Dodger Team Photographer Jon SooHoo

25th anniversary dodgers.gifDodger team photographer Jon SooHoo will be honored at Dodger Stadium for his 25th year with the Dodgers.   He will throw out the first pitch!   

Checkout this picture from Jon that he took of Podsednik catching a foul ball.  

JonSooHoo's picture of Podsednik.jpg

What does Randy Johnson and Jon SooHoo have in common? 

From the InsidetheDodgers blog:

Believe it or not, Randy (Johnson) was actually part of the Daily Trojan photography department back in his college days and he reported to none other than Jon SooHoo, now the Dodgers’ team photographer.


I have taken a couple of pictures of Jon.  This was during Viva Los Dodgers where Jose Lima was honored.  Here’s Jon checking his camera.   

June 2010 Jon SooHoo 1.jpg 

Here is Jon again probably scanning the crowd for a good picture. 

June 2010 Jon SooHoo 2.jpg 

I took this picture from the Top Deck when I spotted Jon in the Reserved section.   

June 2010 Jon Soo Hoo.jpg 


Congratulations Jon!   Throw a strike Jon and for a change we’ll take pictures of you!  

Checkout Jon’s mlb blog  here:

(talking to myself) where is the other picture I took of Jon?.  hmmm.    


  1. crzblue2

    There will probably be a congratulation greeting on the screen tonight from Randy. I read that Randy is doing some photographing now.

  2. cpompe1

    Hey Emma!
    Will you be at the tour tomorrow? I think so. If so, I’ll see ya then! Can’t wait!

    I know, I got on my soapbox a little bit on ITD, but boy, some posters can REALLY irritate me. And like I said before, I go onto ITD to hear lively banter about the Dodger team, Dodger ownership, etc. I don’t come onto ITD to feel like I (and others like me) are being personally attacked. And that’s just how I felt…

  3. crzblue2

    Hey CP!
    Yes, I will try to make the tour tomorrow. I feel like after we at the ITD were asking Josh to set up another tour and get together that we should go.
    You know CP, after reading your post, I realized that I was posting justifying that I am going because I already have season tickets but you know what? I don’t need an excuse and I don’t need to justify it to anyone. Some want to stay away to make a point and that is fine. I refuse to sacrifice my enjoyment of the game so I’ll continue to go to games.

  4. crzblue2

    I had a great time Friday night! Is Saturday’s game that depressed me in the 9th inning when Broxton blew another save. Something got to be wrong with him and he is not admitting it.
    Yes the Dodgers have done and do a good job of recognizing their own. In September Dodger workers get voted for best employees. They get honored on the field and they also get to go to Vin Scully press box and meet Vin! I am hoping that a few favorites of mine get honored.

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