Dodger fans at Fenway Park

We got swept at Fenway Park.  The team failed to show up but we Dodger fans represented!

Here are pictures of Dodger fans. 

The hats say “Viva Los Dodgers”


Thumbnail image for Dodger Fans at Fenway .jpg

These guys that sat in back of us had us laughing for all three games.  

Thumbnail image for Dodger fans at Fenway .jpg

I ran into Arlene who also sits in the Top Deck section 3.  

Dodger fans at  Fenway.jpg

Oldbrooklynfan and Truebluewill who post in the ITD blog made the trip from New York.  So I’ve seen you guys at Dodger Stadium and Fenway!  Maybe next year it will City Field! Dodger fans from ITD at Fenway jpg 

Dodger fans at the Fenway Park tour.  At the end I asked the tour guy why no tour of the Press Box and the dugout like we get at Dodger Stadium.  He said our group was too big.  Also he failed to tell us that .30 minutes later they were letting fans on the field for Father’s Day.  Not cool.  

Dodger fans group at the Fenway Park tour .jpg 

Here is one of the pictures from the ESPN game that was being sent to cell-phones while we were watching the game.   I was next to this Red Sox couple who had gone to Dodger Stadium so they were on the mailing list.  When the opportunity of this trip came up , they signed up.  They are from Washington DC.  .      

Dodger fans pic from the ESPN coverage .jpg 

 When the chant  “Beat LA”  started this Dodger fan had a sign that said “CANT BEAT LA  LAKER PARADE TOMORROW”  

Can't Beat LA Laker Parade Tomorrow sign  .jpg

and he also had this sign that reads

dodger fans.jpg

and this sign that says LAKERS WIN BOSTON SOXS.     

Dodger fan with sign at Fenway .jpg


With the exception of a  couple of racist Red Sox fans we encountered we had a good time.    There was a lady in the group that was asked “Why are you a Dodger fan?  You are no Mexican”   The Dodger beat writer for the LA Times, Dylan Hernandez was complemented on speaking English.   He thought it was funny that he was asked that.   Dylan actually speaks three languages.  Lorena had someone else made a racist remarks to her also.  

I have lots of more pictures from the Fenway Park tour and also the historical places we visited.


  1. truebluewill

    Thanks for posting more pictures from the weekend. Especially the one of you, Joe, and myself. It was a special weekend. All the loyal Dodger fans showed up. To bad the Dodgers didn’t. I’m going to hold you to going to a game next year at Citi Field.

  2. crzblue2

    Hey True! You saw my post! I have another pic that I did not post but that I will send both of you. I am trying to get out of work so I’ll do it from home.

  3. sparkleplenty_1

    Emma, what wonderful pictures! Makes me wish I could have been there. Thanks for being so kind to share with all of us – you are very appreciated!

  4. crzblue2

    thanks! We lost but it was wonderful seeing so many Dodger fans there! Thank you much for your comment Sparkle!

  5. crzblue2

    See you Saturday? Emailed me when you are there! I want to see you! And you are so welcome to the info. If you have any questions, let me know.
    I forgot to say that Red Sox fans kept taking pictures of us. My friend Elisa said “Is like we are a rare breed” LOL.

  6. mattpeas

    awesome trip. glad a whole group got to come to beantown from LA. there are always a couple bad apples in a city especially when you are a fan of the opposing team. ive encountered the worst in baltimore when they were playing the pirates. so cool you were able to kind of rub it in their faces with the lakers c=victory over the celtics

  7. crzblue2

    Yes, I know there are always a few apples and we just happen to encounter them.
    I have to admit that I loved rubbing the Lakers in their faces and some admit to comeback to that! I wore my old style Laker jersey around town.

  8. crzblue2

    Hey Linda,
    That guy had some clever signs. One fan and I think it was a Red Sox fan said he would buy one of the signs.
    One Red Sox fan asked me if he could take a picture of me. Thought it was funny.

  9. thinkingblue

    Emma I wish the outcome of the games would of been better but I hope that you still had a fun visit in Boston. It sucks about the comments made by some of the Boston fans. Some people :0( Proud of the number of Dodger fans that “Represented” in Boston. We finally won last night…exciting game… LIGHTS OUT and all… Hey just like in concerts right before the last songs they always turn of the light and have smoke effects for the grand finally. Yup and I think we had smoke effects & some lights out FOR THE DODGER GRAND FINALLY..LOL GO DODGERS!

  10. kaiserthegreat

    Are you following your team around everywhere this year? That’s pretty cool. Great pictures, that is one massive sea of blue!

  11. crzblue2

    Hey Rosie!
    We still had fun. Met a Dodger fan at the Cheesecake factory that is from LA and a Dodger fan. Nice kid, his brother is a boxer in LA. He asked us if we like boxing. I told Lorena that I’ve seen one boxing match in person a long time ago . I would definetly like to go to another one and root for Nicolas brother.
    No, not everywhere but we schedule a couple of road trips a year. It has been two years since my friends and I have gone to San Francisco so yes, we’ll make a trip there. We represented well in Boston and you know we Dodger fans represent well in SF too.

  12. theheirloom

    Just got caught up here, Emma. Love the pics! Looks you all had a great time at Fenway. I’ve been there in 1993 pinned right at the Big Green Monster – a breathtaking experience being in that park!

    I’m also glad that they were able to seat you all together. Which makes for massive fun.

    Did you see Jane this weekend during the Yanks series at Dodger Stadium?

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