Think Blue and Act Green: Heal The Bay

I am little late posting. 

Day two of the Dodgers Community Caravan for the Think Blue, act Green location was Santa Monica for “Heal the Bay” Day.   Notice the Dodgers 2011 Caravan bus in the background.  

feb 2011 Dodgers Caravan Heal The Bay.jpg

In attendance were Shawn Green, Steve Garvey, Matt Kemp, Rafael Furcal, Jay Gibbons, Gabe Kapler, Tony Gwynn, Fernando Valenzuela, Sweet Lou Johnson, Darryl Thomas and Charlie Steiner. 

 Feb 2011 Dodger Caravan  Heal the Bay.jpg  

Gabe Kapler and Sweet Lou Johnson were in our team.   Gabe was the nicest guy and Sweet Lou, he is just always so sweet.   Our team (Team5) trashed the competition by collecting 30 pounds of trash 🙂  

Feb 2011 Dodgers Caravan Heal The Bay.jpg

Matt Kemp sure had an alot of followers.  When I told him he looked thinner, he said  “Yeah?,  I’ve been working out”.    

 Feb 2011 Dodgers Caravan.jpg

Tonny Gwynn Jr. said his dad is doing better recovering slowly from his bout with cancer.  

Feb 2011 Dodgers Caravan.jpg 

Shawn Green is back!   When asked about his book, he said it comes out in June.

 Feb 2011 Dodgers Caravan .jpg

We caught a little rain in Santa Monica but everyone’s spirit was high!   I commend the Dodgers for this year caravan!   The Think Blue and Act Green theme was a great idea. 


On a sad note, we lost another Dodgers player.   Gino Cimoli died last Saturday of kidney and heart complications.   He was 81.   

Gino played for both the Brooklyn Dodgers and the LA Dodgers.    He was the first batter on the West Coast.  He also scored the final run at Ebbets Field.   Rest in peace Gino Cimoli.  Obituary hereLA Times Obiturary 

The number of living-Brooklyn Major Leaguers is down to 50.  



  1. blithescribe

    Wow Emma, Steve Garvey and Fernando Valenzuela! Nice to see the Dodger greats coming out in full force too. I am not surprised your team collected the most trash. You and your friends sounded as enthusiastic about the project as you were about hanging with the Dodgers, which is neat. I missed the Dodgers on George Lopez. I hope they put it up on YouTube. Sorry to read about Cimoli. 2011 has been rough on the Dodger old timers so far.
    This is a very simple game…

  2. crzblue2

    Our group was hard at work at our task. I can’t see Youtube at work but I’ll check from the home.
    I hope Death takes a little holiday with Dodger old timers.

  3. crzblue2

    Me too, I wonder what Shawn Green has to say and I hope he has a book signing at Dodger Stadium. I think the Dodgers did not treat him well at the end but he was ever the gentleman.

  4. bklyntrolleyblogger

    I have respect for Shawn Green. Before the game when the Mets clinched the 2006 Div Flag, a couple of Met players were signing autographs. Shawn was close enough to me so I tried to get one too. I made sure I didn’t get in front of any kid or anything like that..and just waited. Then he started to leave. I said, “Hey Shawn, can you sign one more for me before you go?” He stopped, turned and looked at me for a moment, and said “Yea, you bet.” He came back. That was class of him.

  5. crzblue2

    Yes, I love Shawn’s attitude. I am glad he is back with the Dodgers. There is this little girl sitting infront of me at Dodger Stadium. Her dad is a big Dodger fan and he is also a cop. Anyway, Elizabeth (the little girl) has a #15 t-shirt and you can see that her parents tried removing the name in the back. It had “Furcal” but she would tell everyone that it was not Furcal but Shawn Green.

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