A Day in the Bleachers during the first game of the 1954 World Series

Last year  I attended an event sponsored by the Baseball Reliquary titled “The Dodger Giant Rivalry”    On one corner you had Arnold Hano and on the other Ross Porter.   Jean Ardell was the moderator.  

sept 09 023.jpg

  At that time I had not read Arnold Hano’s book “A Day in the Bleachers“.    Now that I am reading this book, I wish I had an opportunity to ask Mr. Hano some questions.

I had seen this book a few times before, but I never got the inclination to read it, the reason:  Well, because is about the Giants.  But is more than about the Giants.  Is about 1954, the Cleveland Indians.  Is about a different era, a ballpark that does not exist.   About a time that you did not have to pay so much money to see a World Series game.  A more innocent time.  Is about Baseball History.     


The book has a wonderful introduction by by Roger Kahn.    The game starts where Mr. Hano tells his wife he will go to the stadium early to stand in line to get a ticket in the bleachers.  Once he gets there, he has his doubts if he can get in after seeing the long line to get into the bleachers.   But his thinking is that if not, he will purchase a standing room only ticket.     He barely makes it in and once he is in, you feel like you have been transported to that era and that you are there at the Polo Grounds.    Mr. Hano is a wonderful story teller.        

I am half way thru the book (5th inning) and the score is tied 2-2.   Sal Maglio is pitching for the Giants and Bob Lemon for the Indians.   

Harold Cano tells this:

but not all the fans were on Maglie’s side.  As he mounted the stairs a woman in a red beret to my right and about five rows down shouted that he’d be getting an early shower.  I leaped into the fray and announced to all and sundry that she was an American-League bum.  

She stood up, turned around faced me “Who says I’m an American-League bum?” she yelled. 

I said,  “I say so.  You’re an American-League bum.”

she held up a banner and waved it at me.  It read”Brooklyn Dodgers.” 

Could she had been Hilda Chester?   






  1. rrrt

    So you’ve decided to read it after all, even if it is about the Giants? Good for you! History trumps rivalry. Speaking of “them”, I was hoping the Phillies could beat them for you, but they have been looking totally asleep! I hope that situation rectifies itself later tonight.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  2. crzblue2

    You would have loved the event!
    doesn’t it sounds like Hilda?
    Doess is right! History trumps rivalry. In every library or bookstore, thrift store and antique store, I always check for baseball books.

  3. yudanjiao522@hotmail.com

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  4. devilabrit

    Now I realize why you have such a dislike for the Giants, not from the book, but from watching them play this week and watching the dug out antics, I think I would hate them more than I do now if they were in our division.


    Phillies Outside

  5. crzblue2

    ahhh I don’t know what to make of that post about telephone calls.
    Ughh, that was hard to watch the hated Jints win that game. Hopefully the Phillies will come back.

  6. crzblue2

    Just finished the book this morning. All thru the book, Mr. Hano talks about the woman in the red beret. The book was good but the end was a let down 😉

  7. southernbelle

    Emma: I’ve never heard of this book, either. Sounds interesting. Oh, the Giants…I’m rooting for them over the Rangers. I was hoping for a Yankees/Giants World Series…that would’ve brought us back to OLD times. Oh well 😦

  8. hank@stanfordalumni.com

    I was lucky enough to sit down with Arnold Hano for a lengthy interview in January of 2009. For those who have read A Day in the Bleachers — or even just for those with a love of baseball history — it’s an interesting read. Here’s the link:

  9. crzblue2

    Thank you so much Hank! That is a good interview! I recomend it to any baseball fan! My favorite thing about the book was also the description of the atmosphere of the game.
    I’ve only seen the cover of the book where Mays is making the catch. Wish I would have bought that day at the Baseball Reliquary event but I remember I did not have cash with me and I don’t think they were taking credit cards.
    So do you know if the woman with the Red beret was Hilda Chester?
    thanks again!

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