From Last to First! Meet John Ely


Thumbnail image for Frist place.jpgFrom Last to First.    The Dodgers’ win coupled with the San Diego loss took over first place in the National League West for the first time in 2010!   . After losing to Colorado on May 8, the Dodgers were in last place, 6.0 games behind the Padres, and have gone 22-7 since!

Kuroda-san pitched his best game against Carpenter but Kuo got the win and Jonathan Broxton the save.     Final score: Dodgers 1, Cardinals 0.  


Last Saturday my friends and I went to see Ely at an assigned signing at the At&T store in Culver City.    We found Ely to be personable and adorable.   Here are some pictures:

Ely at AT&T store June 2010.jpg

All about Ely

Ely June 2010.jpg

John Ely 3  June 2010 .jpg

Ely Signed my scorebook on a scoresheet where he pitched!  He looked at it and said “This is Cool!”   He was impressed with Lorena who asked him who his favorite pitchers were growing up.   I took a picture of Lore and Ely with her camera.   Then after my pic with Ely, we were asked if we wanted one with both of us in the picture.   

June 2010 John Ely 4.jpg

Thank you Ely!  Thank you At&T and thank you KABC for the tickets!   We sat in the Reserved aisle 7 on Sunday, courtesy of KABC.  

Tonight’s game:  Clayton Kershaw against Wainwright.  This time I will be able to watch the whole game.  Yesterday I was working with the Red Cross collecting pledges for the upcoming Annual Blood Drive for Saturday June 19.  

This is an annual competition between the Angels and the Dodgers Booster Club.   If you donate at this annual Blood drive, you get a voucher for your choice of team tickets,  a commemorative t-shirt,  a voucher for fish tacos from Wahoo, and a voucher for the Laugh Factory in Pasadena!   



  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    That’s fantastic. Worst to first aint too bad either. I still feel as though Ely should be on Nickelodeon or something….So young looking.

  2. crzblue2

    I was going too say from Worst to First haha. Did you see my pics from the 70’s night? Elymania Mike!

  3. crzblue2

    Thanks Jane! Still in first place! Ely pitches on Saturday against the Angels. I can’t wait but first I need to go to Anaheim for a mandatory session as I am volunteering for the Fan-Fesst.

  4. angelsgirl012

    i’m glad you got to meet him! He seems like a nice enough person 🙂

    i can’t wait until the dodgers and angels face off against each other this weekend! I can’t go to any games but i’ll be sure to watch from the tele 🙂

  5. devilabrit

    All the hype around the draft and yet a good rookie drafted by another team ends up in LA pitching pretty good.. bet ChiSox want him back now… great pics as always Emma….

    Phillies Outside

  6. crzblue2

    Oh Mimi! too bad you can’t come! You could use my tix for Sunday as I will be getting to the stadium at 10: AM to work with the Blood drive that is coming up June 19.
    Ely sure is a Chi-Town kid. He will start one of the games in Boston!
    What happened to that scout from Chi-Town that let him get away?

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