I got my Sandy Koufax Baseball!

First of all, I’ve been on the DL for about three days with food poisoning.  I am feeling better now but my stomach muscles are still sore.   I think I lost five pounds but I rather take the pounds back than to go thru that.   Is a good thing this did not happen the night before I got my Sandy Koufax baseball.  

 So my friend Lore and I met Jeff Kliewer, the Director of Development of  Joe Torre Safe At Home Foundation by the main office.   We were scheduled to meet him at 4:30 so we could go down the field and watch batting practice standing on the field!   We both were very excited for that opportunity!   

When we got there Joe Torre was having his daily meeting wiht the media where they gather around with their mikes and notebooks around the dugout.  

We set to checkout BP and all the view from there.  

August 4 2010 on the field 1.jpg

Afterwards Joe Torre came over and hand me my baseball! 

Joe Torre Handing me the Sandy Koufax baseball. pg  

Joe said that is one of the best signatures he’d seen on a baseball. 

Joe Torre handing me the Sandy Koufax baseball (2).jpg

Chatting with the skipper.

Talking with Joe Torre.jpg 

Afterwards Joe said he needed go get back to work so he headed to the cage. 

I got a picture with Andre:

Andre Ethier August 4, 2010.jpg


Next I got a picture with Matt Kemp and he signed the picture I have with him from the Bluetopia movie premier. 

Emma on the field with Matt Kemp .jpg

Jorge Bahaia who was there to throw out the first pitch, came from El Salvador wtih 50 of his family and friends.   Jorge and his wife Elsy have been attending a homestand since 1945 and have never missed a World Series at home or on the road.  WOW!  and impressive record.   I had thought I had taped an interview with him but I was very sorry that it did work.    I did not know that they were attending a whole homestand until I read it  afterwards in Jon Weisman’s blog.

SenorBahaia, if when you come back to Dodger Stadium, I would love to talk to you more about the old Dodgers that you got see play!  

Jorge Bahaia.jpg

Jorge Bahaia showing the ceremonial baseball he was going to throw.  It reads “Los Angeles Dodgers Ceremonial First Pitch Dodger Stadium 2010.” 

Jorge Bahaia with the ceremonial first pitch baseball.jpg  

The shirt that the family and friends of the Jorge and Elsy Bahaia were sporting:

El Salvador t-shirt Bahaia familia.jpg

Here is part of the Bahaia family:

Part of the Bahaia family.jpg 

James Loney was signing for the Bahaia family when I told him I had something to show him. 

James said “OH wow!”  “You should get him to sign it.”   “Here let me sign it first.”   It is a picture of his dad and I at Fenway Park this year when I happen to see Mr. Loney  before he crossed the street to get into Fenway.   Lore happen to capture this picture.    

James Loney August 4, 2010.jpg 


James Loney August 4, 2010.jpg 

Here is Jeff of the Safe At Home Foundation

Jeff Kleiwer.jpg

Here is Lore enjoying being on field.   She has more pictures that she took.     

Lorena at Dodger Stadium batting practice.jpg

Here is my pass to watch BP on the field.  

Dodger Stadium Guest pass to be on the field.jpg

Well, it was time now to leave and go to our seats.  

Emma on the field.jpg 

We ended up sitting in the family section in the Loge area.  

Here is Mr. Jorge Bahaia throwing out the first pitch:

Jorge Bahaia throwing out the first pitch.jpg

I was excited because Padilla had a no-hitter going into the seventh inning. 

A friend of mine that knows I keep score had texted me that if it happened, he wanted a copy of my scoresheet.  I told him “Absolutely”   We did not mention what it was so we did not jinxed it.   


Padilla pitched a great game giving out two hits, striking out nine and getting two hits!  I love watching the “soap bubble” like Vin Scully calls that slow pitch Padilla throws.          

Vicente Padilla Two Hitter.jpg

August 4, 2010 was a very special day for me, one that I would never forget!  Thank you Joe Torre, Thank you Jeff Kleiwer, thank you Safe At Home Foundation and thank you Sandy Koufax!

Sandy Koufax baseball.jpg


  1. crzblue2

    Thanks Jane! Wednesday was an all around great day at the park!
    Just wish this pain on my right side would go away.

  2. cpompe1

    Hey Emma!!!
    I know, I know. Long time, no talk. You KNOW I am just SOOOOO jealous that you were on the field not too long ago. And sorry you weren’t feeling good before; hope you’re feeling better now. I sure would be if I was able to take the field during Dodger batting practice and got pictures with Joe, Andre, Matty, and James! What a thrill that must have been for you! And to see Padilla’s game that was close to a no-hitter to boot!

