A Tribute to the Dodger Players that passed away in 2010

Two LA Dodgers passed away in 2010 and nine ten Brooklyn Dodgers.  

LA Dodgers:

Willie Davis (April 15, 1940 – March 9, 2010)


Jose Lima.  (September 30, 1972 – May 23, 2010)

The sweet sound of Jose Lima  

Brooklyn Dodgers

Bobby Bragan  (October 30, 1917 – January 21, 2010)

George Cisar (August 25, 1910 – February 19, 2010)

Gene Hermaski  (May 11, 1920 – August 9, 2010)

Gene Hermanski 

Clyde Edward King (May 23, 1924 – November 2, 2010)

 Ken Lehman ( June 10, 1928 – December 4, 2010)

Billy Loes (December 13, 1929 – July 15, 2010)

Morrie Martin (September 3, 1922 – May 24, 2010)

Danny McDevitt (November 18, 1932 – November 20, 2010).    the last Brooklyn Dodger pitcher to grace the mound at Ebbets Field 


Calvin Coolidge Julius Caesar Tuskahoma McLish (December 1, 1925 – August 26, 2010)



John Henry Van Cuyk (July 7, 1921 – July 15, 2010)

Rest in peace gentlemen

The number of Brooklyn Dodgers alive is down to 55 54. 

Updated January 6th, 2011 to add Danny McDevitt.

Thank you Russel of http://wrigleyregular.mlblogs.com for reminding me of Mr McDevitt


  1. crzblue2

    The minute I read your post I said “Shoot!!” “I knew I had forgotten someone!” “shoot” “Aghhh! I had read that in the obituary back in November” Thank you so much for catching that. Going back to correct that.

  2. truebluewill

    How did you compile the number (54) of Brooklyn Dodgers still alive? Is there a website you got it from? I’d like to see the complete list.

  3. crzblue2

    A year ago I started compiling the list ’cause I was wondering how many of them were alive. We had 63 when I started the list last January and before posting it one passed away so we were down to 62. Now is 54.
    Here is the list I posted a year ago.
    I have the list at work in a excel worsheet so I can sort any way I want ’cause I wanted to know the oldest, the youngest, the ones having a birthday. Malinoskwy is the oldest at 101 and Rod Miller the youngest turning 71 on January 16th. Koufax is the third youngest.
    I’ll post an updated one.

  4. truebluewill

    Thanks a lot for re-posting the list. I look forward to the updated one. I’m going to make a copy of it and add the years that each player played for the Dodgers and also see how many on the ’55 championship team are left.

  5. crzblue2

    I decided not to wait to get the list I have at work. This one I can’t delete individual lines. I guess it considers the whole thing as an entry so I am typing a new one from that list. You are welcome to copy the new one once I post it.

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