ThinkCure Weekend against the Angels and the World Cup


ThinkCure. The Think Blue sign has been replaced with Think Cure, a yearly tradition in preparating for the Think Cure radiothon and Telethon.   

There are some cool auction items there like a chance to shag fly balls during BP, meet Vin Scully, have an Italian dinner with Tommy, take a batting lesson with Don Mattingly. a baseball signed by Koufax, lots of players  signed jerseys and many more items. Peter Tilden of KABC said 100% of the proceeds go to the the ThinkCure foundation.

World Cup.  The world Cup started today!  Two tvs were installed in the cafeteria so we could watch the games, especially Mexico against SouthAfrica today.  The game ended up in a tied 1-1.    

Here are some co-workers after the first game. 

Thumbnail image for World Cup 2010.jpg

Here are my Honduras and USA jerseys: 

Thumbnail image for Honduras Jersey.jpg
Thumbnail image for USA Soccer Jersey .jpgHere is the schedule.  USA plays tomorrow against England.  I will be at Angel Stadium attending a mandatory session so that I can volunteer for the All-Star Fan Fest around the time the game starts.    

World Cup Soccer schedule .jpg

Honduras plays Chile on Wednesday at 4:30 AM!  I’ll be up watching the game before I head to work!  or I can go to the restaurant Rincon Chileno.  They will open at 4;30 and serve breakfast from Chile and Honduras.  


This weekend is also the Dodgers Angels series.  Billinsgley goes against Pineiro.   Originally this series was supposed to be at Angel Stadium but because of a concert, the Angels asked the Dodgers to switch series so we got the weekend series!   At the end the concert with U2 got cancelled.  

Saturday and Sunday, the Dodgers are sending rookies.   John Ely will face Scott Kazmir on Saturday and on Sunday Carlos Monasterios will face Jerred Weaver.       

Go Dodgers!


Go Honduras! 



  1. raysrenegade

    Sounds like you are going to be one tired sports fan after the World Cup and the All-Star game are completed.
    Both events hold different emotions for me, this All-Star game being on the West Coast should have a nice vibe to it compared to the St. Louis and NYC games.
    Also, the World Cup is going to be a wild tourney this time. I thought hard about it, and for some reason the flag of Spain and the orange and black of the Netherlands keep coming into my dreams.
    But it is great you will get a chance to partake in the All-Star game festivities, and have another great California memory…I am jealous!

    Rays Renegade

  2. devilabrit

    “chance to shag fly balls during BP” this just sounds wrong in so many ways…. LOL – cool you can wear the shirts to work – think the Dodgers suffered the same as the Phillies yesterday a case of demolition derby baseball…

    Phillies Outside

  3. crzblue2

    Orange and Black!? EWWW! dislike the Halloween Jint colors.
    Is only the All-Star fan-fest that I am volunteering but it should be fun.
    Ouch for our teams losing by such a big margin. I am keeping an eye on those auctions. Might sneak in there at the lalst minute and snag one of those.

  4. crzblue2

    lol Mike,
    If I see him, I’ll mention you to him. Doubt that I will see him unless I bid for one of those auction items. I am keeping my eye on one or two to sneak there and see if I can outbid someone.

  5. devilabrit

    The Auction is a little rich for me,,, but maybe there’s a win that the Dodgers could bid on… how the hell did they get dumped on by the Angels like that… oh well it’s the start of another win streak…

    Phillies Outside

  6. crzblue2

    Some are too rich for me too so I am monitoring some on the lower end. Two more hours to go… I think I know one person that is bidding on something I want to bid. If it gets too high, I am staying away.

  7. theheirloom

    This is indeed an interesting time for baseball and futbol. For example…

    – A friend who is a hooligan for NSC Minnesota Stars (the new minor league soccer team here) who is also part of the USA National Team hooligans…has not egged me on for France’s loss last year.

    – Watching YouTube for ABC feeds and that pathetic display by the Socceroos former captain on the loss to Germany – at Darling Harbour in Sydney (One of FIFA’s Fan Fest sites).

    – Still figuring out who to root for now…

    – Giving another friend a mini-WC ball…when he gets around to get it!

    So, what’s the bid for the Vin Scully experience?

  8. crzblue2

    Hey Randy, I got to figure out where I will see the USA game on Friday when I arrive in Boston.
    Scully’s experience got too rich for me at 5K. I was watching another one and then it got crazy bidding.

  9. crzblue2

    Ok, time for me to leave work. I was sticking around for the auction that just ended. that was fun.

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