Society for American Baseball (SABR) Convention

Dodgers lost 1-0.  Billingsley pitched well.  We lost the series with the Nats,  Weaver, Manny and Padilla went on the DL on this trip.  Dodgers go to to New York where the Mets are playing well.  

I am a little depressed so I need to write about something else

In January, I became a member of the society for American Baseball Research (SABR).   Reading the Spring 2010 Newsletter I see the annual convention will be in Atlanta.  I never been to Atlanta. atlanta2.jpg

 This convention (their 40th) sounds like a lot of fun.   Here are some highlights

SABR 40 Events

Wednesday, August 4

Turner Field Ballpark Tour – time TBD

Tour cost is $6 per person. This is the only day we will host group tours of Turner Field. Limited availability

Thursday, August 5

1:00 p.m. Ballparks of the Southern Association I

An impressive lineup of panelists will offer a series of presentations on the history, evolution, and demise/preservation of various Southern Association ballparks. These include Russwood Field in Memphis; Rickwood Field in Birmingham, and Pelican Field in New Orleans.

2:30-7:30 p.m. Visit to Ty Cobb Museum and Gravesite, Royston, GA

(pending sufficient pre-registration)
Event fee is $19 and includes round-trip bus transportation and museum admission.  The museum is located approximately a 75-minute drive from metro Atlanta. The mission of the Ty Cobb Museum is to foster education and understanding to the broadest possible audience of Tyrus Raymond Cobb. The museum fosters education and understanding of baseball and Ty Cobb by providing art and memorabilia, film, video, books, and historical archives. The museum also houses the Franklin County Sports Hall of Fame. Charter inductees are Cobb, 1943 A.L. MVP Spud Chandler, Pro Bowl lineman Tony Jones, and All-American quarterback Dee Dowis

Ty Cobb is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery in Royston, GA.

8:00 p.m. Signs of the Time (2009)

Screening of the documentary Signs of the Time including discussion and commentary with producer Ray Manard. This one-hour documentary discusses the origination of umpire hand signals, with significant emphasis on the careers of Dummy Hoy and Bill Klem.

Friday, August 6

9:00 a.m. Presentation by National Archives & Records Administration, Morrow, GA

10:00 a.m. 1990s Braves .Worst to First. Era Panel

Moderated by former Braves play-by-play man Pete Van Wieren. Potential guests include Bobby Cox, Mark Lemke, Ron Gant, and Tom Glavine.

1:00 p.m. Ballparks of the Southern Association II

Includes presentations on the history, evolution, and demise/preservation of Sulphur Dell in Nashville, Engel Field in Chattanooga, and Ponce de Leon Park in Atlanta.

7:35 p.m. Braves vs. Giants, Turner Field

Round-trip bus to Turner Field is $15. The stadium is approximately two miles from the hotel. Public buses, taxis, and walking are also viable options.

You have two ticket options:

  • Center field pavilion seats are $48 each. Cost includes game ticket and unlimited hamburgers, veggie burgers, hot dogs, French fries, nachos, frozen treats, soda, Coca-Cola, and water.
  • Field reserve seats (third base side) are $33 each. Cost includes $10 coupon to spend on concessions or merchandise.

We will have more information online on getting to the game soon.

Saturday, August 7

9:30 a.m. Discussion of Shoeless Joe Jackson with sportswriter Furman Bisher

Furman Bisher is a retired sports columnist for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, where he once served as sports editor, and a columnist for The Sporting News. Bisher wrote for Sports Illustrated, The Saturday Evening Post, and many other national publications. His final column for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution was published in the print version of the October 11, 2009, Sunday paper.

12-3:00 p.m. Awards luncheon, Keynote Speaker John Schuerholz

Luncheon cost is $33 (choice of blackened chicken or tilapia) John Schuerholz is president of the Atlanta Braves. Before joining the Braves in 1990, he spent 22 years with the Kansas City Royals, where he was farm director, Scouting Director, Assistant GM, and General Manager. He was the Braves GM until 2007, when he left the post to become team president. Schuerholz has a reputation for building strong farm systems and championship teams. Among the teams he has built are the world champion 1985 Royals and 1995 Braves. His teams have won their division 15 times. Schuerholz shared the inside life of a GM in his 2006 book Built to Win. He is the only General Manager in baseball to win a World Series championship in both leagues.

