Building Dreams, Friends and Memories

“Building Dreams, Friends and Memories” is the theme of the Rose Parade for 2011.  

Congratulations to CPompe1 (Carol) for knowing that trivia in my prior post:  What do Gregory Peck, Lorne Greene, Arnold Palmer, Dr. William H. Pickering, E.L. Bob Barlett and Earl Warren have in common?  

They all served as GMs (Grand Marshals)  of the Rose Parade.   The years in order of names above: 1988, 1981, 1965, 1963, 1959 and 1955.   Those are the years the Dodgers won the World Series. 

Paula Deen was named the Grand Marshal for 2011 ya’ll   I wonder if she was the first choice. 

From the

Thumbnail image for Gregory Peck.jpg

Peck wasn’t the first choice, but he was a terrific one.  The first choice  that year, was Walter Cronkite.  Perfect, but Cronkite had a previous engagement.  The second, unnamed choice, bowed out at the last minute, just the before the programs went to press. 

Despite being third in line, Peck was one of the most enthusiastic Grand Marshals ever.  He had been attending Rose Parades with his father since he was a boy, and was thrilled to be riding along Colorado Blvd. in a vintage car.  He pulled some strings and got on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, the first Grand Marshal to appear in that bastion of late-night celebrities.

Baseball players as GMs:

1999 Jackie Robinson (posthumously)

1975 Henry L. “Hank” Aaron.

Anyone seen the add on the internet for the ’67 Rose parade hosted by Vin Scully with  Elizabeth Montgomery from Bewitched?  


For a list of other Rose Parade grand marshals go to

Here is to building dreams, friendship and memories! 


  1. crzblue2

    yep Jane, Paula Deen is the GM at the Parade next year. I would have prefer someone else too and was wondering if she was a first choice pick.

  2. crzblue2

    I would have like either one of them too with their connection to California.
    I helped decorate the Dodger float in 2008. My friends and I went a few times to help and stayed very late ’cause we were concerned that it was not going to get done on time. I also helped decorate the USC float that year. It was fun looking at the Dodger float and spotting areas I worked on like glueing peanuts around. This year I might go back to show a friend that is coming from St Louis (Cardinal fan) and help some. The Dodger Booster club volunteers so I just give that name when I show up.

  3. blithescribe

    Neat, I wasn’t even thinking of the Rose Parade but that answer makes sense. I agree with Jane, Cat Cora would have been a much better chef choice for California or Giada De Laurentiis who was raised in Southern California and has the family tie in to Hollywood. Oh well.
    You volunteer for so many fun events, do you volunteer for the Rose Parade too? I remember fondly the many hours I spent decorating the City of Burbank’s floats in Jr. High and High School.
    – Kristen

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