Dusty Baker Bobblehead equiped with toothpick holder at GABP

Visting the blog Better Off Red MLB Blog I saw the Reds will have a Dusty Baker bobblehead complete with toothpick holder! 


I wish I could get this.   When I started following Dodger baseball, Dusty was playing LF. 

The game is against the Indians on 7/2.   

Here is other promotion WHEN the Dodgers are at GABP:

Fireworks Friday #3 presented by Jeff Wyler Automotive Family: Friday, June 3 vs. Dodgers, 7:10 (Post-game fireworks show with soundtrack starting approximately 15 minutes after the end of the game.)

Military Style Cap presented by FOX Sports Ohio: Saturday, June 4 vs. Dodgers, 4:10 (Free to the first 20,000 fans.)

Gapper Pillowcase presented by Meijer: Sunday, June 5 vs. Dodgers, 1:10 (Free to the first 10,000 kids 14 and younger.)


Other nice giveaways:

Sparky Anderson Bronze Statue presented by John Morrell: Saturday, May 14 vs. Cardinals, 4:10 (Free to the first 20,000 fans.)

Johnny Bench Night: Saturday, Sept. 17 vs. Brewers, 7:10 (Ceremonies honoring the legendary Reds catcher will include the unveiling of a bronze statue outside the Reds Hall of Fame.)

And a Girls Night Out

Girls Night Out presented by Dove Chocolate: Friday, July 22 vs. Braves, 7:10 (Activities in the Fan Zone and a special ladies giveaway.)


WOOHOO!  I got an email that my Dodger season tickets have been shipped!    


  1. crzblue2

    I am going to see if I can get someone from Cinci get it for me. I can swap for another BBH. I have two of each BBH giveaway from Dodger Stadium. If not, like you said, Ebay. I have not been to the stadium in Cincinnati but I don’t think I can work out that one this year. I got other road trips in the works.

  2. rrrt

    That’s so cool! Now I want one, just for the novelty factor. And look, he’s got his own little toothpick in his mouth. Everything ends up on eBay eventually, and if you’re willing to wait a little bit, at a reasonable price.

    The Girls Night Out sounds intriguing too. I wonder if they’ll give away free chocolate! Mmm.

    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  3. thinkingblue

    That’s a great bobble head. Dusty Baker is well liked in the area where I live. He even has a park that was dedicated to him and on his plaque he is wearing his Dodger Uniform….that’s right he was Thinking blue when the park first open. He did come wearing his Dodger’s jersey. Park is in Riverside, CA…

  4. crzblue2

    Got any friends in Cinci Jeff?
    Sue, I know! Is part of the reason why I want the BBH. Most definitely will check EBay. Sounds like they will give out chocolate for the Girsl Night Out since is is sponsored by Dove chocolate.
    Hey I did not know that they have a park named after him but he was born in Riverside, CA. I remember when he played Left Field, they would call that area Baker’s field.

  5. dodgerbobble@yahoo.com


    Or, you could try to find a Reds fan who is willing to trade for a Dodger bobblehead. I’ve traded bobbleheads with an Orioles fans, Mariners fans and an Isotopes fan.

  6. crzblue2

    Oh OK Rosie, Thanks! I like to check it out!
    I saw the BBH and thought about you. Yeah, Ebay and I already put in a good word with a Reds fan here at work that has contacts in Cincinnati. Like you said, I could trade too. I have two of Dodger BBH from the last few years. That includes Andre Ethier.

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