Snow expected in the LA Area? One more day to head to the Ranch

Is raining here in the LA area and the news are full of snow forecast at 1000 feet.   With the Academy Awards coming Sunday, they are talking that there might be snow at the Hollywood sign which is 899 feet.   So tonight is the biggie IF it happens.   My Droid is showing 45/34 for Saturday with a picture of light snow. 

What I am might miss in LA on Sunday is not the Academy Awards (On TV) but this event:

Vin Scully to be honored at Beverly Hills Wine Fest    I would much prefer to hear Vin Scully than any speech from the Academy Awards.  

 Looking at the weather here in the LA area and in Arizona with thunderstorms, I am thinking of the song “Riders On the Storm”  which made me think of “LA Woman”    Three LA women will be heading on the road early Saturday morning, hopefully no snow on the road but most likely rain.  

 Remember Camelback Ranch Grand Opening in 2009?   I had taken the Southern California Auto club magazine Westways with me.   They have a section in the magazine titled “Picture This”  where they feature travelers showing the magazine at their vacation destination.  That year I took the magazine, submitted the picture and it made the magazine in 2009.   


Thumbnail image for Camelback Ranch, picture from the Westway mag.jpg 


Dodgers Flashback Uniform.  

Fans were given an option to vote for their favorite Brooklyn Uniforn out of three so that the winner uniform could be worn at the Dodgers Flashback days.    The votes were counted and the winner is …..  

Dodgers throwback jersey for 2011.jpg 

My choice was the 1911 jersey, but the guys (Andre Either, Clayton Kershaw & Matt Kemp) make any uniform look good!   I like the 1940’s uniforms!    The uniforms will be worn for six midweek games with half price food & drinks.   Also there will be half price tickets.        


Flashback uniform picture from Jon SooHoo.   


  1. nao

    What a beautiful combination of blue colors! I absolutely prefer blue to red!
    Did Jackie Robinson play in this beautiful jersey at Ebbets Field?

  2. kingmansperformance

    To Nao, no these are clearly road jerseys because they say “Brooklyn” and not Dodgers on them. So, they were not worn at home. Makes you wonder why they would have a road throwback jersey to wear for home games, things that just make you scratch your head.

    About snow, there has been lots of snow in the L.A. area all winter long but not as low as that, 1000 ft. Friends got some snow who live in the foothills. Don’t think it will be falling anywhere on Dodger Stadium but it did rain pretty hard for awhile there.

    The big thing you are missing here is the national College tournament games at the Academy this weekend. Always a worthwhile cause, a great thing done to promote baseball at HBCUs. Hall of Famers will be present there along with several Dodger legends and in memory of Jackie Robinson. It is a wonderful event I have never missed it in the 3 or 4 years they’ve played it. I had to work yesterday but went to Friday’s games and then am going to today’s. Hoping to see some great baseball out there but it is also being nationally televised for those who cannot be there in person.

    A lot of things going on around, this weekend. Sure is a nice day outside.

  3. crzblue2

    Nao is a nice young lady that lives in Japan and blogs about Ishrio-san, the Mariners and baseball in Japan. i love followin her blog as she brings that Japanese perspective of baseball and of course Ichiro-san.
    There is always something going on in LA and that is the risk we take that if we go to an event, we are missing another one. Is one of the thingI LOVE about LA
    My friend Lorena who is with me in this road trip said to me “Emma, I got bad news to you…..” I coudl not help the tears when I she told me the news. So sad.
    So sorry I will miss you. Wish I could stay longer! I LOVE THIS PLACE! Is where my boys of Summer play. I have run into fans like Roberto and Dodgerfansince53. Sorry that I will miss you
    Half price tickets and taking some time off from the week to take a ball game with half price tix and food and drinks. It does not get better. Like the saying goes “Hot dogs on a stick beat a steak at the Ritz.

  4. nao

    Thanks, Kingmanperformance! I learned another new thing!
    Yes, I should have thought of difference between home and road jerseys. It’s indeed meaningless to play in a jersey marked “Brooklyn”, instead of “Dodgers”, at the home stadium.

    Thanks for your encouraging comment! I just found Clayton Kershaw putting on non-historical baseball cap. Wonder if anyone noticed this when the picture was taken for promotion of Flashback days. Or did he intentionally choose a cap different from his teammates?

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