Rest in Peace #4 Duke Snider

It has hit me real hard to hear that Duke Snider passed away.  


While having a good time at Camelback Ranch with friends, watching the Dodgers beat on the Angels, my friend Lorena turned to me and said “Emma, I have bad news for you…”   I thought I braced for the bad news, but once she told me Duke Snider had passed away, my other friend that was with us (Margie) had to pass some napkings for me as I could not help the tears coming down.     Still bawling about Duke Snider passing away.   


Duke Snider.   Looks like Vin Scully is sitting in the back.   


I met Duke Snider once at Dodger Stadium, but it does not matter if we did or did not.   All the boys of Summer are part of our life.  They are like part of our family.    I don’t know if my eyes will recover to go out to dinner tonight.     They look real red from crying.   Rest in peace Duke Snider.  We will miss you. 


I will always remember you when you signed the two books I had you signed for me at Dodger Stadium or when you came out at Dodger Stadium in 2008 (was it 2008?) when all the Dodger players _Brooklyn and LA came out like in the movie “Fields of Dreams.”  at the Dodgers Opener.   I never saw you playing but you were our Duke! our Boy of Summer!  We love you and we will always remember you.  Rest in peace.     Maybe I will have an avocado snack in your honor. 

Really, I am having a hard time writing this.   Is really too bad that I cannot wear sunglasses at night as my eyes have not recover from all the crying. 

I remember that as we  entered Cameback Ranch today, one of the songs that they were playing was “The Boys of Summer”.     Duke:  You were trully a Boy of Summer!   


Remember this post?

It has a youtube video of Duke Snider.  

Duke Snider is the 4th Brooklyn MLB players to passed away this year.  Our Duke wore #4.   Rest in pace Duke!  We will never forget you!

Like the song “The Boys of Summer” says:

“I can tell you my love for you will still be strong, after the boys of Summer have gone” 


We are down to 49 living Brooklyn Dodger players.  


  1. southernbelle

    Emma: My Dad (yankee fan since birth) grew up idolizing Mickey Mantle. He had several Dodger fan friends, who would argue with him on who was better: Duke Snider or Mickey. Despite defending the Mick, my Dad always admired Duke Snider. How could he not? Tremendous ballplayer. RIP

  2. crzblue2

    Rest in peace, Duke Snider! Baseball lost a legend today. God Bless!
    (Get it on the right page…)

    By greg1969 on February 27, 2011 3:56 PM

    Thank you Greg for remembering me during this tough time for all Dodger fans. I know that all baseball fans mourn the loss of the Duke.

  3. blithescribe

    *hugs* Emma. I thought of you when I heard the news today. I think Vin Scully’s words were some of tbe best (which is not surprising, Vin always speaks beautifully and from the heart) “Although it is ironic to say it, we have lost a giant.” My condolences Emma, to you and the Dodger family.

  4. bluedog98

    Dear Emma, I dont know what to say ! Yesterday we lost one of the greatest players that ever play, but more important a wonderful human being , I know Duke Snider was one of you favorites !. Rest in peace Duke !.

  5. crzblue2

    Thanks Kirsten for the hug! Vin always know what to say. I will never forget the last trip to Vero Beach and the what he said when he took the Mike that day. Part of that speech is what I hear when someone calls my cellphone.
    Thanks Bluedog! He sure was a favorite of mine and many other baseball fans.

  6. crzblue2

    Is wonderful how many tributes the Duke is getting.
    Yes, rest in peace Duke. The private funeral will be March 12th.
    Other than the sad news of Duke, we had a wonderful time in AZ. We did not want to leave the place. When I catch up with work, I’ll do my post.

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