The luncheon honors the winners of the McFarland-SABR Award, the Sporting News-SABR Award, and SABR’s highest honor, the Bob Davids Award.

2:45 p.m. Visit to Joe Jackson Museum and Greenville Drive baseball game, Greenville, SC

(pending sufficient registration)
Cost is $29 and includes round-trip bus transportation, admission to the Joe Jackson Museum, and one ticket to the Rome Braves at Greenville Drive minor league game. (Class A, South Atlantic League. Rome Braves are Atlanta Braves Class A affiliate. Greenville Drive are Boston Red Sox Class A affiliate.)

In 2006, the home of Joe Jackson was dismantled, moved three miles, and reassembled in the historic west end of Greenville, South Carolina. The house was deeded to the Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum and Library Foundation in July 2007. The museum held its grand opening and dedication on June 21, 2008. The new house number is 356 – also Jackson’s lifetime batting average.

3:00 p.m. New Technologies in Baseball, panel moderated by Alan Nathan

Learn more about Pitch/Hit/Field FX and Trackman

7:30 p.m. Ty Cobb, a one-man play by Norm Coleman

Sunday, August 8

9:00 a.m. The Research Process: Seymour Medal Winners Panel

Dorothy Seymour Mills and local member Ken Fenster will co-moderate .Trials and Tribulations of the Research Process: A Panel Discussion with Recent Recipients of the Seymour Medal.. This panel will focus on the creative processes and problems involved in seeing a research project all the way through from conception to execution to publishing a final product. Participants will draw on their experiences with their award-winning works and their current research.

9:00 a.m. Visit to Rickwood Field, Birmingham, AL

(pending sufficient registration)
Cost is $27 and includes round-trip bus transportation and ballpark admission/tour. Rickwood Field is the oldest surviving professional baseball park in the United States. It was built for the Birmingham Barons in 1910 by industrialist and team owner Rick Woodward and has served as the home park for the Birmingham barons and the Birmingham Black Barons of the Negro Leagues. The field has been used for minor league affiliates, spring training, and football games.  Since 1992, the ballpark has been under the care of the Friends of Rickwood, who are trying to restore the facility to its former glory. The field now hosts frequent amateur, police and semi-pro games and is open to visitors and tours.

 More information here 

Dodgers are home but I am seriously thinking about attending my first SABR convention.  Registration for members is $119 and $149 for non-members before July 4th.  Registration, under 18 is free with registered adults.   Also SABR has a negotiated rate of $129/nite plus tax  with Sheraton Atlanta.     


  1. crzblue2

    Is sound like a lot of fun. Wish it was the Dodgers I’d be watching at Turner Field but that is OK, I cn boo the Jints.

  2. crzblue2

    You get to go also to Greenville, Al to the Joe Jackson museum, Birmingham, AL for the Rickwood Field It was built for the Birmingham Black Barrons in 1910.
    Anyone can join. I saw that they had a booth at the All-Star game in San Francisco. I took some flyer and a newsletter and I’ve been reading about them so this year I joined.

  3. devilabrit

    Everyone has there own opinions of Atlanta, I will retain mine since they are from the late 80’s early 90’s… however I am sure traveling somewhere sounds good just to forget about the series against Washington… and I had a number of west coast fans telling me they wished they had the Nats 18 times a year…LMAO…:-)

    Phillies Outside

  4. crzblue2

    Oh Jeff,
    This is not about stats. To me is about baseball and its history. Is about visiting Joe Jackson museum, where the Black Barrons played, Ty Cobbs museum and gravesite…well, maybe I’ll see Stats Zombies at that gravesite. Ok, I’ll watch for the stats zombies. But I think this trip is more about the baseball history and the human part and that is what I like.
    I have a road trip to San Diego to see my Bums in May, then Fenway park in June. July hopefully I get a ticket to the All-Star and maybe this trip to the SABR in August. September and October? Well, we will C.

