Tough road trip but the boys are back in town!

Dodgers have played 21 games.  Two road trips and one home stand.  This last road trip was a tough one where they went 2-7 against the Reds, Nationals and the Mets.   They got swept by the Mets.   

I felt bad for the Dodger fans that went to see them on the road.   My new neighbors to the right of me in the Top Deck went to see them to Washington DC.   ITD (InsidetheDodgers) blogmates Oldbrooklynfan and Truebluewill who live in New York, went to see the doubleheader.

Thanks Brian for the picture and for letting me know how to put them together!  Truebluewill, crzblue and oldbrooklynfan. 


Say hello to our Dodger fans in New York if you run into them. 

Let’s Go Dodgers, Let’s Go!  Maybe some home cooking will do you good and being back at Our Magic Castle that is Our Lady of Chavez Ravine, Dodger Stadium!

Young Clayton Kershaw (1-0 3:13)on the mound against Pirate Brian Burres (0-1 9.31).     

USC Night and hat giveway tonight to the first 20K fans 

UCLA Night and hat giveway Friday night to the first 20K fans.   

Bluetopia pic5.jpg
Oh and Matt Kemp:   You know we Dodger fans love you!  You have been great with us.  My friends and I appreciate your hussle, how the kids that run the bases imitate you as you are jumping up and down while waiting to take the field.  It looks like you can’t wait for the game to start.  You have been nice to us during BP, at events like Caravans, the Bluetopia premiere.   We LOVE YOU!!!   




  1. kaiserthegreat

    Nice picture at the end there. I like the blue bald guy. He looks like a Star Trek alien. πŸ™‚


    Good post. I like the way you supported Kemp and did not blast Colletti. I thinks the folks on Inside the Dodgers are getting a little carried away. Looks like a couple of them are even writing off the season. I would probably agree McCourt should sell, and would strongly agree about the lack of security, but personally, I don’t think Colletti’s comments were all that terrible. The way things are going, though, it’s become evident he should have kept them in house.

  3. crzblue2

    LOL. Kaiser! He is really a nice guy! He goes to a lot of games and he came out in the Bluetopia movie. He comes out saying “I love this place!” “this is my church!”
    Thanks Knouff!
    If I see Matt, I will tell him the same. He has always been nice to us fans as far as I have seen him at Camelback, at Dodger Stadium and at Dodger events. Wish Colletti would have done behind closed doors.

  4. crzblue2

    I HOPE it never happened again!
    I don’t know why Matt Kemp is ADORABLE! Hey watchout for the GQ magazine in May! HE is in there! The pictures look …well grerreat!
    Hey Mike!
    I hope you do meet OBF! Brook OBF and Truebluewill went to ALL THREE games! the weather looked awful.

  5. bklyntrolleyblogger

    With players getting increasingly more distant from the fans…I’m glad you found a really good guy you can appreciate in Matt Kemp. I’m hoping to meet OBF someday really soon!

  6. raysfanboy

    We only have free hat night for kids. 😦 I saw Kareem’s first pitch on tv. It was pretty baaaaaad. Ethier is the man and Kemp is dominating. If Bills gets his act together the way he did last night, look out!

  7. devilabrit

    Great pic– now was the two-tone blue dude supposed to be in it for effect…. but whats up with the Dodgers, they seem to be suffering like the Phillies only worse… glad its a long season time to gather reality and do some good…

    Phillies Outside

  8. crzblue2

    Friday night was the third hat we get to the first 20K. The USC and UCLA hats are cool and so is the first one we got. Better quality this time. I am glad Kareem was there and he was wearing his #42 jersey that he wore on Jackie’s day.
    Thanks Jenn. I know Kemp will start hitting again sooon, maybe tonight!
    I know Peter. Dodgers are putting us thru some suffering but is early, is early.

  9. angelsgirl012

    *gasp* Matt Kemp! Oh what a doll πŸ˜‰

    He’s doing so well offensively! I’m glad. Although the whole stint with Ned Coletti calling him out defensively and his “lack of hustle” was quite unnecessary πŸ˜› Oh well

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