Don Mattingly, Deuce and more Dodger fans at the LA Kings Game for Dodger Pride Night

It was Dodger Pride Night at the LA Kings game at the Staple Center last night.   No, I could not go, I had a doctor’s appointment at 6:p.m.    but plenty of my friends went.  

That is Dee at the end.  She is the one that has Vin Scully’s picture tattoo.    Way to represent guys

Deuce was honorary team captain!!


What an awesome day for you Deuce!   


Our rookie manager waves to the crowd prior to throwing dropping the ceremonial baseball  puck


Thumbnail image for walking with one shoe.jpgSorry I missed it.   After the doctor’s office I decided to go to Nordstrom Rack and you wont guess what happened to me.   I was looking at the endless racks of shoes (they had a sale).  Anyway, one of the ones I tried on, I walked with it, walked some more to see if I really liked it.   I took it off then noticed I did not have my own shoe and I had forgotten where I left my black Ann Klein loafer.  I looked and looked then I asked the sales lady that was arranging the shoes.  She helped me look for it but neither of us could find it and it was closing time.       

I left my name and description of the shoe and walked kind of limping with  one shoe thinking “why does this happen to me?”

 Let’s see if they call me tomorrow telling me they found my shoe.  

On other news, I renewed my Dodger season tickets today.  Today  is the last day you could renew without the Dodgers releasing your seats.


pictures from Jon Soo Hoo and Deuce from his dad.  

I miss my Dodger fan friends!   See you soon at Dodger Stadium!  

‎30 days pitchers and catchers report. 35 days voluntary players report. 43 days 1st spring training game. 46 days mandatory player report. 76 days opening day. -per Dodger fan Ernest Celaya.   


  1. crzblue2

    I too love the pictures of Donnie! i hope he does have a good rookie season for the Dodgers sake and for him.
    Can you imagine that was his first time at a hockey game!? What an experience for him! Next month P&C report and the rest of the group so yeah is around the corner. Yipeee!
    I did not get any calls so no shoe! that would be weird if my shoe ends up in a box. I hardly ever drive to work since I take the train so I am not going there if they don’t call me.

  2. blithescribe

    What a cute kid! He’s going to remember that night forever. Thank you for sharing the detailed countdown. The season seems so far away but I guess spring training really is just around the corner. I’m glad you renewed your season tickets. I know they raised the prices that the owners are not worthy of the Dodgers, but you would be very sad if you didn’t get to go to all the games I am sure. That is so weird about your shoe…what do you want to be that someone opens up a box to try on a pair and finds your shoe in the box?
    – Kristen

  3. crzblue2

    I love it too! At Dodger Stadium we have USC, UCLA, Laker, King night.
    Russel, Hey! I don’t remember if we had Clipper night. We should too. Maybe somebody picked up my shoe and moved it ’cause the sales lady and I looked and I looked for a long time that I got tired of doing that.

  4. raysrenegade

    Donnie Baseball looked lind of like Donnie Hockey there.
    I wonder if Mattingly can ice skate?
    Really cool to see Duece again get some love on Dodger Night.
    Mattingly looks so different without his trademark beard and ‘ stache. I think that is the first time I have seen him clean shaven like since….his pinstripe days with Torre.
    I got a good feeling about his rookie campaign. But you guys got the World Champos in your division, so it is going to be a dogfight from the first pitch.
    But that is the fun of it all

    Rays Renegade

  5. crzblue2

    LOL Cliff. Donnie looks like he can play any of those sports. Ahh.. you remember Deuce from my other pics! He is a cutie! I hope your hunch is right about Donnie’s rookie season. Aghh, yeah we got those Jints in our division.

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