Former Brooklyn Player Cliff Dapper Passes Away

Very sad that we lost another Brooklyn player.  That is two already this year.  Last year we lost 10.  Cliff Dapper was born January 2, 1920.    He served our country in World War II. 


Dapper was a Los Angeles native who appeared in 18 games with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1942. He was best known for being the only ballplayer in history to be traded for a broadcaster. When Dodger Hall of Fame broadcaster Red Barber went on a medical leave during the 1948 season, team president Branch Rickey called Earl Mann, the owner of the minor league Atlanta Crackers, and asked for permission to sign Harwell. Mann wanted compensation for his popular broadcaster and said his team needed a catcher.

Rickey sent Dapper from the Dodgers’ Triple-A Montreal affiliate to the Crackers to complete the deal. Dapper continued his minor league career as a player and manager through 1957. Harwell left the Dodgers after the 1949 season, he was replaced by Fordham University graduate Vin Scully. Harwell became a Hall of Fame broadcaster, primarily with the Detroit Tigers. Despite the famous trade, Harwell and Dapper did not meet for more than a half a century until the dedication ceremonies for Harwell’s statue at Detroit’s Comerica Park in 2002. 

Rest in peace Mr. Dapper.  Thank you for serving our country.   Say hello to Ernie Harwell. 

the list of living Brooklyn Dodger Major Leaguers is down to 51.  


  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    When I heard the news, I knew it was time to get back on the ball again. After a good yawn and a stretch, I’m ready for Baseball. btw..thanks for the wake up call. Hello Emm.

  2. raysrenegade

    Sorry for to hear of the recent loss of another member of the Dodger Blue family. I hate how sometimes these things go into cycles,and we lose so much of the past ballplayers in such a short span.
    That was a special tidbit you gave us on Mr. Dapper bieng the only MLB ballplayer ever traded for a broadcaster. The fact that broadcaster ended up in the Baseball Hall of Fame just adds a special trump to the entire story. What a great touch that in 2003, Dapper finally got to meet the golden-voiced broadcasting icon he was traded for so long ago.

    Rays Renegade


    Emma, Not sure if you noticed that another former Brooklyn Dodger, Gino Cimoli, passed away yesterday at age 82. He was the first L.A. Dodger to come to the plate ever. Leading off against the Giants at Seals Stadium on April 15, 1958. Sadly, I had attempted to contact him for his remembrances of Sandy Amoros for my post about 3-4 weeks ago, since he lived very close to me. We were never able to meet up. Very friendly man.

  4. Phillies Outside

    It’s always sad when we lose someone connected to something we love so much, it also reminds us of our own mortality and time stands still for no one.

    I see you finished your clean-up with your blue crew guys…. I am sure it was fun even though I am sure it was hard work…


    Phillies Outside

  5. crzblue2

    Sorry I have not been around!
    It will never happen again to have a player and a broacaster involved in a trade.
    We had so many war hero AND baseball hero at the same time. I have an interesting story about that I’ll share on a later post.
    YAY! Mike is back and the trolley! Woohoo!
    Is incredible that they only got to meet in 2003, after all that time!

  6. crzblue2

    OpinionofKingmansperformance (Evan),
    Oh no, I did not know that we lost another one of our Brooklyn boys. Rest in peace Gino Cimoli. Thank you so much Evan for letting me know. I’ve been running around today and yesterday with a 50th birthday party.
    I scraped my leg and lost my phone but it was all worth it! It was hard work but we had a great time with Dodger players and Dodger fans all around.
    Glad you learn something new! I love it when someone can learn a little something from my blog.

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