Honoring the Brooklyn Dodger Players Alive as of January 10th, 2011

Here is a fun video of Duke Snider in “What is my Line”



I started this list of Brooklyn Dodger players Alive.  We had ten Brooklyn Dodger players that passed away in 2010, so here is the updated list.    

no  Player                          Birthdate             Born in and other notes 

  1. Tony Malinosky          10/5/1909            Illinois.  Lives in Oxnard, CA
  2. Mike Sandlock           10/17/1915          Old Greenwich, CT.  Golfer
  3. Ray Hathaway            10/13/1916         Grinville, OH.  Minor league manager
  4. Cy Buker                     2/5/1919             Greenwood, WI.  Cyril was a pitcher
  5. Lee Pfund                   10/10/1919         ILL.  His son was MGR of Miami Heats
  6. Luis Olmo                   10/11/1919         PR.  Played for Mexico and Cuba.
  7. Cliff Dapper                1/2/1920             Los Angeles  Traded for Ernie Harwell.
  8. Boyd Bartley               2/11/1920           Chicago.  Played in nine games in 1949  
  9. Jean-Pierre Roy         6/26/1920           Canada.  Commentator for the Expos
  10. Pat McGlothin             10/20/1920         Coalfield, TN.  Ezra Mac was a pitcher
  11. Johnny Schmitz           11/27/1920        Wasau, WI.  Lefty pitcher. 
  12. Andy Pafko                  2/25/1921          Boiceville, IL.  Lives in Mount Prospect, IL
  13. Marv Rackley               7/25/1921          Seneca, SC.  Left fielder
  14. Chuck Kress                12/9/1921          Philadelphia.  Lefty first baseman.
  15. Eddie Masinksi           11/4/1922          Buffalo, NY.  Nickname:  The Fiddler, Bazzoka
  16. Don Lund                    1 5/8/1923          Detroit.  Also drafted by the Chicago Bears
  17. Tim Thompson            3/1/1924            Coalport, PA.  Lives in Lewinston, PA
  18. George Shuba            12/13/1924        Youngston, OH  http://www.georgeshuba.com/
  19. Ed Stevens                  1/12/1925          Gavelston, TX.  Coach for the Padres in 1981
  20. Johnny Rutherford       5/5/1925            Ontario, CN.  Pitcher. Nickname: Doc 
  21. Wayne Terwilliger       6/27/1925          Clare, Mi.  Coach under Ted Williams
  22. Chris Haughey            10/3/1925          Astoria, NY.  Pitcher.  Appeared in one game at 18  
  23. Ralph Branca              1/6/1926            Mount Vernon, NY. 
  24. Bob Borkowski           1/27/1926          Dayton, OH.  Traded for Joe Black
  25. Randy Jackson            2/10/1926         Little Rock, AR.  Nickname:  “Handsome Ransom”
  26. Dick Teed                    3/8/1926            Springfield, MA.  One at in 1953
  27. Elmer Sexauer            5/21/1926          St Louis County, MO.  Pitcher
  28. Don Newcombe          6/14/1926          Madison, NJ.  Still working for the Dodgers
  29. Bobby Morgan             6/29/1926         Oaklahoma City, OK.  Infielder
  30. Duke Snider                9/19/1926          Los Angeles, CA  HOF.  The Duke of Flatbush!
  31. Charlie Osgood           11/23/1926       Sommerville, MA  appeared in one game at 17
  32. Carl Erskine                 12/13/ 1926     Anderson, IN.  http://www.carlerskine.com/
  33. Preston Ward               7/24/1927        Columbia, MO.  APF Cubs, Indians, Pirates & A.
  34. Rocky Bridges              8/7/1927          Refugio, TX.  Infielder, coach & minor league mgr
  35. Tommy Lasorda          9/22/1927        Norristown, PA.  HOF.  61 years working for the Dodgers
  36. Tommy Brown              12/6/1927         Brooklyn, NY.  Also played for Phillies & Cubs
  37. Dick Williams                5/7/1928          St Louis, Mo.  Lf, 3B, coach & Manager
  38. Joe Landrum                 12/13/1928      Columbia, SC.  Pitcher  
  39. Joe Pignatano              8/4/1929           Brooklyn, NY.  Catcher and coach
  40. Gino Cimoli                   12/18/1929      San Francisco, CA.  Worked 21 years for UPS
  41. Roger Craig                  2/17/1930        Durham, NC.  Pitcher, coach and manager
  42. Ron Negray                   2/26/1930        Akron, OH.  Also played for the Phillies 
  43. Glenn Mickens              7/26/1930        Wilman, CA  Afterwards became coach for UCLA 
  44. Don Zimmer                  1/17/1931        Cincinnati, OH.  Currently working for the Rays
  45. Ed Roebuck                  7/3/1931          East Millboro, PA.  relief pitcher and scout
  46. Fred Kipp                     10/1/1931         Piqua, KS.  Also pitched for the Yankees       
  47. Bill Harris                      12/3/1931         Canada.  Pitched one game for Brooklyn & LA
  48. Chico Fernandez         3/2/1932           Cuba. SS.  APF Phillies, Tigers and Mets 
  49. Jim Gentile                   6/3/1934           San Francisco, CA.  Hitting coach for Flyers   
  50. Don Demeter               6/25/1935         Oaklahoma City.  CF.  Now a Baptist minister   
  51. Sandy Koufax             12/30/1935       Brooklyn, NY.  Greatest Lefhander Pitcher! 
  52. Bob Aspromonte          6/19/1938        Brooklyn, NY.  Resides in Houston, TX 
  53. Rod Miller                      1/16/1940        Portland, OR.  He played in one game in 1957.

