Upcoming Dodgers Homestand, Promotions and a Caption

Dodgers return on Monday Memorial Day for a 13 game homestand.    Lots of games and promotions for this homestand. 

Monday. 5/31.  Manny Ramirez kids BP jersey.  Arizona in town.

Thursday. 6/3.   Matt Kemp Action figure (kids only)  BTW, I think this picture is lame, but the Dodgers posted it asking for a caption.    

Give me a caption and whoever I think is the best, I’ll think of something to send you.  I think that chalk line looks so wrong.  

Kemp action figure.jpg

Friday 6/4 is 70’s Day and Loney and Blake giveaway poster.  I have not seen the poster but I’ve been told it has a 70’s Chevelle.  Is is Blue or Red?  

Sunday 6/6.  Viva Los Dodgers.  This year every Sunday is Viva Los Dodgers.  I prefer it back to only one special Sunday. 

Tuesday 6/8.  Jonathan Broxton BBH.   The Cardinals are in town starting Monday 6/7 for three.

Friday 6/11 and Saturday 6/12 is the THINKCURE radio telethon with the Angels in town.  Maybe I can bid on something from Mike Scioscia.

Sunday 6/13 is Viva Los Dodgers (again).   

busy busy homestand but before that, the Dodgers are in Colorado for a three game series and that means Vin Scully is back!   woohoo!   

A big congratulations to Jaime Jarrin(Jessica Rosales of Dodgers on Demand interviewing Jaime at the Bluetopia movie preview Blue Carpet)

Jaime Jarrin premiere 4.18.09.JPG 

who is in the D.R. He will be inducted into the Latino Hall of Fame.    He will also be there for Jose Lima’s funeral. 


  1. angelsgirl012

    hope you have a great memorial day weekend!

    ooh i love promotions!!! they all sound great 🙂

    lol at the chalk line XD.. hmmm because the hero looks like Casey Blake…. “I have risen once more with the strength of the beard!!!”


  2. crzblue2

    Thanks Mimi! You too!
    LOL Mimi! And that goes with the t-shirt Matt Kemp was wearing the other day “Fear the Beard!”
    Thanks Jane but…but…you did not give me a caption 😦

  3. theheirloom

    Caption: “It’s not easy being green…” 🙂

    Why is he wearing green in that picture anyway? He’s supposed to bleed Dodger Blue! That line is a different story…

    BTW, Jaime’s looking well! Is Fernando still doing commentary on the Spanish broadcasts with Jarrin?


  4. crzblue2

    Sue! I know! Also his butt is …well not as well formed and those thunder thighs belong to Billinsgley.
    No clue why is green. Jaime looks good. Did you see the pic on the wall of Vin and Jaime? Yes! Fernando still does the commentary with Jaime or Pepe. At Dodger Stadium, he does leave at the conclusion of the 7th inning.
    LOL Jeff!
    Well I hope he has more Boooms for Rhiana! He got 10 so far. I don’t understand why not Blue!

  5. devilabrit

    There are so many captions that come to mind, but here’s a couple…

    “uh-oh I’m turning green with envy again… where’s that Ethier guy I have to get blue again.”

    ‘That frickin Colorado oxygen now I’m green, oh wait I’m not Manny”

    Phillies Outside

  6. crzblue2

    haha Peter! yeah that pic leaves itself open for so many captions.
    love the idea of a Latino Hall of Fame! Jaime should be back at Dodger Stadium today. Would love to hear Vin describe it.
    Happy Memorial Day everyone!

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