Sparky Anderson, Bob Feller and Mickey Mantle

I started this post on November 3rd and left it on draft but was so busy when I was in NH and when I got back to LA I was so tired with lots to do so here I am Sunday November 7th.   Hey!  at least we got an hour back (I still need to change all my clocks at home).  

My post started with “get better Sparky” then I was so sadden when I heard the news on twitter while I was still in NH.    

I remember this picture that Jon SooHoo of the Dodgers took back in May when Sparky made an appearance at Dodger Stadium when the Tigers were in town.  

Rest in peace Sparky.  


  Torre Sparky and Leyland.jpg

For more pictures of Sparky taken by Jon SooHoo, visit  his blog at

 My original post had a happy Birthday to Bob Feller.  Happy belated Mr. Feller. 

Bob Feller turned 92 years young today last Wednesday.  I still regret that I did not get his autograph when he was at the FanFest this year.   Wasn’t he a cutie?


The Last Boy: Mickey Mantle and the End of America’s Childhood,” by Jane Leavy

Several years back (Has it been that long?) I enjoyed reading  Sandy Koufax: “A Lefty Legacy” by Jane Leavy.   When I saw the book about Mickey Mantle is by Jane Leavy, I immediately thought that it should be a good read.   I also thought of Jane Heller 

I have never read any book about Mickey Mantle but after reading this review in the LA times by Zev Chafets, I could see me reading this book.   Here is the book review  

Currently I am reading Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.   A friend at work in NH brought a bag a books to donate to the bookcase of books that is kept in the cafeteria so I picked that book.   I am only 40 pages into the book, but I don’t think I want to see the movie.   It just doesn’t seem to be a book that would translate well into a movie but maybe it will be worth it just to see Javier Bardem.          


  1. crzblue2

    I will take you word for it and don’t see the movie. I’l just see Javier Barden in another movie. HAha, I saw that I along with Lady Jane have been nominated. Oh My! I sound it awful signing Happy Birthday to Jeter. lol. I can’t forget his birthday since is so close to mine.

  2. Jane Heller

    Save your money on the Eat, Pray, Love movie. I thought it was awful, although Javier Bardem sure is gorgeous. (Unfortunately, he’s only in the last third of the movie.) I’m very eager to read Jane Leavy’s book about The Mick. It’s gotten wonderful reviews. Now on to important matters – you’ve been nominated for a She-Fan Video award, so you might want to check out the latest post and get busy campaigning!

  3. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Bob Feller is one of my all time absolute favorites! He pitched with attitude. If you want to know what a real Hall of Fame Pitcher looks like, look at the back of his baseball card.
    Sparky was one of the greatest managers ever. Rest well Sparky.
    …and happy belated birthday Fernando!!

  4. raysrenegade

    Unfortunately two of your three are no longer with us, but it is a powerful trio.
    Think of what a team you could build around if you had the managerial mind of Spraky Anderson, the pitching of Bob Feller and the Centerfield mastery of Mickey Mantle.
    By themselves it seems those three could win a pennant
    Bob Feller actually has been a loyal performer and guest at all the Spring MLB Alumni charity events for years down here in Florida during Spring Training.
    Always smile when I see Feller and he always has a tons of older children in their 40’s and above still clammering for his signature….just like when he wore his Indians uniform.

    Rays Renegade

  5. devilabrit

    So how long are you in NH for, that will suck if you have to stay there into the really bad weather. It’s the price of getting old, all your hero’s start to pass on…


    Phillies Outside

  6. crzblue2

    Hey Mike! So good to read you again! Glad you are back posting. I’ve been so busy lately but I am back in LA.
    I would like just hang there while he is signing autographs and listen to his stories. That would be so cool.
    I am back in LA! I left just before the snow started. Lucky me!
    Getting old sucks!

  7. crzblue2

    That is sad that Bob is battling Leukemia. He looked good at the All-Star Fan-Fest this year. Thanks for let me know.

  8. crzblue2

    LOL Peter! You are a riot! Jane should give out those hand fans! I coudl use one on those hot days during Spring Training and in the dog days of Summer. Thanks Peter!
    Thank Cliff! As I said I get request to sing “Far, Far Away!” 🙂

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