Saying Goodnight to Vin Scully. MLB Debut for Carlos Monasterios!

Here is Erik and I saying goodnight to Vin Scully after the game! 


Rule 5 Carlos Monasterios makes his MLB debut start today !

Good Luck Monasterios!

Let’s go Dodgers, Let’s go!!


  1. crzblue2

    Yes, Vin is so cute! Like soo many fans, we love listening to him! He is the alltime Dodger great!

  2. bluecrewfan


    As always, you are a Dodger MAGNET!….Its amazing πŸ™‚

    So great to see Vinny rushing to his car. It was freezing that night, I’m sure he just wanted to get to his car and get warm.

    One thing though…I assume he was exiting the Admin/Club level? I don’t recognize the blue canopy. I must not be thinking of the right spot.


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