Celebrating 55 Years since 55 at the Dodgers Home Opener

The day was finally here! The Dodgers Home Opener!   I could hardly sleep the night before of the excitment!  This IS CHRISTMAS FOR ADULTS!!

My friend Erik and I have planning for this day getting our costumes together.   Erik was dressed as  Willard Mullin’s Brooklyn Bum and I as superfan Hilda Chester.    

apr 1310 eande2.jpg 

I was hoping to have a video that my brother Vic was recording but I don’t know how to put it here and it got to be too late.   Wish you could see my friend’s feet.  He cut one of his shoes to really look like a bum and I am wearing sox with shoes like pictures I have seen of Hilda.  

If you don’t know who Hilda Chester was, look it up!  She is even in the Baseball Hall of Fame.


Thumbnail image for Hilda Chester statue.jpg 

Complain.   A security guy at Dodger Stadium in the field level was following us around make sure that we turned our bags (they were bags where we put stuff like our radio, magazine)  inside out.   He did not want what we wrote about to show.   What is wrong with what it says!???    “This IS Next Year”   “Hilda is Here!”     Security guy (I think his name is Guy) should have been more concern with fans (guys and women)that were drinking too much. I won’t go into some detail of some disgusting things I saw).   I know no signs are permitted at Dodger Stadium but these are bags Erik’s mom made for us!   I also took off the inside of my cowbells so I was not making any noise.    

WE WON!   We won 9=5!  

Manny went yard!

Beadrless Casey Blake went yard!

Matt Kemp went Yard!   His GF was at the game.  

Andre Ethier went Yard!

 I have more pictures but super busy at work because I took the day off yesterday!  Note:  I started this entry last night at home and just finished it off today.   Thank you all for reading!    


  1. thinkingblue

    Customs were hillarious! LOL You both looked great. It sucks that they made you turn your “BAG” inside out. I’m surprise they don’t make people wearing t-shirs with words on, turned them inside out! I see nothing wrong with what you did! No profanity what-so-ever! But glad our Dodgers won and you had a great time! GO DODGERS!

  2. crzblue2

    Thanks Rosie! Yeah, we have seen t-shirts that they should not be allowed and what our bags said was nothing wrong. I bet he did not know that it was related to the history of the Brooklyn Dodgers. We were so glad that the Dodgers won! and it was such a beautiful day!

  3. Jane Heller

    I love that you dressed as Hilda – the original she-fan!!!! Sounds like it was a great day, made even better because the Dodgers won. As for the security guy, every now and then you get a grump. Glad you didn’t let him spoil your time.


  4. thinkingblue

    Yup he probably did not know who the characters were. I honestly did not know but hey I learned something new. Right after I read your message I googled the charaters. LOL!

  5. bklyntrolleyblogger

    I’m uh…..a little choked up right now! You guys looked beautiful!
    No really Emma! This is right up there with Peanut. Better. Brings a tear to my eye. I want to share this pic with every one I know who is still a living Brooklyn Dodgers fan. I want to share it with all 2.5 million people who call Brooklyn HOME. You’re the best Hilda ever. Now get outta here ya BUM before you make me cry! Ya Bum!
    mike BTB

  6. crzblue2

    Glad you liked this! My friend Erik and I had a lot of fun putting together the costumes. I had to research what Hilda’s button said and made one like she sported. I also had an Ebbets Field pin. It was one I found at Vero Beach post office a few years back.

  7. devilabrit

    Love the Hilda dress up choice for opening day… glad your guys won… now the seasons really underway, everyones home opener is done we can get on with real baseball…. the Brooklyn Bum could have probably made enough to pay for his ticket had he sat outside the turnstiles long enough, he looked pretty good in his bum outfit…LOL

    Phillies Outside

  8. rosee

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  9. crzblue2

    Thanks Peter,
    The Brooklyn Bum has been unemployed since last year so yeah he could have done that. You should have seen his shoes all torn…well, if you look at the original picture of the Brooklyn bum, he looked just like t hat with holes in his shoes showing his toes.
    LOL Jeff. Thanks pal!
    Sorry you had to experience that. OMG! that person ruined it for so many people around you. There was a woman in one of the bathrooms throwing up. they closed that section and then her boyfriend went inside to get her.

  10. raysrenegade

    Hilda Chester is the patron Saint of the Rays Cowbell movement.
    If it wasn’t for her action at old Brooklyn Dodger games, then the cowbell might only be found among those big hefty moo-moos out on the grassy knolls.
    Loved the costume, and I hope you annoyed a few people with those cowbells….hehehehehe.
    That was a great idea with the costumes. Sorry you had to silence your cowbell, but it is your First Amendment Right to Free Speech according to a local Tampa Bay attorney….Guess it is a Rays thing past down by Hilda via the Silver Streak Amtrack train.

    Rays Renegade


  11. crzblue2

    Happy Jackie Robinson Day Mike!
    I got around that by recording the cowbell noise on my cellphone. πŸ˜‰

  12. bluecrewfan

    AWESOME COSTUMES!……Do you do that every year, Emma?
    They should have put you both on the Big Screen….instead of that tiring old act, ” The wanna be actor/Journey lip sync-er guy” , that they keep showing.
    Opening day was the best!
    Go Blue!


  13. crzblue2

    This is the first year we do this. We thought about doing it if they were still in the playoff last year.
    Opening Day are always the best! I love them!
    Go Dodgers!

  14. dodgerdrei

    Those are cool outfits that you and your friend donned. You really look the part of Hilda. To bad that Dbag security guard didn’t understand. I’m glad you enjoyed my opening day pics. I do indeed plan to share the ” THIS AND THAT ” features this year, the one with Matt Kemp on Opening Day was really funny.
    GO DODGERS !!!!


  15. crzblue2

    Thanks! Some fans did not understand our outfits but that is OK, they can learn.
    One usher in the Reserved level working directing traffic from the elevator asked me to explain my outfit to him. I told him and then I said googled and tomorrow tell me something about Hilda Chester that will let me know you read about her.
    Following day he sees me and he said with a Brooklyn accent “Emma! ” “Eat Your Heart out ya Bums!” It was funny! I gave him a thumps up! That was a saying by Hilda.

    Looking forward to your next post.

  16. rrrt

    Ridiculous that the security guy equated your bags to signs – in that case, a t-shirt is more of a “sign” than a bag. It’s not like you were waving them around interfering with other fans. Like you said, obviously someone not familiar with the history of the Dodgers. Nonetheless, you got to see a win on a beautiful sunny day!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  17. crzblue2

    You got that right, a t-shirt is more of a sign. Is not that I am advertising for me or selling t-shirts like some other t-shirts I’ve seen. Yes, it was a beautiful day and a great win. Hope we beat the Jints tonight!

  18. theheirloom

    Gee, you’d think Dodger Stadium security would be concerned about other things! Don’t they realize that Dodger fans also honor the past (before moving West, nonetheless) and are willing to show their passion?

    Anyway, love the costumes, Emma! Way to show Dodger fans that their history continues to be a rich one and that the Brooklyn years weren’t just a set of faded photos!

    New sign: “Emma is Here!” πŸ™‚


  19. crzblue2

    LOL about the sign. A friend, after seeing my picture on facebook, sent me the picture of Hilda with the sign and he superimposed my face in there and updated the sign to read “Emma is Here” lol.

  20. vapeless

    10/10 for authenticity and being a great Dodger fan, to “Our Bums” of LA. Love to catch a beer with you sometime, and take in some ball of base.. Keep up the great work!! πŸ˜€ Best chick Dodger fan ever! Single? ;p

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