2011 Dodger Caravan and Spring Training plans

Spring is in the air!    Check out the flowers outside where I work.  They are  called Magnolia Alexandria. 

Magnolia Alexandria .jpg

 The Dodgers Caravan will be February 14th to the 15th!   This year is full of community work where the fans get to join in!. 

My friend Lorena, Erik and I are thrilled that we were able to signed up for both days.  February 14th it will be Cleanup our LA river and February 15th, cleanup the Bay (Santa Monica).   I can’t wait!  

The Dodger current and past players along with Dodger announcers will also visit hospitals and schools as part of giving back to the community.    I think getting the fans involved is a great idea.  Details   here  

Dodgers will also be at the Lopez Tonight show in Burbank on Valentines Day but I could not get tickets to that.   Can anyone get us at the Warner Bros studios on that day?   I used to know someone that used to get me VIP tickets but that person moved out of state.    

My friend Lorena and started talking Spring Training games when we met at the Laker game last night.  Yeah, Lakers lost to the Spurs but we had a good time.  

We along with friend Margie decided on  the first two games at Camelback Ranch.  The first game is Sunday February 27th against the Angels and Monday against the White Sox.   We might get there on Saturday or early Sunday.   I can’t wait!   

February is looking pretty good!  that is Andre Ethier jumping up with Joaquin

Dodgers February calendar .jpg

 from the adoption site at www.heartgalleryla.org

PLEASE click on the link above, then the video of the Dodgers salute to the Heart Gallery of Los Angeles in their pursuit to find homes for children.   

In the video you can see Russell Martin, Andre Ethier and James Loney with children from the Heart Gallery of Los Angeles,   

This is the second year the Dodgers team up with the Heart Gallery of Los Angeles doing the Calendar.   According to Josh Rawitch, Dodgers Vice President of Communications, the Gallery has had a high rate of success since the kids have been featured on the Team calendar.      



  1. mattpeas

    Planning my spring training trip as we speak, also. It’s exciting. This will be my first appearance at ST in Florida. All the planning may go to the wayside as it’s four college kids heading down on a whim. Nonetheless, I will be seeing my Bucs in person at the end of march in Bradenton.

  2. crzblue2

    Those sometimes are the best plans when you just go on a whim. I hope you do get to go. You will have a blast!
    Thanks Ron. I hope Vin Scully makes the trip for the Openning game on Sunday!

  3. raysrenegade

    If I lived in Los Angeles I would be giddy as a school kid with the Dodgers Caravan ideas.
    Hopefully the rest of the Big Blue’s followers will also see that cleaning up and giving of yourself to do events like that also brings the players closer to you….They remember who got down and dirty in the L A river.
    It is great to see they decided to take a ecological course of action this year…but still, I would of been happy with another pancake or waffle breakfast too.

    Rays Renegade

  4. Phillies Outside

    It just cant come quick enough, Spring Training is definitely a time when some of us less lucky ones know the snow will soon be gone…:-)

    Anything that helps kids is a good thing, especially the ones that need it the most….


    Phillies Outside

  5. crzblue2

    I know you would! As it is I am counting the days! They already sent us an email to wear rubber shoes, bring gloves and safety glasses. Ahhh…you remembered the waffles from last year! You have an excellent memory Cliff. Hey! Ready to play fantasy bseball with me again :-).
    Peter, feel bad for those like you that have to deal with heavy snow but cheer up chap! Spring is around the corner! I think for this season I am going to look into taking a group of kids to a game.

  6. blithescribe

    Oh, have fun at Spring Training!! I’ve never been. We were going to go this year but it’s not working out…next year! And the Dodgers on George Lopez on the 14th? What a nice Valentine from your team. It’s nice to see the Dodgers doing so much community work – whatever craziness their owners get up to, the Dodgers will always be a classy organization.
    Congratulations on your Top 100 ranking Emma (and January too)! You write one of my favorite blogs and I’m pleased to see so many others feel the same way. 🙂

  7. crzblue2

    Ahhh…you are so sweeet! Thanks! And you got to make it to Spring Training one of these years! I went a couple of times to Vero Beach. It was like walking back in time. I love the time there! But no matter where it is Spring Training is so special. All the players are relaxed and take the time to talk to fans. It is just such a fun atmosphere. It reminds me of an old book from Roger Angell.

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