Happy 50th Birthday Fernando!! Happy November!

Can you imagine Fernando Valenzuela turns 50 today November 1st?  50 years!   It does not seem like it was that long ago when I was watching him play.  I watched him pitched from his debut with the Dodgers in 1980.   

Oh how I wished Tommy Lasorda would have used Fernando instead of Dave Goltz that October 6th 1980 extra game to break a dead tied for the National League West against the Astros..  Yes, the Astros!  JoeNiekro and the Astros defeated my Dodgers 7-1

OK, back to 2010!   Happy 50th birthday Fernando!!   Ya te unistes al club de los cinquentones!! (you joined the 50’s club!) 

Caravan 020310 Fenarndo.jpg

Today is also All Saints Day and tomorow is

DIA DE LOS MUERTOS- DAY OF THE DEAD or ALL SOULS DAY when we celebrate the life of our dearly departed.      

For some wonderful colorful pictures from the weekend celebration in Los Angeles click on the LA Times link below


I am working in New Hampshire this week so I went from temperatures of 80’s LA to  30 to 40’s here.  But it is so beautiful here with all the wonderful colors of fall.   

Hard to get used to watching games so late but still I watched game 4 of the World Series hoping against hope that the Rangers would come back.     


  1. crzblue2

    Thanks Jane. It is beautiful. I don’t get tired of looking at the fall foliage. Thank God no rain. Just perfect weather.

  2. crzblue2

    haha. I wish I would have brought my gloves. I came back from lunch and my hands were freezing. Can you tell I am not used to this weather? 🙂
    No way I want to anywhere near any Giant fan celebrating especially the Giant fan bandwagons.
    Is a nice crispy clear day today and I can see the nice colors from the small conference room where I am working this week.
    You know what cracks me up here is the numerous Dunkin Donuts. They have then like every couple of blocks! Another thing was that in the hotel bar/restaurant they were watching the football game instead of the World Series!

  3. raysrenegade

    Here you are on the East coast when the party is about to begtin out on the West again.
    But hope you have a great trip up into the cooling tundra of Red Sox Nation. I know you will see more Bruins and Pats wear out during this trip to Boston.
    I still remember seeing Fernando throwing his heat in Dodger blue. Wils how it doesn’t seem like that long ago in our minds.
    Still looks good for hitting the 5-0….

    Rays Renegade


  4. rrrt

    Glad to hear there is still some foliage hanging on while you are there – a lot of ours came down within the past week, with some windy days. As much as I fantasize about living somewhere warm with palm trees, I would miss the fall colors. I would NOT, however, miss the cold weather – I hate being cold!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  5. crzblue2

    haha Virginia, That is pretty cool that you talked about Dia de los Muertos.
    Yeah no baseball but we got the hot stove and we can start the count to Pitchers and Catchers reporting! Yeah!
    Is actually nice here in NH and no rain yet. Hate driving in the rain when I don’t know the roads well. Haha, Fernando lives in Sunny California so he is OK.

  6. martinezforever

    “to break a dead tied for the National League West against the Braves. Yes, the Braves! Phil Niekro and the Braves defeated my Dodgers 7-1 and went on to face the Phillies for the NL pennant. ”

    The team your Dodgers lost to was not the Braves, it was the Houston Astros, and the pitcher was Joe Niekro, not Phil. And I don’t think Tommy Lasorda would have dreamed of using an unproven 19 year old in the biggest game of the year instead of a veteran pitcher he had ready to go. I remember watching that game when I lived in Texas.

  7. crzblue2

    ::blushing:: I am so embarrassed I made that mistake! I corrected it. Thanks! You know I was there for all three games (I have my tickets somewhere). After the Sunday game was over, the tickets went on sale and I went and stood in line in the Reserved section.
    the next day (Monday) I went to work very early and when my boss went to work I told him I had to leave early to go to the game. His response: “I am surprise you are here!” I felt devastated after the game.
    How could I make that mistake when I lived thru it at the stadium!? Thanks again!
    You know I have never looked at the foliage in the Sierras. That is something I need to do. I have seen beautiful pictures.

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