Dodgers Lose, Dodgers Win. Check out this MLB All-Star FanFest Special!


I did not want to blog after the Dodgers lost that heartbreaker in the 9th to the Yankees.   We all left the stadium so demoralized

Hey Torre:  Did you fall asleep in the 9th?  

But we won last night against the hated ones on my birthday!!   YEAH!!

Young John Ely goes tonight against Cain.  Let’s see what this game brings us.   Truebluewill was reminding me of the Dodgers record against the NL West!  19-5!    We swept the Padres earlier in the year so yeah let’s play the NL West!


MLB All-Star FanFest  Special courtesy of Pepsi!

MLB Fan-Fest Special from Pepsi.jpgI went to the Vons and noticed this special last Sunday.   Checkout the voucher!

If you spend $20 in qualifying Pepsi products, you can earn two free tickets to the MLB All-Star FanFest.    The tickets cost $30 each so this is a pretty good deal.   Thanks Pepsi!

I don’t care for Pepsi, but I bought products made by Pepsi like Gatorade and Aquafina water If they don’t call me to volunteer for the Fan-Fest, then I already have a voucher for tickets.   

Woohoo!!  I just got the email that says “Congratulations!’  You have been accepted to the 2010 Major League Baseball All-Star  FanFest Volunteer Team!   


  1. crzblue2

    Is not the All Star game, but the All-Star FanFest. They didn’t used to have those back when the Dodgers hosted the All-Star but they are alot of fun. I went to my first one in San Francisco.
    ahhh….the Supebowl fan-fest must be a lots of fun too. I’ll be working but when I am off or break I can look at the place. I might even go on another day that I am not working. I get a volunteer All-Star shirt too. I am told I have to wear khaki pants. I have a couple so I don’t have to buy that.

  2. crzblue2

    Is fun beating those haed Jints :-). What is Matt Cain’s record against the Dodgers now? 0-8. Young Ely pitched 7 innings for a win!

  3. crzblue2

    John Ely thoroughly enjoyed his introduction to the Dodgers-Giants rivalry in a Northern California setting. He said:

    “”Those fans are ruthless,” he said. “They’re good though, I liked it. You’ve got to respect good fans. You’ve got to rise to the occasion. I heard a lot of derogatory things that I don’t want to read in the paper. And sometimes you’ve got to chuckle a little bit. Good one. I like it.”

  4. crzblue2

    Hey Thanks Kaiser, Oh yeah, I have tickets to the FanFest and now I get extra for volunteering so I’ll be looking to give away.
    Thanks for the bday wishes!

  5. raysrenegade

    Sounds like you are going to have a great time at the All-Star Fan Fest.
    It is always great to do something like that in accordance with MLB, maybe you will get to meet our fearless leader Mark Newman during your volunteer time.
    Hopefully they will let you have a camera and you can take shots and tell us all about the awesome experience.
    As for the Pepsi promo, I wish they did that here, I would have a fistful of tickets by now (lol).
    I devour/drink/consume more than a normal person should of Pepsi products. But then again, themore I buy , hopefully them more my Pepsi pension will be in the future ( I hope).

    Rays Renegade

  6. crzblue2

    Thank you for reminding me of Mark Newman! Yeah, maybe I can meet him.
    So you have stock in Pepsi? I used to work for R.C. Cola a loooong time ago then they were bought out by 7-UP. They needed a cola to compete with Coca Cola and Pepsi but I don’t think RC Cola product is still around.

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