    Take it easy,

  3. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Food poisoning…BAD! Please feel better soon OK? Everything else here?….freaking stupid incredible! What more can a person want from the home town team? You got more in one day than some people take decades and lifetimes trying to experience. You have the key to the corporate bathroom…don’t you?
    : D

  4. crzblue2

    Thanks! I am feeling a lot better than how I felt over the weekend!
    Hey Carol!
    They gave me IV fluids, a shot and an ugly liquid to drink + I got pills that I need to take in the mornings. I am feeling better though.
    I hope Padilla continues with his amazing pitching! We sure needed and also for our hitters to deliver.

  5. bluedog98

    Dear Emma , great pictures and I am so jealous you got a Sandy Koufax baseball just kidding !. I ‘m happy for you and get better .

  6. berkutmartin

    Saludos desde España.
    Me alegro de leer que estás mejor. Me hubiese gustado escribirte un comentario al final de la serie en L.A., pero más vale tarde que nunca.
    Geniales las fotos. Ya me gustaría a mí, hacer algo parecido en el PETCO Park, cuando haga algún viaje desde España a San Diego, que esperemos sea en Octubre 🙂
    La única foto que no me gustó fue la del marcador, al final del juego, pero eso va en gustos.
    Hasta pronto.
    http://berkutmartin.mlblogs.com/ Padres hispanos

  7. devilabrit

    Emma, sorry to hear you were so sick…. but glad you are at least feeling somewhat better. The experience of getting your ball looks really amazing, you can tell from the pics that you obviously enjoyed every minute of it and the win over the Padres just topped it off….
    with the Dodgers in Philadelphia for the next few days, I’m obviously hoping they lose….sorry..:-(

    Phillies Outside

  8. crzblue2

    Don’t make me laugh My stomach can’t take it. Believe me I am still in pain. I feel like an old viejita. Everything else about my baseball! yes! wonderful!!!
    Hey bluedog! thanks!
    El viaje the la familia de El Salvador es increible verdad? Algun dia vas a ser algo paresido. En realidad no me gusta series the quatro.
    Eferyime I say Peter, I think of the movie Peter Pan. I hope the Phillies don’t hit Padilla’s fastballs or the soap buble curve. I know there has been two (I think) that have hit it out.
    Hey Indians! Glad you enjoyed the pics. Sorry to hear about Santana. He is a kid I keep an eye on.

  9. raysrenegade

    Hope it was not anything from one of your favorite foods joints that got you sick.
    Awesome photos of your time on the grass by the Dodgers dugout before that game. Great that Joe Torre took some time out to talk with you and you got a great picture with the skipper.
    I know that ball will have a special place in your collection, andhopefully you can maybe get something to house the magazines and that figurine somewhere near the ball.
    Always a pleasure coming to your blog and seeing your special moments with your Boys in Blue.

    Rays Renegade


  10. crzblue2

    Well, I don’t know where it was BUT I can tell you IT WAS NOT Dodger Stadium. I had breakast at the cafeteria at work (too much food), then chicken and rice from home then my brother brought me Carl’s Junior burger and fries. I know, I know… I should eat better.
    Hey Matt,
    Beat the Padres will you? The action pictures are curtersy of my friend Lorena. I have another one that she send me afterwards. I should have put captions on them. Like the first one “Hey Skipper! This is what you need to do to win!” Torre saying back “Is that right Emma?” You can tell I feel better, just don’t make me laugh or sneeze. I had to hold my sneeze a few minutes ago.

  11. knouffbrock@frontiernet.net

    Glad you’re feeling a little better now. Great post and the ball could not have gone to a better fan.

  12. idnas71

    Beautiful autograph by Koufax. Hope you got a nice airproof display case to both show it off and keep it safe. Love the candid pic of you and Loney looking at the photo together.

  13. crzblue2

    Thanks you so much Knouff!
    Joe Torre was SO nice! He is a patience man to be dealing with all the media.
    So good to read you lady! I still need to get an airproof display. I like the candid picture too. I have another pic that Lorena sent where Torre is fixing my field pass. I’ll include it in the next post. I thought it was nice and sweet of him to notice that my pass was not displayed correctly.

  14. theheirloom

    Emma – what an honor you had being on the field! And, the ball! That’s something very special! The photos were great, too!

    Even kinder that Torre fixed your field pass! That proves once again the class act Joe is.


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