Think Blue and Act Green. First Stop: LA River

What a great idea this year for the Dodger Caravan to make it a community event where the fans get to contribute along the Dodger current and past players!   Today on Valentines Day, the first stop was the LA River cleanup. 

Here are some of the current and past Dodger players waiting to get dirty.  Rudy Law, Bobby Castillo, Kenny Landreaux, Tommy Davis, James Loney and Don Mattingly.   In the background you can see the train tracks, where my commuter train goes by. 

feb 2011 Dodger Caravan cleanup the LA river.jpg

Andre Ethier was not there yet but he arrived a little later.  He was coming straight from the airport.

feb 2011 Dodger Caravan Andre Ethier.jpg

Andre getting dirty

I am ready to work.

Feb 2011 Dodger Caravan.jpg

I had a pink wristband so I belonged to Don Mattingly’s group 

feb 2011 Dodger Caravan.jpg 

Lorena & Erik.   Erik gave us beautiful handmade Dodgers pins.  Thanks Erik!

feb 2011 Dodgers Caravan.jpg

The trash bags collected

feb 2011 Dodgers Caravan.jpg

Afterwards, Tommy Lasorda giving some advice to Don Mattingly and James Loney.  

feb 2011 Dodgers Caravan.jpg  

My Loney has a first name, is J A M E S.  My Loney has a second name is L O N E Y.  Oh I love to see him everyday and if you ask me why I’ll say… ’cause Loney has a way with H I T T I N G.  That is what is in the back of Erik and my shirt.   Loney was pointing it out to a sportscaster from Fox Sports so the guy was singing it as he read it.   

feb 2011 Dodgers Caravan.jpg 

I scraped my leg trying to pull a shopping cart that had some sharp wires, Christmas lights and whole bunch of stuff.   I had rain boots but it happened above the rain boot. 

When we left, we heard a “clump clump”.  Erik asked me if I had someone in my trunk.  It ended up that was my cellphone I had left on top of my trunk.  

Even with scraping myself, alergies acting up  and losing my cellphone, I enjoyed my day helping cleanup the LA river with Dodger players and Dodger fans. 

It was great sharing this day with friends on Valentines Day! Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day.   I can’t wait to go to Santa Monica tomorrow to continue cleaning up with our Dodgers!



  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    That’s simply awesome. It reminds me how bad our two teams here are at hanging out with us fans! I guess we’re just a bunch of animals. Grrr.

  2. blithescribe

    Wow! Great pictures! It must have been a lot of fun to hang out with and work alongside the players. I love what you and Erik have on the back of your shirts and to have Loney notice and appreciate them had to be the nicest compliment. Loney is one of my favorite Dodgers too – great glove at 1st and oh so very clutch.

  3. crzblue2

    Jeff. Haha, yeah. I was schoozing but I was also working!
    Yeah, Mattingly looked adorable and he was working hard there, especially when they were pulling a shopping cart.
    Did you happen to see they were at the Lopez show? The only one that did not make it there was Andre.

  4. rrrt

    Kudos to the Dodgers’ organization for sponsoring an event like this. It’s great to see some of the current players like Loney and Ethier, and not just the 25th guy on the roster, willing to pitch in as well. Sorry to hear you got hurt and lost your phone, but overall it sounds like a positive experience!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  5. crzblue2

    It was great to help out.
    The Oscar Mayer Loney Loney song is becoming more popular. It all started with Loney4Loney and his cous that came out with the song.
    Glad to have you posting again! Good to see the MLB Blog family back! In additionl to Loney and Ethier on Monday, Matt Kemp, Fernando Valenzuela, Rafael Furcal, Steve Garvey made it the following day to the Clean the Bay day at Santa Monica.
    Yep! It rained a little bit in Santa Monica but there were the Dodgers and the fans helping out.

  6. crzblue2

    It was a lot of fun and most important we contribute to help out clean our town! My scrapes are healing OK 🙂 Thanks Ron!

  7. thinkingblue

    Great pictures and thanks for helping cleanout the river! Love the picture of you and Andre, he looks very handsome! Can’t wait for the season to start!

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