ref: Baseball references, wikipedia, updated from my 2010 post in January. 

My thoughts and prayers go to the people killed in Tucson, Arizona and to their family.  Among the six killed was  third-grader Christina-Taylor Green, daughter of Dodgers scout John Greene, and granddaughter of former Phillies pitcher and manager Dallas Greene.


  1. crzblue2

    I sure have! it took me a while to do that but it was worth it and at the end I was rewarded by finding that wonderful video of Duke Snider. ther are some more old Brooklyn Dodgers out there that I was having fun watching.

  2. yunghitterz89

    I must admit, I’d never in a million lifetimes think Duke Snider outta all those questions they asked. lol. Amazing. And I’m guessing this was the last recording before they moved to Los Angeles. I wonder where that avocado field that they were speaking of is at now. Hmn, a mystery. lol.

    Great writing as always Emma.

    Check out my blog and comment on my newest posts!


  3. crzblue2

    I would have never guessed either but I think they recognized his voice. Is so cool that the videos are around. Fallbrook I would think is where the avocado trees were/are.
    Wonderful post and poem you posted!
    Yep, the oldest is 101! I am thiking of the t-shirt “Old Guys Rule!”
    Thanks Bluedog! I figure you would enjoy that video.

  4. yunghitterz89

    @ Emma, I’ve been around there before. Well, actually I do some traveling down to Oceanside to see my GF, and since its close to there, we often go sight seeing. LOL. Man, I wonder if those avocados are still his property and if so, how good they might taste.

    And Thank You for taking the time out to read my blog, or more so importantly, the first article at the top regarding the shooting of a sweet, innocent little angel. I hope you truly loved reading the article and were touched by the words I wrote.

    It meant alot to me to see what people have to say, and for the record, congrats on becoming a TOP 100 blog. I hope to one day reach that status with my blog, so heres to optimism.

    Happy New Years and God Bless!!



  5. crzblue2

    You are so welcome True! Is fun doing that!
    So sorry that you lost Adrian. I will miss seeing him play in the NL. I love Duke’s video.
    Thanks Mark! Gibby’s moment is one of my favorites too. It be interesting to pull a list of the Cubbies that last won the W.S. One of these years the Cubbies will win. Anything is possible after the hated Jints won.
    I am glad you liked that! One of these years I’ll make it back to New York so True, you and I can watch our Bums.
    I truly enjoyed your post! Keep up the great work! I believe I read or heard he sold the avocado farms but I bet he still has some trees. You know I never been to Fallbrook. Also one of these Saturdays I want to take the train to Oceanside or San Juan Capistrano. I never been there. I only pass on my way to San Diego.

  6. Kevin Tri

    What a wonderful job you have done on compiling this list. Amazing so many of these great players still around. Could you please email me at kevfill@aol.com. My son and nephew are writing a research paper (8th Grade)that will take them a few months to complete and hoping to interview some of the players we are able to fly to do the interviews. My Brother In Law played for the Texas Rangers during the Nolan Ryan years and has some connections as well, in fact was coached at one point in his his career by Wayne Terwilliger

  7. Emma

    Thanks! That is great that your son and nephew are working on that research paper. It sounds wonderful. I’ll send you an email but if you back here my email is crzblue at yahoo. I have the list in excel if you want it. We have lost eight so far this year from the list. I usually do a tribute to all tht have passed away during the prior year at the beginning of January and update my list.

  8. Emma

    Kevin, I am so glad to hear that young people get involved with projects like this.
    Here is the list of Brooklyn that have passed away this year:
    Tony Malinosky
    Duke Snider
    CY Buker
    Johny Schmitz
    Elmer Sexauer
    Bill Harris
    Dick Williams
    Cliff Dapper

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