  5. samking12

    What do you think about the Dodgers’ problems? Why are they so inattentive and don’t seem to have anything together. No consistent pitching, a good start every few days, no consistent bullpen and then can’t hit when they do get good pitching. Most concern is about the errors. They are only 3 games back but need to do something before it gets out of hand.

  6. raysrenegade

    I have a Rays friendnamed Bill who definitely will be at that convention. He has been to everyone of them he could get his hands on because of the great baseball discussions and he is definitely getting me something from the “Shoeless Joe” Museum.
    I am a huge “Shoeless” fan and even have a signed copy of the appeal drafted by Bob Feller and Ted Williams to have “Shoeless ” Joe Jackson reinstated so he could take his place in the Baseball Hall of Fame.
    I recommend that if you can swing it….to definitely go to the convention.
    And if you love to bask in the sun, the CF pavilion seats will get you a healthy glow before you travel back to see your Blue play again.

    Rays Renegade

  7. dodgerlodger

    Emma, I’ve been to Atlanta a couple of times with a library conference. The first time, the ATL home team was playing at Atlanta-Fulton County, and they were vs. the Dodgers! I took public transportation to the ballpark and it seemed like half the people on the bus were wearing Dodger Blue!

    The second time ATL had moved into The Ted. It was right after Gary Sheffield [who’s one of the few Dodger players I will boo] went to them. We sat in right field, and a fly ball came at GS. He dropped it – E-9!

    If you have time, visit the World of Coca-Cola and Underground Atlanta.

    See you at the ballpark – GO DODGERS!


  8. crzblue2

    Our pitching is in shambles. I am very optimistic with Billinsgley’s performance yesterday. Maybe he has gotten it together. You would think that MacDonnalds would be pitching better by now. Belisario with his visa problems did not help. Oh oh 5’O clock. Time for me to start walking to take train home. I’ll follow this later.

  9. bklyntrolleyblogger

    I always had it in the back of my head to go to a convention. Maybe one day. We got rained out tonight Emm!! Tomorrow Fred Wilpon is treating the fans to a godd old fashioned twi-night doubleheader. Two games for the price of one, just the way it used to be. NO Day/Night nonsense. WooHooo! Thinking about taking a day off tomorrow!

  10. crzblue2

    so to continue with my response from yesterday,
    I am very concerned about the pitching. This is a very bad April when we lost series to Pittsburgh, Florida, Cincinnati and Washington. What is going to happen when we match up against better teams like the Yankees and Red Sox? And the errors?!. Oh boy the errors are killing me. Russ and Casey already have 4 each and Furcal 3. Belliard with his limited play already ha 3. I counted 20 errors so far and April is not even over. Hopefully that trend does not continue.

  11. crzblue2

    Rays Renegade,
    Wow! your friend has been to a few of them!? I bet there have been some very good ones! And no, no basking in the sun for me. I’ll be the one hiding from the sun. That is one of the things I love about my season tickets that they are in the shade.
    I heard Marta (or is it Martha) is good public transportation. HAHA about Sheffield. Was he talking to himself after the error? I am curious about that underground. See you at Dodger Stadium! Are you using the shuttle?
    I will defintely talk about it and bring pictures if I go. I hope the potential guests of Bobby Cox and Tom Glavine do happen.
    This wouldl be great for you since your Giants are in town. Defitenly will try to go. Working out some details.


  12. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Double header… Double Ouch… Loney got a little looney and got himself thrown out.
    10-4 7th inn game 2
    I’ve been thinkin all night … you can not be happy!

  13. crzblue2

    When I left work, we had dropped the first one. I went to dinner wih two of my friends from the train and I left the second game tided 3-3. Then before leaving the restaurant, I walked to the cantina and found out we had dropped the second one. Oh no! AND on top of that my Loney got tossed? Not happy at all. Pasame otra margarita :-(.

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