Thinking Blue while Dodgers play Red Teams.

That was painful getting swept by the Angels.  But at least Sunday, I can see some players getting out of their slump like Manny, Raffy and Loney.  Now when Kemp, Ethier and the beared one join in, watch out!     

This picture was taken by Dodger photographer Jon SooHoo.  Thanks Jon for a wonderful shot! 

Weaver had to come and bat against Jerred.  Jerred in turn came to face Jeff.   Originally they were not supposed to face each other but with Monasterios failing to make it passed the 3rd, inning, in came in Jeff Weaver.  
Weaver vs Weaver.jpg

Now the Dodgers are on the road to face the Cincinnatti Reds for three and then is off to Boston!   Don’t look ahead to the Red Sox boys so play well in Cinci.    I’ll see you all in Boston!  Go Dodgers!

Honduras faces Chile tomorrow morning at 4:30 AM.  Buena suerte Hondurenos!  

Honduras-Chile preview


Red Sox tickets.jpgThree more days till my friends and I head to Boston!  I talked to Manny Sunday and told him that I hope he plays well in Boston.  He said “Si Dios quiere”   “Se lo dejo todo a Dios”   “God Willing”  “I leave everything to God” 

Here are our tickets and the Dodgers polo shirt that we got included in the Dodgerslife event.   

Think Blue!

Go Dodgers!





  1. Elizabeth D.

    Sorry to hear that the Dodgers got swept by the Angels! That’s a pretty big rivalry, right? That’s so cool that you talked to Manny! That’s going to be interesting to see whether we Red Sox fans cheer him or boo him. If I were to go, I’d cheer because of everything he had done for the team; even if the end was bitter. I hope you enjoy yourself, and I can’t wait to see all of your pictures!
    In response to your question regarding 5 hour energy, it is a drink. It has an orange flavor to it.

  2. crzblue2

    The rivalry is more with the Giants but ever since the took the “LOS Angeles” name, the rivalry is more. They are the Orange County Diablos of Anaheim” Yes, it should be very interesting with Manny there. I’ll cheer him because I cheer all the players that wear the Dodger uni.
    Thanks for the info on the energy bar. Maybe I should get me some to take with me.

  3. crzblue2

    Yep! I’ll be looking for some fun picture opportunity. A bunch of us Dodger fans will meet up at 4:p.m. on Friday for a group picture!

  4. nao

    Gosh Emma! Very interesting photo! And marvelous your Dodgers have got 12 runs off 4 pitchers of Reds! You’d win if you could kindly give a half of these runs to my poor Mariners to help us defeat Cardinals…

  5. crzblue2

    Hey Viriginia,
    I love that picture and the field looks like always, sparkling. Thanks Viriginia and good luck to your players.
    Nao-san, Ahh your Blue is playing a red team too. Wish I could give you some runs! I so want your team to do well in their division. Kuroda-san pitched great. Surprised that he came back out after that rain delay. He is a warrior.
    One thing I can say that is that times I have seen Manny (and I’ve seen him a few times with the fans) , he is always nice to the fans and has time to stop by sign autographs, pose for pictures and chat.


  6. thomasox

    Hey Emma,
    Safe travels to Boston! Wish I could be there–I didn’t get selected in that ticket lottery. Anyway, I’ll look for you on the television. Thanks for the comments. It means a lot to have you reading my blog. Good luck to Honduras!

  7. raysrenegade

    I know you are heading to beantown soon, and hope the trip is fantastic and that you have a new East Coast friendship with Julia and her band of rebels.
    Seriously, I am looking forward to seeing how Manny is going to be recieved by the Red Sox Nation this weekend.
    Should be a great series, and I hope you get a chance to have a get a Cuban sandwich outside the stadium from Luis Tiant’s cart…..only place you will get a better Cuban is either in Havana, or Tampa Bay.
    Have a great flight, and look forward to hearinmg about it all.

    Rays Renegade

  8. crzblue2

    Honduras lost the first game 1-0. It could have been worst but it also could have been 0-0 as the goal was such bad luck that it hit the defense and it went in. Thanks!
    We will be the walking wounded. Billz has been scratched from the rotation. He is day to day, and like Vin Scully said “Aren’t we all?” . Rafael Furcal went out on bearevement so he went to D.R.
    I am so glad you came here to remind me of those Cuban sandwiches. Luis Tiant cart! I can’t forget that! Thanks a bunch!!

  9. thinkingblue

    Love the comment by Manny…my mom always tells me the same! With God Grace everything is possible. Let’s go Blue! And EMMA have fun is Boston!

  10. crzblue2

    I too love Manny’s comment. Three times I have talked to him and all three times he has been nice to me and to the fans around. He recognized this little kid that has a jersey “Dewce” that sits in the LF pavilion. He is shown on the Diamond Vision dancing” He told him “Oh tu eres el bailarin!” “Oh you are the little dancer!”
    We’ve been losing but what can we do? Those things happen. Let’s hope we salvage tomorrow’s game.
    We lost two games but we have not our spirit! Go Dodgers!

  11. angelsgirl012

    I don’t know about you but I loved watching Jeff face Jered and Jered face Jeff. You can really only see that in baseball and in interleague too 🙂 It was cute seeing their parents cheer for both of them too.

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