Dodgers Select A Seat, Open House and SABR Day

Later on this morning is my Select A Seat appointment at Dodger Stadium.    Is my first time to taste a Dodger dog for 2011 and see the Dodger friends that I have not seen since the season ended.    

I would have gone to Saturday’s Dodger Stadium Open House but I am already committed to the SABR Day on Saturday.   

From the SABR link below:

SABR Day 2011 takes place on Saturday, January 29. The Society for American Baseball Research (SABR) is a member-driven nonprofit organization made up of nearly 7,000 members who are fans of baseball and its rich and varied history. Although a sizable portion (about 10%) of the membership comes together for SABR’s national convention each year, with 55 chapters scattered through the US (as well as Canada, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, and Japan), it would impossible to gather the entire SABR community in one place at one time. Our alternative solution is to have as many members as possible come together on the same day–regardless of where they live. On our first SABR Day in 2010, more than 700 SABR members from 37 chapters got together at 34 separate meetings across North America.

Below is a list of chapter and chartered community events already scheduled for SABR Day 2011. Be sure to check back often as more chapters finalize their plans. Whether or not you’re a member of SABR, you’re invited to attend a SABR Day 2011 event and be a part of a community of dedicated fans of the greatest game around.,c,3136,3,158

The one in Boston is at Fenway Park and a couple of them at the MLB team Fanfest.  Wish the one in the LA area was at Dodger Stadium but is at Ervine, CA.  


  1. dodgerfilms

    The Select-a-Seat event is always fun. I went yesterday. I wish they had the all-beef Dodger dogs available, but any Dodger dog is great after four months!

  2. crzblue2

    I had forgotten how excited I get going to Dodger Stadium. i had a great time and the Dodger dog tasted so good, like you said after four months. There was a pitcher wearing a Arizona Fall League shirt thorwing practice tosses with a trainer. Another friend said he had seen Kuo earlier.

  3. southernbelle

    Emma: OMG now I really want to go to NYY Steak…I’ve never been there but I heard it is AMAZING. But I don’t really get the point of going there during the season: all you really need to eat during a ballgame is a nice hotdog πŸ™‚ Enjoy SABR Day!

  4. crzblue2

    I wish I could be at different places at the same time. There are several locations of SABR Day that I would love to go.

  5. blithescribe

    Enjoy SABR day on Saturday! Irvine isn’t so bad to get to on the weekends at least, during the week, the commute is terrible. Were you able to upgrade your seats? I’m sure is was exciting to see the outfield grass again and a ballpark hotdog sounds so good right now…The Angels were silly in my opinion and did their open house today from like noon until 3. No way I could get down there from my job in Whittier for the event in the middle of the day.
    – Kristen

  6. crzblue2

    Thanks Kristen. I hope I can find this place. I don’t think I’ve been to Irvine before just drive thru on the freeway. I was not looking to upgrade my seats just wanted to see my beloved Dodger Stadium, enjoy a dodger dog and **** chat with Dodger fans. Ran into a few friends there including the Dodger historian.

  7. crzblue2

    I was great Jane that I had a second one. Now soon I am on my way to Ontario for a non-baseball event. You know we expect rain in the Southland so I hope I make it back before that.

  8. hardcore1

    Why do you go 4 months without Dodger dogs? I know people who regularly grill them for their family barbecues. I’ve bought them at Vons before from time to time. Some folks brought them to the Rose Bowl for the game on New Year’s Day where they had some barbecues going, too.

  9. raysrenegade

    The Rays have a few of those select a seat days, plus a special introduction to the Rays for new Season Ticket holders. All of it tends to make the fans a bit more excited for April, plus see to what extent the excitement is for the upcoming season.
    The Rays also color-code seats during Fan Fest togive people an idea of the cost of certain ticket packages or even full packages in all sections of the stadium.
    No SABR Day for me, but I know there were thousands around the country having fun talking baseball and giving their takes on the upcoming season.
    I am waiting to see if we have a MLBlogs Fantasy League this year.

    Rays Renegade

  10. crzblue2

    Oh I buy them too at Vons or at Smart & Final but they taste better at the ballpark! My brother and I enjoyed them along with chips, bags of peanuts, popcorn and we had lemonade. Afterwards we walked everywhere including the dugoout seats. Kuo was there and a right hander pitcher with an Arizona League shirt was practicing with one of the Dodger trainer. It was just such fun being back at Dodger Stadium.
    Yep, all this makes more excited about Pitchers & Catchers reporting soon.
    It was fun being at the SABR Day. Out of 20 people there, two of us women.
    If we redo the MLB Blog fantasy league, is going to be a hard decision to pick three keepers from Pujols, Ethier, Tulo, Kershaw, Ubaldo.

  11. wolfwatcher

    My sis and I went on Friday, because they have moved our awesome Top Deck seats to some significantly less awesome TD seats and we wanted to stay awesome! We were able to do so, in fact got slightly better than before, go figure! Had a ball snarfing dodger dogs and cruising through all the parts of the park and toying with the nice young men down in the dugout seats by letting them think we were seriously considering an upgrade…LOL.

    One funny thing that happened is while we were sitting in the little restaurant eating our dodger dogs and watching the Xgames, a group of ladies came in and sat down and one of them looked JUST like you! And my sister was sure it was you so we turned around all happy like and said “hey are you the lady that writes that awesome blog, aren’t you crzblue?” And, of course, the lady wasn’t you, and then it was just kind of awkward and we came off like total stalkers. Wheee.

    anyway, although the field was covered with dirt for the motocross thing, it was still awesome to spend the afternoon sitting in our New! seats and enjoying the view.

  12. crzblue2

    That is great that you got better seats in the TD! I was surprised to see available tix there in many sections but with the price increase some I guess are not renewing and boy entire first rows were available but if you are going to pay double there than the second row, why not move.
    I don’t like this deal of charging the fans more for having the first row. Some of of those fans they have the first row because they have been around for a long time.
    that is so funny that you confused me with someone else but heck. You made me laugh πŸ™‚ lol. Thank you so much for your post! It is awesome that we can go and sit at our sits and just enjoy the view in the offseason. I tell people around “here is where I sit”
    thank you so much

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