Second ITD (InsidetheDodgers) Tour

Last year I  included the story about Joe Pierre that Rhett Bollinger of MLB wrote in this post
the Power of a Blog   Joe was invited by the Dodgers to join the first ITD tour.  

This year the ITD attendance (like the regular attendance) was smaller but we had a great time!   Several people (Including Josh Suchon of Dodger Talk) asked me why attend the tour when I’am always at the stadium and have taken the tour before (quite a few times).      I think it was mainly to meet up with friends and I can’t pass an opportunity to be at my Blue Heaven on Earth.   
Do you find that when re-watching a favorite movie that you notice things that you missed before?  Well, the same thing with taking the tour.   They all have brought something different and heck I don’t get tired of doing it.    A friend of mine who is a Cardinal fan will be visiting in December.   If she wants to do it,  we’ll take the tour.  
Thank you so much Josh Rawitch for taking the time to be our tour guide!    One usher that works in the dugout said to me “Why was Josh guiding the tour?  He does not do that.”   I said “because we are special!”    
Here are some pictures. 
Carol and her husband along other fans sitting in the Dodger dugout
ITD Tour 2010 dugout 1 .jpg
MLB required camera.    
ITD Tour 2010 MLB Camera .jpg 
The closest toilet to the Dodgers dugout.  LOL. 

ITD Tour 2010 toilet.jpg

To the right is the cage where Kirk Gibson hit the most dramatic homerun in Dodger history.  This image of Kirk Gibson pumping his fist along with Mel Didie’s quote was added afterwards.    Kirk Gibson was pleased when he saw it. 

 I am glad we ran into Manny Mota so that I could tell him what a wonderful job he and Pepe Yniguez are doing on the Spanish TV station.  Thank you so much Manny for spending time with us.  Muchisimas gracias Manny!   

ITD Tour Manny Mota .jpg

I am taking a picture of the mirror image.    Look at the guy with Kershaw’s number 22!  I like how that came out.  Number 22 by the way is the number I came in at in the latest MLB fan blog ranking!    Thank you all that visit my humble blog! 

ITD tour 2010 Training room .jpg

Kuo going by as we were in the batting cage by the Dodger Bullpen

InsidetheDodgers tour Kuo going by.jpg 

Here is Mike (PeruMike)  

ITD tour 2010 PeruMike in the dugout .jpg

Chad Billingsley doing his running.

InsidetheDodgers tour Billingsley.jpg

Ok, I am going to have to put some of the other pictures including Mike’s beautiful wife on another post.    I am hungry!  and I need to get ready for the ballgame.   

Game on ESPN today.  No Vinny 😦  

Go Dodgers!   Sanchez against Kuroda-san!  


  1. devilabrit

    Well congrats on number 22 Emma, looks like you had fun again, thats what I like about you no matter you always seem to have fun…. I think the candid pic of Kuo going by is awesome, someone made him smile.. good luck against the Padres


  2. crzblue2

    Happy belated Labor Day Jane.
    I like that picture of Kuo. He sure is a hard worker. He goes thru so much to get his arm ready.
    What money!!? Haven’t you heard the latest in the Dodger divorce?

  3. raysrenegade

    I have been trying to getthe Rays to let me be a Tour Guide since I know a few facts that the current Tuor Guides don’t know about the history of the stadium site, plus the secret rooms that only a handful have ever ventured in around the stadium.
    But having someone like that do a tour is special.
    But it also shows he respects and admire that building by wanting other to see it through his own eyes.
    Glad you got to take that special tour.

    Rays Renegade

  4. crzblue2

    I know you would do a great job if you were to lead that tour. I still got to post the pictures from upstairs! It will come in the next post.
    I was thinking afterwards that the Sue, the therapist that is in the dugout has to go somewhere else. I would not use that anyway. Like you, they would have to pay me to use it.
    Thanks Bluedog! I should post some pics of Kershaw!
    He sure got strong legs. That was the day after he pitched. In another Dodger forum I visit, they have nicknamed Billingsley “Thunder Thighs.”

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