Get well Dave Roberts. Congrats to DeWitt and Andre Ethier

Best wishes to Dave Roberts who is being treated for lymphoma. Roberts was diagnosed in mid-March and he says the cancer was detected early. He says the prognosis is “good.” He has undergone two rounds of chemotherapy so far.

Roberts played center field in Los Angeles from 2002-04. The former UCLA Bruin hit .262 with 273 hits and 164 runs for the Dodgers. He totaled 118 stolen bases, ranking third in the National League with 45 in 2002 and 40 in 2003. 

I still remember this matchup with the Yankees a few years back at Dodger Stadium when Dave Roberts  doubled and sped all the way home when Matsui misplayed the ball in left field for a two-base error, giving the Dodgers a 5-3 lead in the bottom half. The ball bounced past Matsui on the rubber warning track and he chased it down near the Dodgers’ bullpen.

“I was thinking two. I saw the ball get by him and at that point, I was thinking four,” Roberts said. “There was a lot of silence when I was running and then an eruption when I got to home plate.”

That was exciting watching Roberts get all the way home on that double and error play.   I was at that three game series against the Yankees.  I will be there come June for all three games. 

Get well Roberts!

A big congratulations to Blake DeWitt for going 4 for 4 yesterday and Andre Ethier for belting two homeruns!    

Los Cerveceros (Brewers) de Milwaukee will be at Dodger Stadium starting tomorrow.  

Go Dodgers!

Fantasy baseball update:  Los Locos Azules are in second place in their division.  Did I mention that Andre also plays for the Locos Azules?      

Go Dodgers!  



  1. crzblue2

    That is ownderful news Jane! I know is Jetter’s bday Jane ’cause I know he is a Cancer like me. Mine is two days later.

  2. bluecrewfan

    I wish Dave all the best in his fight. I have been touched personally by that f#*kin disease, and know it takes a fighter to beat it. And he is one.

    Dave was and still is one of my Dodger players. He gave it his all every game. He handled the lead off position perfectly. Always trying ANY way to get on base. And once he was on…watch out!

    We called him ” Pig Pen”….because most games, within 2 minutes of the first pitch, his jersey was already dirty. ( From diving for a ball,or diving into or back to a base)

    Good luck Mr. Roberts……


  3. crzblue2

    Hey thanks for mentioning Dave’s nickname “Pig Pen” I had forgotten that! Dave sure gave it all at a game. He proudly wore Maury’s number (#30). Sorry to hear you have been touched by that disease. I hope you are well.

  4. raysfanboy

    I feel like everytime I stop by you have something awesome to talk about regarding Andre Ethier. He is amazing. 2 dingers the other night? Par for the course for that guy. Sorry to hear about Roberts. I had no idea that was going on with him. I certainly hope he recovers and gets back on the diamond.

  5. gotulo2

    I loved Dave Roberts as a Dodger and a player in general. It’s unfortunate that he has to go through something like this but I’m hoping for the best and can’t wait to hear him say that he’s beaten his cancer. DeWitt and Ethier were great the other night! 🙂


  6. crzblue2

    Thanks. Andre is amazing! He is the only Dodger regular that I have in my fantasy baseball team. Roberts is a fighter and such a nice guy.
    Roberts got a lot of people behind him !
    I love Dewie (spelling?)! I read that that is what his teamates call him.

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