Jim Bouton Ball Four or a Dodger game?

Can I split myself in two?   See I want to be at two different locations on Saturday September 18th.     

The first one is here. 


Jim Bouton

From the article:

The groundbreaking book written by the then-major league pitcher remains so popular that the Pasadena-based Baseball Reliquary will mark its 40th anniversary Saturday at the Burbank Central Library with two panel discussions featuring the author.


From the Baseball Reliquary:

“Ball Four” Turns Forty, a special day-long celebration of Jim Bouton’s book, Ball Four, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of its publication. The festivities will include two panel discussions featuring Jim Bouton; the world premiere screening of the documentary, The Seattle Pilots: Short Flight Into History; and a book signing with Jim Bouton. Burbank Central Library Auditorium, 110 N. Glenoaks Blvd., Burbank, CA. Free admission. Further information, phone (626) 791-7647; for directions, phone (818) 238-5600.

I have a confession to make.  I have never read Jim Bouton book “Ball Four”  A friend keeps recomending it to me but with all the other books, baseball and non-baseball, I just keep putting it off.  i have read a few pages from the latest release at the bookstore but I put it back telling myself “next time.”   I do want a copy and read it and what better opportunity than to go to this event and have him sign the book too.    

The second one is the Dodgers are in town playing the Rockies.  Normally a Saturday game is at 7:10 but is a national Fox game so the game will start at 1:10.   

 I am leaning toward going to Burbank library.   the only reason why I have missed a Dodger game in the last five years has been because I had to be out of town or I have been very sick.  

Happy birthday to Orel Hershiser!  Orel turns 52 today September 16th.  

Independence and Hispanic Heritage Month.

the five Central American countries (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador,Nicaragua and Costa Rica) celebrate their independence on September 15th.   I still remember as a kid marching in Honduras on Independence Day.   

Mexico is celebrating 200 years since their independence September 16th and Chile’s independence is  September 18th.  

Felicidades a todas estas naciones!  





  1. crzblue2

    Yes Jane, I am leaning toward going to this event. I get to see a documentary too about the Seattle Pilots.
    I know Jeff. My bums are playing terrible. They have forgotten how to hit.
    Is a whole day event with a pannel discussion too. I am going to the Dodger game tonight and Sunday.

  2. raysrenegade

    Might of hit the Bouton appearance myself with hopes of maybe getting the last half of the game in afterwards. But then again, I am an insane fan.
    That is a bit of a puzzling situation, but I know the right answer will materialize to you and we will be better for it.
    Sucks that the times are so close and makes it almost impossible to hit both events,

    Rays Renegade


  3. crzblue2

    The “Ball Four Turns Forty” event started two hours before game time and it ended AFTER Dodger Talk. Did you see what the score of the Dodger game was? We got murdered. Tulo hit a grand slam also.

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