Two out of Three from the Rockies. Here come the Reds!

Dodgers took two out of three from the Rockies losing the one where Octavio Dotel was so wild in the 10th inning that he had three wild pitches.  Pirate fans:  Has Dotel always been this wild?  

Ted Lilly on the hand pitched a complete two hit shutout game on Thursday giving the bullpen much needed rest and us fans a relief. 

 I took this picture at the end of the game.    

Ted Lilly and Brad Ausmus.jpg

Tonight is 90’s night with an Andre Ethier poster night giveaway.   Tonight is also “Take the jersey off their back” night and player baskets will also be auctioned!    

Homer Bailey is on the mound against Monasterios.   Don’t you just love the name Homer Bailey?    Originally Padilla was supposed to be on the mound but he is going on the injured list.   I was looking forward to seeing the “Soap Bubble” pitch or like Padilla calls it “Curvita Suave.”   Que te mejores Vicente! 

Here are some pictures from Dodger Stadium taken by me or brother Vic.

It was Matt Kemp’s bobblehead on Tuesday.   OK, so I went a little beyond centerfield when I tried to position Kemp’s bbh.  .  Just think like he is jumping the fence to catch the ball.  

Matt Kemp BH.jpg 

 I took a picture of Loney’s bbh too.  Now, I did positioned him right on first base! 

James Loney Bbh.jpg


The Deuce is Loose dancing before the 9th inning!

Deuce is loose.jpg 

the view of the sunset from the Top Deck:

Sunset from Top Deck. taken by brother Vicjpg

The birthday girl on Wednesday.  Too bad the Dodgers did not give her a win but she’ll take two out of three.  


A view of downtown from one corner of the Top Deck

View of downtown LA from the Top Deck.jpg

Here is season ticket holder Gilbert surounded by four FIVE of his little neighbors that he brought to the game on Wednesday.   Every once in a while he brings them.    They are very nice kids! 

Top Deck fans.jpg


  1. raysrenegade

    First the rocking’ sockin’ Rockies, then the high flyin’ redbirds. The Dodgers really have a few top teams hitting their grounds right now. Glad to see they got through the first wave of purple and black without a lot of black and blue marks.
    As for Dotel, he was eitehr wild or in a bit of a tunnel when he was with the Chicago White Sox setting up Bobby Jenks. But more times than you can iamgine, he would show his wild side.
    Nice photo of the Duece-dude. Funny, he will be popular way after he grows up and they might still have those videos running on the scoreboard…Hollywood, you are either a star, or chasing one.

    Rays Renegade

  2. bklyntrolleyblogger

    I don’t know why or how, but pictures of Dodger Stadium (and details) and of the surrounding area (such as the view towards downtown) have always eluded me. I can’t explain how at 43 years old Dodger Stadium is still a complete mystery to me!!!
    These pictures are the best I have ever seen Emma!!! I mean it.
    I’ve been doing some Brooklyn Dodger reminiscing myself. I left a message on “Inside the Dodgers” in case anyone wanted to see the pics I took of Ebbets Field now and of the pics I took of Gil Hodges/Ed McKeever’s resting place. It’s on my Blogspot. I never moved them over to MLBogs. I was kinda leaving it between us-Brooklyn and you-L.A. Don’t ask me why.
    Actually I do know why. I’ll be turning this comment and some other ideas in my head (about YOU people LOL!) into a post soon.
    Don’t worry mum…It’s all good. Check it…I made a thank you mention to you again. Spread the word to your fellow Los Angelinos. !Bendicion!

  3. crzblue2

    I did not think he was that wild. I though he used to close for the Pirates.
    Hey Jeff! Don’t talk bad about Matt Kemp! I love the kid! He is just going thru a slump right now but he is not the only one!
    I read your message on the ITD blog. I hope people there do go and read your blog post. They are in for a treat! Hey Lorena and I are talking about a road trip to New York next year! Regarless if the Dodgers play the Yankees, we want to see both the Mets and Yankee Stadium. I’ll let you know next year!

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