Ozzie Guillen Answered my Question! Happy 75th Birthday Sandy Koufax!

A while back when the Dodgers got Uribe, I posted a question on Ozzie Guillen’s blog.   He responded!  Thanks Ozzie!   


Q: Since the Dodgers have Juan Uribe and he played for the White Sox, what can you tell us about him?

A: Uribe is awesome. He may look like a little Buddha, but he is an amazing baseball player. I think he is so good because he is not afraid of the moment. He really is fearless, maybe because he has no idea how big the moments actually are! (haha) I only kid with him because that’s my boy, and he will be great for the Dodgers. 

As I always say, keep the questions coming!

Until next time …

— Ozzie

Haha.  Ozzie is funny.  If you want to sent Ozzie any question, go to his blog at http://ozzie.mlblogs.com/


Happy Birthday Sandy Koufax!  Our Sandy turns 75 today December 30th?  


I have a friend who is a big Cardinal fan in town so I’ve been busy. 

Tuesday: We went to Portos in Burbank, Dodger Stadium, The San Antonio Winery, Philippes, Olvera Street, Union Station.  

Wednesday: The Equestrian Fest in Burbank, lunch at a Honduran restaurant (Lempiras) and the Griffith Observatory.

Thursday:  We are going to Santa Barbara with another Cardinal fan who has a blog here then coming back to Woodland Hills to go to Jeff Suppan’s restaurant “Soup’s Grill” 

Friday:   ???? Sandi:  What are we doing Friday?   Maybe help decorate a float and then ???     

Saturday:  The Rose Parade.    



  1. blithescribe

    That’s so neat that he answered your question and that his response sounds so funny and genuine. It’s hard to believe that Koufax is 75! And that sounds like quite a week you have planned. Porto’s (guava and cream cheese, soooo yummy!), Philippes, Olvera street and a trip up to Santa Barbara too? Nice! Enjoy the Rose Parade and Happy New Year!
    – Kristen

  2. Jane Heller

    Busy is right, Emma. Wow. I left you a response to your question about SB on my blog, but in case you missed it, I said you should dress warmly today for your trip up here. It’s absolutely freezing with very high winds! You’ll love the Mission; it’s one of my favorite places. And while I don’t know of any wineries right here in the city, if you have time you should drive to Santa Ynez with your friends – only another 45 min or so – and go to Sunstone Winery. It’s picturesque and the wine is fab.


  3. raysrenegade

    Way to go Emma!
    I guess you are going to be our ace reporter with the Ozzie connection now.
    Still such a great thing that he was so open and honest about Uribe. That must make you feel more secure about the signing since Ozzie popped his stamp on him.
    Sandy K is 75. I swear he is one of those old baseball guys I would give my left arm for to just talk the game with for an hour. Not just about what he has done, but what he feels about today’s athlete and the way the game has transformed.
    Still, I hope, wish and pray I can someday also hit that beautiful 75 mark too. Again Happy Birthday Sandy!

    Rays Renegade


  4. truebluewill

    Nice picture of my most favorite Dodger. Haven’t commented in a while, but haven’t forgotten you. Have a great New Year, happy and healthy and maybe the four of us,(you, me, Joe, and the Dodgers), will meet again somewhere this year.

  5. theheirloom

    I saw the photos from the Rose Parade – nice! I missed it on TV, which didn’t make homesickness even tolerable.

    Ozzie’s MLBlog is funny. Even funnier is his Twitter account. There’s no translation editor – just raw unfiltered thoughts in Spanish *and* English.

    …and, Sandy’s looking great at 75!

    Happy New Year!
    – Randy

  6. crzblue2

    I have not had time to post here and peruse my favorite blogs, forums. buzy as a bee I’ve been.
    Yeah, that was so neat that Ozzie responded! Hard to believe Koufax is 75! And among the things I ate at Portos in Bubank was a guava cream cheese pastry! Yummy! My friend Sandi wanted to go back for the potato balls but there was no time left.
    I did read your response in your blog and here while my friend Julie (she has a blog here that she updates every once in a while and she has posted in yours) was driving to Santa Barbara. We did go to the Santa Barbara mission. It is beautiful there. Sandi took some nice pictures.
    Thank you so much for the recomendations!

  7. crzblue2

    You are too kind 🙂 Hey! you could run into Koufax in Florida. He does goes to some Spring Training games there. That would be awesome if you could chat with him. He would see what a great knowledgeable, faithful fan you are.

    Happy new year to you too. And you are right, only Ozzie would get away with calling Uribe Buddha. I cracked up when I read that!

  8. crzblue2

    So good to read you hear again! I like your thinking of the four us (Joe, you the Dodgers and I) meeting somewhere this year. I was so glad that I got to see you and Joe at Fenway when our beloved Bums were there! Good memories of 2010!
    Happy New Year! I loved the Ronald Reagan float. The eagle on top and the pictures they depicted of him as an actor, with Nancy, on a horse, as an announcer were magnificent! They did an outstanding work with that float. It is really a treat to watch them up close at the Victory Park. You appreciate more the work when you have time to watch all the detail.
    They have Rose Parade workers there at the float answering questions. I recognized the lady working at the Ronald Reagan float! She works at Dodger Stadium as an usher in the dugout seat area. Although I don’t sit there, I talked to her since I am on the first row of the field level where I watch batting practice so she recognized me right away.
    I think I also follow Ozzie on Twitter but I’ll double check.
    Happy New Year to you too Randy!

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