershaw, Billz, Broxton and Russell, my favorites! Nope, I am not going to miss hearing Vin Scully at the games.

There is no better sound than when I walk inside Dodger Stadium and I listen to Nancy Bea in the background while I walk over to the bullpen area and I hear the sound the ball is making as it hit the mitt. The boys in Blue on the field hitting BP and the pitchers in the outfield catching some baseballs.

Vin already made my day last Sunday by smiling and waiving at my friend Erik and I when we greeted him and wished him to have a happy Easter.

Nope, no matter what, I will be at the stadium, day in and day out. Is is my happy home, it is my home away from home.

There is Sandy Koufax on this picture walking to the field. He is also on the big screen.

Dodgers Stadium Sandy Koufax.jpg 

When I am at Dodger Stadium and I look to the field and then take the rest of the view from there with the mountains in the background, all is right with the world.

Yeah, there will be some games that I will be cursing under my breath, but they will others that will be exhilarating and no better way to share those moments than with my friends at the stadium.

Let the second game begin in Pittsburgh! We got 22-year old Clayton Kershaw going this evening.


For those giving Joe Torre a hard time for starting Padilla for the Opener on the road, I say to them, did you hear what Vin Scully said ? If you did not, here it is:

“In Showbiz you would say you are opening a big musical and you would say “Padilla, you are singing the lead in Hartford, Connecticut.  And you would say “Kershaw, you are singing the lead on Broadway.” “

Play Ball!

I love my Dodgers!


  1. crzblue2

    So good to read you here! I am afraid our boy Kershaw did not start well. I am about to signoff work and listen to my radio on my way home on the train.

  2. padres2050

    I admire your support of your team. However your rotation leaves a lot to be desired and I would never have started someone like Padilla who just got shot in the offseason, in such an important game. He looked horrible in his game against the Royals last week. I don’t see anyone who is stepping up for you as even Kershaw who is supposedly the next ace had no control in last night’s game. We are only a few games into the season but I think your starting pitching has more question marks than any team in our division. And you’re right the ownership and divorce stuff should not get in the way of enjoying the team.

  3. padres2050

    p.s. also you mentioned not hearing Vin Scully at the games but isn’t he only on for 3 innings? So those who are staying home would actually get to hear him more. 🙂

  4. crzblue2

    that is right! I am not going to allow that to hinder the enjoyment of the game!
    Garret Jones. I was remembering Pedro Martinez when he said “Who the h*ll is Karim Garcia” Still laugh about that one. Well, we sure know who Garrett Jones is.
    Runner on third with no outs and we didn’t score. Grrrr.. Hope Billinglsey get the W on this getaway day.
    Here we are relying on the bullpen so early in the season. I love what Sandy Koufax said at the Safe At home Foundation event “A quality start is when you shake hands with your catcher.”
    I am OK with starting Padilla on the road Opener and Kershaw at home. Like Vin said, Opening at Home is like Opening on Broadway! I think the pitching ran into a snag, but they will be fine. I am not panicking with only two games played.
    I always take my radio to the stadium and listen to Vin for the first three innings then I might switch to the Spanish station for Jaime, Pepe and Fernando or stay with Charlie Steiner and Rick Monday but if you are in the elevator or close to a television or the restroom, you hear Vin on tV. Yeah, that is what I miss about being at home, listening to VIn for the entire game. What is worst is when I go to San Diego, SF, AZ and I can’t listen to Vin.

  5. crzblue2

    Yes, that is the view from my seats! A great view and great friends sitting all around me! That was Opening Day in 2008 when all the living Dodgers that play for the Dodgers were invited! It was an awesome Opening act.

  6. cpompe1

    Hey Emma!
    Can’t stay long, but unfortunately I’m not going to be able to make it on opening day. I got a job! Now now, before you go getting all excited, it’s temporary. I’ll be working with the Census people again and I start tomorrow. My son will be going to the game on Tuesday with my mom. I’ll catch up with ya later…

  7. crzblue2

    Yeah! I was getting excited that you got a job. Ok, so is only temporary. A permanent will follow or you businees will flourish. Have faith CP!
    Isn’t beatiful! I love it there! Hey our boy Ethier is sidelined with a sore ankle. Poor baby.
    There are more ups than downs. We Live for this! I love it!

  8. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Yea, the feeling all is right in the world…That’s it! I watched the Pitt/LA game today. Nice to hear Vin again.
    That’s a great shot of the Stadium!

  9. hardcore1

    bklyntrolleyblogger ,

    Vin was not on the Pitt/LA game today? I thought he doesn’t travel east of the Rockies. If you heard him it must have been your imagination.

  10. padres2050

    @ Crzblue – what do you mean you can’t hear Vin in San Diego? I hear him every time we play you guys. Would rather than listen to our guys.

  11. crzblue2

    Maybe you heard a promo ’cause Vin does not travel east of the Rockies.
    Yeah, it could have been or just a promo. They have those. I was at work so I could no watch the game and was relying on gameday and game threads.
    I can’t hear KABC the Dodger Flagstation in San Diego. Maybe away from Petco Park you can hear him for the first three innings?

  12. angelsgirl012

    hahaha nice comment from Mr Scully! 😀

    Glad that you are sticking to your team no matter what! The team needs the fans to be loyal esp. with all the trouble going on with the ownership 😦

    Yay for kershaw! i’m a fan 😉


  13. crzblue2

    Thanks Mimi! Got to stick with the young guys! I am so excited about Opening Day tomorrow! And yes, win or lose they ARE MY BUMS!

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