Dodgers Sweep: A Balk-Off, A Walk-Off HR and a Walk-Off Single

Dodgers Sweep:  A Balk-Off, A Walk-Off HR and a Walk-Off Single.

Even though the Dodgers swept Arizona, these wins could have gone either way.   The Dodger pitching was there and timely hitting along with some help from the D’Backs.     

5/31/10: The Balk-Off.  Lopez piched well for the D’Backs but the defense let him down when  Kelly Johnson committed two errors in one play that scored two runs.  Then came the Balk from Vasquez causing the balk-off for the bearded one Casey BlakeBillingsley was lights out after the four homeruns he gave up in the first two innings.    Final score:  Dodgers 5, D’backs 4.

The guys in the dugout pointing out to the balk.   

053110 the balk-off day.jpg


John Ely.jpg6/2/10.   Ely vs.  Haren.  A great pitching dual that went 10 innings with Matt Kemp having his first walk-off!   Jeff Weaver picked up the win and Gutierrez picked up the loss.  Gutierrez is now 0-4.  Gutierrez has allowed 10 homeruns in 18 1/3 innings.   Final score: Dodgers 1, D’Backs 0.

The fourteen inning stretch! 

14 inning stretch.jpg

6/3/10.  A business special that started at noon.    This one had ex-Dodger Edwin Jackson going against rule-5 Carlos Monasterios.     It went 14 innings with rookie Travis Schlichting (I love the name!)  pitching 4 scoreless innings and picking up the win!  The kid also had his first MLB at bat.   Valdez took the loss on a walk-off single by Garret Anderson.  Final score:  Dodgers 1, D’backs 0

Dodgers sweep at home.jpg 

So the D’Backs have gone 31 innings without scoring a run.   They lost all nine games on the road and lost 10 straight now.  Ouch!   The D’Backs starters pitched well, the bullpen is another story.  

The red-hot Braves are in town for a four game series.    Braves have won eight in a row, the Dodgers four in row.    Remember April?  These two teams were in last place with an identical record of 9-14. 

 I feel so bad for Armando Galarraga but the guy was classy, he kept his cool.   In our hearts you pitched a perfect game Armando!   I don’t know what did Jim Joyce see in that play but he apologized to Armando.  

 Countdown to trip to Fenway Park:   15 days!  Woohoo!    


  1. theheirloom

    Emma – last night’s denied Perfect Game was a shocker. There was indeed some class between Joyce and Galarraga last night amid the calling for heads of umpires head across Jimmie Lee Solomon’s (and Mike Port’s) desk this morning. But, it is always good to see a correct call go the right way – the “Balk-Off” on May 31.

    That photo of everyone pointing from the Dodger dugout is wanting of a caption. 🙂

  2. devilabrit

    Congrats on your continued climb in the blogosphere listings, I liked the ‘Balk-Off’ the best, that has to go down as one of the easiest ways to win a game… too funny…

    Phillies Outside

  3. crzblue2

    Vin Scully was explaining that part of the rule book. When Monday used to do Dodger Talk, the rule book seemed like it was his favorite book.
    That sure was a wacky way of ending the game Jane. You just never know what you will see at a baseball game.
    Thanks Samking for catching that. Got carried away with the t’s in Garret’s name.
    I too am looking forward to seeing Heyward.
    Thanks! Congratulations to you too! I noticed you have #32 and you know who would get my dedication if I got #32!

  4. crzblue2

    You are right, Jenn. He might never pitch a perfect game again.
    Do the right thing Bud Selig and reverse that call!

  5. s

    firrst off, ya knoww as a phillies fan, im not a big dodgers fan. but that balk-off was actually pretty interesting. never seen anything like it in my lifee. secondd, Galarraga desereved that perfect gamee. they have instant replay. they sould try to use it more often. annd i love how bud selig wont reverse the call….. NOT! jim joyce did the right thing in admitting he was wrongg so they should just make it a perfect game!!!! lastly, good luck this weekend with the braves in town. i honestly really hope the dodgers wiiin. not only do i just want the braves to hopefully be out of first and the phillies in their place by monday, but i also just want them to losee. haha.

  6. bklyntrolleyblogger

    I watched the June 2nd game. That was lots of fun.
    The Balk-off…Only in Baseball. Galarraga handled that with class.

  7. crzblue2

    sorry, we could not take care of the Braves. Kuroda-san just did not have it. We’ll try today with 22-year old Kershaw.
    that bearded one Casey Blake is everywhere keeping an eye on the pitchers.
    Love Ely! I am going to go see him Saturday. He is making an appearance in Culver City. Can’t wait.

  8. angelsgirl012

    walk off walk off walk off you all just never stop with these things! How incredibly exciting! It’s amazing how the pitching for the D-backs is solid but the offense never comes through

  9. crzblue2

    I feel bad for the Arizona starting pitching. The offense and the bully fails them a lot of time.

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