Dodgers Booster Club, Annual Blood Drive and Dodgers Road Trip

Dodgers Booster Club and the Annual Blood Drive

I went to the Dodgers Booster club last night. I try to attend their monthly meetings but sometimes it interferes with a game at the stadium.

A rep from The Red Cross was there to talk about the annual Blood drive in June where the Dodgers and Angels Booster Club team up to collect blood.

The Blood drive will be Saturday June 19. For those participating, you will get a t-shirt and a voucher for two tickets to your choice of team. Donate blood and Think Blue!

Unfortunately I will not participate as I will be in Boston for the Dodgers/Red Sox games but today we had our blood drive at work.

Another thing that went on at the Booster club meeting, in addition to the raffle of wonderful gifts like a Dodger gnome (I wanted that!), Dodger t-shirts and other Dodger merchandise was a chance to be on the field June 4th for the 1st Pitch. First name picked from the raffle got a choice of being the Pitcher, Catcher, Manager or Umpire. My raffle number was not called but it did get called to be one of the alternates, should someone not be able to make it.


Dodgers on The Road

In the meantime, my Bums are in Arizona for a three-game series. They won the first game. After a day off on Thursday, they will go to San Diego. I will be there for Saturday and Sunday’s game. I will be part of a group of 60. The Dodger Booster club also is having another group there of about 150. Lots and lots of Dodger fans make the short trip to San Diego, especially if the Dodgers play there on a weekend.

Saturday the Padres are giving out “Beat LA” t-shirts. Last year it was “Beat LA” towels. Look for Dodger fans to “alter” the wording.

Go Dodgers!

And since Sue of asked to see a picture of me with my red wig, here it is.   Cari is also in the pic.   .    

May 2010 Cari and I with red wig.jpg

Here is also the picture I took of the KABC Dodger Talk announcement.

KABC DodgerTalk Announcement.jpg

Update on our trip to San Diego

I just heard from Linda in San Diego that the Padres are not letting her use the word “Dodgers” on our group when is announced on the big screen.   This is BS!   She made the suggestion to call it  “Vin Scully Fan club”   I think is a great but I still do not like that we cannot use the word “Dodgers” as part of our group when they flash it on the big screen.  


  1. crzblue2

    Hey thanks Bluedog! I am thinking about a sign to take to San Diego. Something to do with KCAL since they are broadcasting the game….

  2. raysrenegade

    Why doesn’t the boost club meet at Dodgers Stadium prior to the game.
    You would think the team would go out of its way to get a meeting space ready for such a club that’s fundemental reasoning for being is support the boys in blue.
    I know the “Maddon’s Maniac” club meets before some Saturday games and get some special recognition every now and then….
    Love the Hilda wig…..I really got to get a Rays cowbell and send it to you….just for the “Hilda” moments you give all of us.

    Rays Renegade

  3. crzblue2

    Thanks Jane! My aunt was having second thoughs of going to the game when she saw me with the wig. I should have taken a picture of my aunt. Yeah boo to the Padres for not permitting the word “Dodgers” as part of the group name.
    I would say they average between 50 to 100 people at the meetings and they are set as the second Monday of the month no matter what. I guess it would mean buying tix for the meetings, doing the raffle of Dodgers stuff there and then last Monday there was a dinner potluck. Believe me, I wish they could do it at Dodger Stadium or near it. I do have cowbells that I bought at Michaels of all places. Thanks Cliff!

  4. crzblue2

    Yeah Jeff. I guess not allowing the word “Dodgers” on the board adds fuel. Hopefully we can beat the Padres. I hate the padre cartoon on the screen stomping up and down to the beat of “Beat LA”

  5. bklyntrolleyblogger

    You’re too much my Lil Hilda! Keep road trippn! I haven’y really been to the games yet. I’m hoping to be road tripping soon though. Chicago may be in my future. And I may go to Puerto Rico in June when the Mets play the Marlins in San Juan. My mom said she might want to go.

  6. crzblue2

    That is right Rob! i’ll be starting one of those chants! And WHEN we win, a few of us will sing “I LOVE LA!”
    Wow Mike! Puerto Rico! La isla del encanto! I hope you and your mom get to go!

  7. phillies_phollowers

    That stinks about the “Dodgers” word ban. The Giants have a pay-per message thing where you can send a big screen message to anyone between innings. While I was at a game in San Fran, one of the messages said, “Utley should die.” Personally, I think whoever let that one pass should be fired. But just the word “Dodgers?” That is silly to ban that!


  8. crzblue2

    That is so wrong and you are right, that person should have gotten fired to let that go BUT I saw a sign last time I was in San Francisco that read “A GOOD DODGER IS A DEAD DODGER” and they let it inside the stadium! Somewhere in my older camera, I have a picture of that sign in the bleacher.

  9. crzblue2

    you voy a estar en Boston para los tres juegos contra los Dodgers! no estoy segura donde me estoy sentando ya que es parte de un grupo pero cuando lo sepa te avisare. Saludos!

  10. devilabrit

    The word Dodgers should be banned from all stadiums…. LOL just kidding… you have to understand I guess the Padres play in a stadium named after a Pet Store and the owner is the proud owner of a huge growing debt with no bail out option, can they really be that picky… hmmmm that’s San Diego for you…

    Phillies Outside

  11. crzblue2

    Not even the word “Blue” can be used in the name. That is RIDICULOUS! I think you got something there with your theory.
    Wonder what I should do with their “Beat LA” t-shirt.

  12. dodgerdrei

    I’ll be in SF in late July on ” Orange Friday “. They will be handing out ” Beat L.A. ” towels that evening. Personally, I don’t mind the BEAT L.A. chant, I see it as a compliment, especially in SF, where they yell it with such anger….. Other than the Dodgers and Lakers, do opposing fans ever yell that to any of our other teams ? I mean, really, when was the last time you heard anyone yell BEAT L.A. to the Clippers ? Should be fun. Oh yeah, something I and maybe you may have got from the Dodgers facebook app


    Let’s keep it goin’.


  13. crzblue2

    Lots of things were done to the t-shirts. Ripped them, throw them away, we heard that someone stuffed one in a toilet, and just alter them.
    It just happened that way. Last year it was the Beat LA towels.
    Yep! Let’s keep it going.
    On the way home, we started talking about a trip to SF so maybe I’ll run into you!

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