Running into other bloggers. MLB Playoffs

When CCompe1 (Carol) posted in the ITD blog, it reminded me of this email I got from Andy of   I had commented on his blog before and he in turn has visited my blog.     During Fan Appreciation Day, I was making my rounds at each level.  I had gone to see Carol and her mom but my visit was brief as the seats around were taken so I could not stay.  This is what I received from Andy:

Hi Emma. Thanks for emailing me. That was the 3rd game of the season that I attended and Ted Lilly was the starting pitcher in all three. It’s funny because I didn’t plan it that way. In fact, the tickets were free because we’d gotten some free ticket vouchers at the Casey Blake signing in Pasadena earlier this season. So Ted Lilly won two of the three games we attended.

We sat in Reserved Level Section 1. You (I hope it was you, lol) were talking to a lady in the aisle seat in Row M of our section, I think. It does look like you were making the rounds visiting friends. I love your Jackie Robinson jersey. We were in Row 0, right in the middle of the row. I wanted to go over to introduce myself but I didn’t want to inconvenience other people to stand up so I could go up the stairs–I had already done that several times earlier.

I had always wanted to meet you and Roberto and other Dodger bloggers and to take a group picture at the game–maybe next season! I’d also like us to be featured in next year’s year-end Dodgers “Thank You Fans” video. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Anyways, I’ve attached the picture. It is you, isn’t it?


Yep, that was me with my game used Jackie Robinson jersey and the giveaway “this is my Town” floppy hat. 

I hope to meet you next year Andy!   Let me know when you are at our Blue Heaven on Earth. 


MLB Playoffs

Is ironic that all three homeruns in the first game of the NLCS were hit by Ex Dodgers, two by Cody Ross and one by Jason Werth.    thanks NEd Colletti.   This series is tied at one.    

Cliff Lee was brilliant in game 3 of the ALCS against the Yankees.  He gave up two hits and struckout 13.   Texas leads the series two games to one.       

Early games on Tuesday so I’ll be checking updates for the first one at work and hearing/tweeting the second one.   


Philadelphia at San Francisco  4:19 ET PM FOX Hamels vs Cain

Texas at NY Yankees               8:07 ET PM TBS Hunter vs Burnett


  1. singledaddyof2

    Wow Emma, thanks for featuring my email in your blog! I’m flattered! I would have already blogged about Fan Appreciation Day a couple of weeks ago but my computer is down and has my pictures of that day on it. I’m using the gf’s computer for now until my own is fixed. In the meantime, I really can’t wait for next season. And I’m glad the Dodgers signed Ted Lilly. He did very well in his limited time with us.


  2. crzblue2

    Hey Andy! As I said, when CCPompe1 posted in the ITD blog, it reminded me of the email you had sent me and that I wanted to blog about it.
    It is funny that the three games you attended, Lilly was pitching.

  3. raysrenegade

    I find myself watching more the ex-Rays players on these LCS series teams than the whole game.
    Maybe it is the pure fact that two teams with pinstripes are the favorites, and I like the Underdogs this time.
    Hopefully the powers that be will be frustrated and we get a Texas versus San Francisco World Series.
    Would serve the talking heads at ESPN and Fox right after trying to beat down the underdogs possible dominance.
    Rooting in the darkness for the G-men and Rangers…two western division teams…Imagine that!

    Rays Renegade

  4. crzblue2

    I am rooting for the underdog of the AL but I don’t know about the Jints. If they make it, oh well. I am trying to follow the game here at work since I don’t leave for another 30 minutes.

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